How to lose weight without exercising

How to lose weight fast naturally and permanently

I know this is a travel blog and talking about how to lose weight fast is the last of the topics to discuss here.

However, on the 27th of May every year which happens to be my birthday.

I write about something personal unrelated to travel.

It could be an achievement or something exclusive I would like to pass out for free as a way of giving back to the community.

With that said, are you struggling with weight? Do you want to become lean? You have been conned to buy those unrealistic concoctions?

You go to the gym every day but instead, you keep on adding weight no matter how much you try, nothing is working.

You even went ahead to subscribe to those expensive Apps without much success? They even told you to buy those skipping ropes sold in traffic and that you should do crunches every morning.

The list is endless including slimming pills and some bitter concoction of herbs I usually see with women carrying to work.

Funny how they clench and flinch their faces while taking them but stay calm and stoic while quaffing Gin or whiskey at the Loft.

Back to the topic, It is a struggle to work so hard and spend so much with minimal changes.

Then the system will make you believe your weight issue is genetic and there’s nothing much you can do.

What a prevarication, there`s if you follow what I am about to share with you but before that.

I am a case study and here’s my Journey/experience.

How I Lost 44 Pounds in two Months.

44 Pounds is about 20 Kg I know it is hard to believe but there’s nothing I’m trying to promote or sell so why would I lay it on the thick?

However, this did not come on a silver platter and only a small fraction of humans can do what I did. My body was transformed. (I will explain how shortly)

After achieving my “ideal weight”. I remember bumping into my ex-girlfriend whom we had not seen each other in years and she did not recognize me to date.

Well, you don’t have to go the extreme I went to shed those extra pounds but if you follow some of the simple ways I’m about to unveil.

It will be a gradual, slow, but healthy process that 90% of humans can comfortably manage only if they master discipline.

Why I decided to lose weight.

It is not like I was Obese but just a little bit overweight with a BMI of 29. This is how you Calculate your BMI.

Take your height in Meters Squared then divide by your weight, for example, my height is 1.70 Meters my weight then was 86kgs

86KGS ÷ (1.70M ×1.70M) =29.655

  • Below 18 you’re underweight
  • 5- 24.9 Normal weight
  • 25 – 30 Over Weight
  • 30 – Above Obese

So, from the above, I was overweight and I felt it was a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty of his chiseled body.

After all, no one was coming to tell me to start. I was becoming tired of my “one pack”, and I wanted 6 instead.

It is at this moment I challenged myself to start and this is how it went down.

How to lose weight fast without exercising.

This was my first google search, I tried everything but nothing was working. Then during one of those lazy days after a heavy unhealthy lunch.

I saw #bettertogether trending on Twitter. It was talking about being Fat and how to lose weight. I clicked and followed the Author immediately.

His name is Eric aka Amerix a Kenyan Doctor (Masculinity Saturday).

I swiftly went through his tweets and at some point, I thought he was misleading his followers if anything goes by what I have been reading online.

This drew my curiosity more and for the first time, I came across the word OMAD (One Meal A Day).

If you’re keen, I just answered your question about losing weight fast without exercising. Even though on his tweets the doctor (Amerix) emphasized a combo of OMAD and lifting weights/exercising.

I defied and jumped into OMAD immediately without much consultation. We shall see the effects of this shortly.

This was the hardest task I have ever taken in a long time but I was determined. Nothing was going to stop me!

The first 3 days were the hardest but on the 5th day, it felt normal, and I even started wondering why the heck I needed 3 to 4 meals a day.

Why breakfast is the Most useless meal of the Day.

I’m good at research and this become my task, I met three other experts on YouTube Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Sten Ekberg, and Jason Fung.

These four spoke the same language and I have grown to know breakfast is the most useful meal of the day. Even now when you google it still says so.

Whenever you go to hospitals, they are going to tell you not to skip your breakfast. This is what the system propagates and teaches us to do. (I don’t blame them)

This was just an advert gimmick by Kellogs, general mills, and Nestle food companies to sell their cereals.

According to Amerix, this is why you don’t need it.

At 4 AM, the body releases a thread of hormones known as counter-regulatory hormones.

These hormones are-:

  • Glucagon
  • Adrenaline
  • Cortisol
  • Growth hormone

These hormones raise blood sugar in the morning. In a process known as the dawn phenomenon.

The rising blood glucose level prepares you to face the day. While the Growth hormone prepares your muscles for the day as the adrenaline wakes up your mind to face the morning.

This rising blood glucose will remain till a few minutes after midday when it begins dropping. If it drops, the body will now use another mechanism to mobilize more glucose from muscle tissues and the liver, including converting fats in the liver into glucose.

So, in the morning, you don’t have to eat. It is useless.

How to lose weight in one week.

I was losing weight gradually the right way but it reached a point I wanted more. I wanted to be lean as fast as I could but at least naturally.

By now I had watched a million YouTube tutorials but I always went back to my best four i.e. Amerix, Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Sten Ekberg, and Jason Fung.

It is at this moment one thing stood out about losing weight and the answer was Intermittent Fasting. I decided to challenge myself for a one-week water fasting. Damn!

I don’t remember taking such a risky challenge in my life of course apart from the day I quit my 8-5 Job and even then, it was a calculated risk but this one.

You see before you decide to go for a prolonged fast, you should first consult with your Doctor and test if you’re fit for this, well I didn’t.

I packed and went to connect with Nature for 7 Days without food! No interruption, no internet, no calls. No social media, no MSM Just me, nature, and the chirping birds.

The first 3 days were the hardest but thereafter, I had the best feeling ever. My mind was as clear as a Monk. More spiritual, I think at that time I could have prayed for a Cripple and walked.

As I was coming to finish the 7th Day without food only water, I become so weak that if you pushed me, I would have fallen.

From the look, you could just tell I had no energy left. At the same time, I was so happy I accomplished my goal.

I felt different and looked younger despite losing immerse weight which I learned later was water weight and some muscle loss.

Mistakes I made while I fasted for one week to lose weight.

Intense Exercise

I would still do the Morning run of about 4 Kilometers in the first 5 days since the last two I tried and I couldn’t. Walking was actually a problem.

You see, your body is already straining, and adding more stress was not a good idea. This didn’t respond well.

Consuming Apple Cider Vinegar.

This one is good for Intermittent Fasting but not for prolonged fasting. Dr. Eric Berg stated that, while in prolonged fasting since you’re in a strong Ketogenic state so your PH is going to be pretty Acidic, and taking the ACV will only make it tenfold acidic.

Instead, you can/should take baking soda and mix ¼ of a spoon and mix it with water, this will help neutralize the Acidity.

Breaking Fast with the wrong foods

First, I wanted to have a heavy meal which was wrong. To make it worse I broke the fast with wheat (Chapati). NB// That was the last day I ever took wheat, we shall be looking at what to and not eat shortly.

You should take a light soft meal like bone broth, and eggs then gradually resume your normal food.

How Many Pounds/kg did I lose with one week of Water Fasting?

I lost a whopping 17.6lb/8 kgs.

Before I went water fasting for a week I had already lost 7 Kgs from OMAD so in total 15 Kgs was lost.

Remember I mentioned I had Lost 20 Kgs? Well, I had lost 5Kgs in my initial stages by just cutting out Sugar! There’s nothing more toxic in this world to the human race like sugar!

I had different physic but I noticed I did not have muscles. I wanted lean and not bulk Muscles so I started lifting weights and my body was toned up a bit within a month or so.

Abs were visible (something I thought was impossible) and the Journey continues.

How to lose weight fast naturally and Permanently?

How to lose weight fast and Naturally - Two month body physic transformation
How to lose weight fast and Naturally – Two-month body transformation.

So, what will I do to never return to the old weighty days? Simple Discipline! You must have the will and the best thing about all this is that once you get used, you’re unlikely to ever go back.

These are the measures I take to stay lean.
How 14% Body Fat looks like
How 14% Body Fat looks like
Intermittent fasting.

I was doing OMAD but it was not working for me but it is the best you can ever practice and make it a lifestyle.

So now I do take 18/6 whereby you fast for 18 hours and only have 6 hours feeding window. For example. I take my breakfast/first meal of the day at 1:00 PM and Dinner before 6:00 PM.

NB// Please don’t take this challenge if your goal is only to lose weight, yes you will but when you go back to bad eating habits you will regain the weight tenfold! What a waste. What will be the point? Make this a lifestyle.

Autophagy Marathon

I got this from the Kenyan Doctor, Amerix.  Search benefits of Autophagy. I do this once a week.

What is Autophagy?

This is the consumption of the body’s tissue as a metabolic process of starvation or rather destruction of damaged cellular components occurring in vacuoles within the cells.

Autophagy will help clear dead debris within your cellular Components. So how do I go about it? I fast for straight 48 hours only taking water weekly. It’s now a lifestyle.

Eat Healthily.

Yes, 70% of the work starts in the kitchen, and the small remaining portion is the gym. This means you might not need exercise to lose weight but just to keep fit.

What to eat and what to avoid, I shall discuss below.

This is a battle that will define your commitment.

 What to Eat to Lose weight.

You must have the following, sorry no shortcuts.

  • Self-Control
  • Self-Discipline, without this, just abort this mission right now.
  • Self-Awareness
To start us off, note the following
  • Stop consuming sugar in any form. Even the so-called diet coke and sweeteners
  • Drop SEED OILS and embrace Extra Virgin Oil Organic, Tallow, ghee, Coconut Oil, and butter.
  • If you are struggling with fat loss, stop consuming fruits.
  • Eliminate simple carbs from your diet especially if you are struggling with weight, hypertension, and Diabetes.
  • Simple carbs are wheat, maize flour, cassava, maize, processed foods, and processed drinks.

Here is what you should eat to achieve a tolerable calorie deficit.

  1. Complex carbs
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Arrow roots
  • Green bananas
  • Beans
  • Pumpkins
  • Butternuts
  • Millet and sorghum flour milled at your local posho mill.
  1. Proteins
  • All types of meat
  • Eggs, I take 3 or 4 Daily
  • Vegetables – All types of vegetables particularly cruciferous veggies e.g. Spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages, and Kales.
  1. To achieve a high level of self-control, do this from tomorrow
  • Push your breakfast to 1 PM.
  • Eat your last meal at 7 PM
  • Between 7 Pm and 1 PM the next day, drink water only. Don’t snack.

Do this for 1 week and see what happens not only to your weight but also to your mental strength.


  • Go join a sports team
  • To learn a new skill
  • Go to the gym
  • Go join a books club

Gaunt Face.

Prof. PLO Lumumba once said, “The best dancer knows when to exit the stage lest you be booed out of it”. with that said, what is a gaunt face and how does it concern us in this context?

Well, a Gaunt face is a thin and bony, malnourished, sickly-look, or unhealthy face. Cheeks sunk in and you look like you’re going to drop any minute out of hunger.

It is an unpleasant look, to say the least. So, what causes a gaunt face? Too low body fat percentage! or sudden mass weight loss Especially if you’re above 30 years. (Don’t worry such things come with age)

Why did I mention gaunt face? well, it could be demoralizing to instill all the sacrifices of a strict diet, and intense exercise and all you can achieve is a gaunt face.

This is where the PLO Lumumba quote comes in, know when to stop. Achieve healthy body fat regards of factors like, Age, height, and gender, don’t overdo it.

How to correct a Gaunt Face?

You will need to add some body fat Percentage or rather add some weight or choose to stay gaunt. It’s like driving to destination A only to find yourself at destination C. What do you do? Drive back or choose to party at your new-found destination.


I want to start with a disclaimer, I am not a Doctor and what worked for me might not work for you so consult your doctor first.

If someone asked me what is the easiest way to lose weight and live healthily and I was to answer in one word.

That would be Intermittent Fasting (IF). We take 3 to 4 meals a day which is unnecessary and all we do is store fat.

The question you should ask yourself is when will this stored fat ever be used?

This is why you add weight as you age and society has conditioned us to believe being overweight is normal.

It is genetic, it comes with age and money. The leanest are the wealthiest.

I believe no greater wealth than being healthy and I’m not talking about TOFIs.

Like Amerix always say and I quote him. “There’s no pride in being Fat, change, or Perish”.

No one is coming.

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