Picnic Sites in Nairobi CBD

13 Epic Picnic sites in Nairobi you should visit

If I ever go out on a date with you, it will have to be at one of the picnic sites in Nairobi. I explained this further in my previous post, read it here.

We don’t know each other, we just met why the heck should we spend so much in a fancy boring restaurant? Maybe we won’t even clique, what a waste of time and resources!

However, if you choose one of the picnic sites in Nairobi (below is a list) it is most likely we will end up a couple goal.

Don’t negotiate or buy attraction in a restaurant worth a king`s ransom. Nature up, nature has a way to bring the real you since nature is home.

I am not disputing a fancy restaurant or implying it is wrong, however, limit that to later dates.

Picnic sites in Nairobi were not only built for Love birds but they are also the most practical places you can take your family to relax.

Nobody is on the phone, just you and your family playing on the lush green-trimmed grass. You will find yourself Giving full-time and undivided attention to your family.

I find this priceless and memories will be made with the people you love the most. This is how important it is to have picnic sites in Nairobi.

It still beats logic why the government would spare prime lands to have picnic sites yet they could splurge on city skyscrapers.

Well, now you know. Without much ado, let us delve in and see the picnic sites in Nairobi.

Picnic Sites in Karen, Nairobi.

Karen is a Porsche suburb in Nairobi where only the social class can manage to live. It is always cool and the serenity is simply Incredible. Here’s a list of picnic sites in Karen, Nairobi.

13.) Oloolua Nature trail.

I quote from my post about Oloolua Nature Trail Nairobi. This picnic site is one of those places where enchanting nature evokes visions of lush meadows full of brilliantly green-colored dense forests with sky-high trees.

This place feels like home, after all, they say you don’t go to nature, nature is home and every time I’m here I feel that.

How much do they charge for entrance, and what happens once inside? Read all that here.

12.) Natare Gardens

Natare Gardens- Picnic site in Nairobi
Natare Gardens- Picnic site in Nairobi

It is a beautiful, secluded, well-manicured lush green garden located in Karen/Kerarapon and set against the backdrop of the Ngong Hills in Kenya.

Ideal for a family picnic in Nairobi, the entrance is Kes400 and Kes200 for Adults and Children respectively. I Understand the amount paid upon entrance is for swimming since they have an enchanting large aqua-blue pool.

Besides the pool, there’s a fountain waterfall and sometimes they have bouncing castles for the kids, especially on Sunday.

11.) Langata Botanical Gardens.

This is one of the private picnic sites in Nairobi, Kenya. It is located 20 km from the city. It has grass-thatched Gazebos giving an African touch.

They have lagoons with different kinds of fish and most importantly they have nature trails. The theme is, to walk around as you appreciate nature.

The place is ideal for picnics, weddings, private functions, and cooperative team-building. There’s enough space for parking.

10.) Kikwata Picnic Site

Kikwata Picnic Site
Kikwata Picnic Site

Tucked at the slopes of Ngong, the Kikwata Picnic Site is ideal for camping, nature walks, and Night Bonfires. The lady owner is a great storyteller she will keep your group chatting and interactive.

There are possibilities of climbing the hills and visiting the Denys Finch Hatton Grave who was Karen Blixen Lover. (Born: 1887-1931).

Picnic Sites in Kiambu.

Kiambu is the nearest County to Nairobi and is simply considered Nairobi since the distance is a stone’s throw in layman’s language.

9.) Kawaida Waterfall and Caves.

The Kawaida Waterfall and Caves
The Kawaida Waterfall and Caves

This is a hidden gem in Cianda, Kiambu. Unexplored nature exists here, one of the most ideal picnic sites in Nairobi.

There’s a magnificent waterfall embellished by historic Caves believed to have been a hideout for the Mau Mau back in the day.

Kawaida waterfall and Caves play hide and seek to you since you first walk through a coffee plantation before you actually reach where the real action happens. The coffee Plantation act as a decoy.

Ideal place for a picnic date.

8.) Evergreen Park

Tucked along Kiambu Road, near Ridgeways Mall, 500M to the left after the Northern Bypass. The Park offers one of the best picnic sites in Nairobi. It does not stop there but also offers the following activities.

  • Wedding grounds.
  • Photo/Video Sessions
  • Fishing
  • Boat Riding
  • Camel and Horse Riding
  • Camping
  • Team Building.
  • Farm Tours
  • Amusement and Children’s Playground.

7.) Karura Forest

This is a package that has the following supplements. If you’re looking for a waterfall, springs, walking under a canopy, cycling, and more importantly having a picnic.

This is the renowned gem along Kiambu Road. Do you want to know the Karura forest Charges? Check all you need to know about Karura Forest Here.

6.) Tayiana Gardens

The sunset reflecting from the nearby Dam gives Tayiana Gardens unparalleled touch. It is a perfect spot for a picnic.

Tucked along Kiambu Road. it has grown to claim its place as a haven that sums up relaxation in all its aspects.

Please note in the evening it tends to get a bit chilly so dress accordingly.

Picnics sites along Thika Road

This is the first Superhighway in Kenya which is one of the Late President Kibaki`s Legacy. There are several Picnic sites along the superhighway as follows.

5.) Pearl Green Gardens

This is a hidden gem, nicely secluded within the Kahawa Sukari area. Beautiful lawns and children’s play area.  It’s accessible on foot a few meters from the main road if you’re using public means.

Ideal picnic site along Thika Superhighway.

4.) Watrose Gardens

This is a unique hospitality Hub tucked in Juja that has secure and ample parking. The tranquility and serenity in those lush green gardens are awe-inspiring.

The grounds are ideal for weddings, photo sessions, and picnics. There’s an enchanting swimming pool that will sum up your time, and the dishes will leave you salivating for more.

Picnic Sites in Nairobi CBD.

These are the Picnic sites in Nairobi CBD that everyone should visit since most of the site’s entry is free. They are not only engrossing but also historical.

3.) Uhuru Park

Picnic sites in Nairobi - Uhuru Park
Picnic sites in Nairobi – Uhuru Park

Which is the most ideal picnic site in Nairobi? Uhuru Park will be the answer to this question. Tucked adjacent to Nairobi`s CBD.

Uhuru Park is a 12.9-hectare recreational park that was opened to the general public by the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta on 23 May 1969.

It is currently under renovation and I can’t wait to see the end product. This is a place you can have boat rides; kids have bouncing castles and a free view of historic monuments.

Check Accommodations near

2.) Nairobi National Park.

Yes, the park has four secluded Picnic Sites whereby you can always relax and unwind after a long game drive searching for the lions of NNP.

However, you should carry your food, the picnics are well-guarded so you don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder.

In case you don’t carry your food and want to have some inside the park. There’s a clubhouse that is accessible with ease from the park where they do sell food.

1.) Uhuru Gardens.

This is Uhuru Gardens
This is Uhuru Gardens

This is Kenya`s largest memorial park. It is the place where the first flag was raised after independence. Uhuru Gardens is not only monumental but also historic and means a lot to Kenya.

Nestled along Langata Road near the famous Carnivore restaurant. Entrance is free and kids will enjoy the proximity of Aeroplanes flying at a close range before landing at the nearby Wilson Airport.

It is one of the best picnic sites in Nairobi, you’re free to carry your own drinks or food.


The list is endless but I have tried to cover the less and most known at the same time. Picnic Sites in Nairobi should be treasured.

Frequently and especially Uhuru Park is mostly associated with newbies in Nairobi since this is the first place a new person in Nairobi is likely to explore first.

We should change this perspective and embrace this golden green gem.

We should not only reserve it for political gatherings or the homeless by visiting the place frequently.


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