Places to go on dates in Nairobi

13 Top Places to go on dates in Nairobi without breaking the bank.

As a traveller, an adventurer, and a lover what are the Best Places to go on dates in Nairobi?

I expect you to express your affection in the most valorous and dauntless way possible when you`re on a date.

The month of love, Valentine’s Day is here. Ask that Woman/Man you have been crushing for a long time out.

Don’t fear rejection, What’s the worst that can happen? They won’t beat you up for asking them out, Lol.

Well, I am here to assist you in finding the best places to go on dates in Nairobi without breaking the bank.

So, you have overcome your fears approached your date, and want to plan to go somewhere to get to know your possible partner.

Well, congratulations, I have been there and the worst thing you can do is pretend to be someone or something you`re not.

Be yourself and place your interests in check at the same time try not to be inward-looking. My ideal date would be more outdoors than indoors.

Am a traveller, an adventurer, so I let my interest known before anything else. If we share the same it will always be a plus.

Now, without much ado, let’s delve in and see the adventurous places to go on dates in Nairobi without breaking the bank.

1.) Oloolua Nature Trail.

Water fall at Oloolua Nature Trail.
Waterfall at Oloolua Nature Trail.

If I was to go on a date in Nairobi right now this would be my first choice. Oloolua Nature Trail with its lush greenery landscapes and whistling eucalyptus trees embellished by the chirping of the melodious yellow birds will sweep you off your feet. The serenity and tranquillity in this place is simply unprecedented.

The birds will tend to cheer and sing to applaud you as you stroll on this photogenic and lovely nature trail with your person.

Test their fears, let them relax, and encourage your person to be themselves since no falsifying in nature unlike in those fancy restaurants where the first thing you ask for is the Wi-Fi password.

Yet you have come for a date. Am not dismissing restaurants though, they are good for relaxing and all but for a first date, I like it outdoors we can do those restaurants later. Check My experience at Oloolua, to know how much they Charge.

2.) Nairobi Safari Walk.

The Romantic Nairobi Walk Safari
The Romantic Nairobi Safari Walk

I think this walking path was built for this purpose; it is one of the best places to go on a date in Nairobi. It is a magical walk that will evoke emotions and excitement at the same time.

With its raised wooden boardwalk, it allows a panoramic view of animals as you converse with and get to know your date.

Your phone will be replaced by the views of the rare Bongo, white Rhino, and albino zebras as well as big cats and antelopes.

3.) Solar Ice Rink at Panari Hotel.

It is the only one in East and Central Africa; it is adventurous and interactive making it one of the best places to go on a date in Nairobi.

The hall-like measures 32 × 12 meters with an ice-skating surface area of 15,000 square feet.

It is open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM (This was before the interruption of the COVID-19 pandemic) So you choose your ideal time.

Each session is 60 Minutes per personKes1000 but by the time you finish this skating, you will feel like you have known your date since time immemorial.

The thing I don`t like about restaurants, they make it look too official and almost feel like an interview or interrogation which is a turn-off.

Adults Entrance fee Kes1,000

Kids below 14 years Kes800 (you may soon have kids).

4.) Nairobi Railway Museum.

Nairobi National Museum one of the Places to go on a Date in Nairobi.
Nairobi National Museum is one of the Places to go on a date in Nairobi.

This is the itinerary, meet at the usual place the Archives, beside Mr Price After all this is the meeting point for most Nairobians.

Start with Archives one of the most underrated places to go on dates in Nairobi. (Sadly 70% of Nairobians don`t even know the entrance of this museum). Have a tour of this hidden but conspicuous Archive museum.

You will be amazed when you tour this historical museum. After the tour head towards the Railway Museum.

If possible, hold their hand because of the busy streets of Nairobi, and if you’re the Man start showing your prowess in leadership and security as you crisscross the busy streets.

Ladies this is the time to know what kind of man you’re about to date. How does he protect you from the incoming traffic of pedestrians? Does he lead and pave the way for you?

Once in the Nairobi railway museum, tour the place talking and asking all the right questions. Help her hop in those stalled trains.

It is such an interesting escapade for a date. The walk from the CBD to the railways is almost a city tour on its own. What is the entrance fee at Nairobi Railway Museum check it here.

You can take her or him for lunch in nearby street food (Kibandaski), and monitor their reactions.

I would like my date to be flexible, if we do a 5-star today it shouldn`t be a big deal to do street food tomorrow and vice versa since that’s what makes life interesting.

5.) GP Karting Nairobi.

Located along Langata Road near the famous Carnivore. One thing I like about GP Karting it brings out the adventurous you to compete with your person.

It is interactive and you don’t have to break the bank to do this. It will leave a memorable mark that a restaurant wouldn`t match.

GP Karting Langata Road is one of the top places to go on dates in Nairobi. Evoking your partner’s adrenaline is simply unparalleled. Check GP Details and Prices.

6.) Fairview Coffee Estate.

What more would one need other than having a farm experience in Nairobi? Well, not going farming but touring a coffee farm that is graced by a hot cup of coffee and bites after the tour?

You can have your chat during and after the coffee tour and this will hit different yet quite affordable. You can drive or take a taxi from Nairobi CBD depending on where you both agree. Read More About Fairview Coffee Estate.

7.) Bowling in Nairobi.

Bowling at Pins one of the places to go on a date in Nairobi.
Bowling at Pins is one of the places to go on a date in Nairobi.

Do you love this game? Well, I do. It is even more interesting when you`re teaching someone how to play it.

The laughter when they miss, not in a bad way but just spicing a sense of humor in your date. Check Bowling places in Nairobi. It is an interesting interaction where you get to understand and know your person with ease.

8.) Heated Pool.

You can have a swimming date whereby you will have little to no disruption as you sip your drinks in the pool. This time not just a pool but a heated pool.

There are more than 23+ Hotels with heated pools in Nairobi where you can walk in and use their pool. You don`t have to reserve a room to be allowed to use the pool.

This is another top idea or place to go on a date in Nairobi.

9.) Amusement Park.

What is an Amusement park? This is a large outdoor area with fairground rides, shows, and other entertainment. Just like the name depicts, it is there to amuse you.

There are many amusement parks in Nairobi but, Two Rivers Mall stands out specifically because of that ferry wheel.

I found it romantic as you two gaze at the beauty of Nairobi Sky scrappers from the 60-meter-high ferry wheel.

Then after you can have your dinner after the activities. Read more about Ferries wheel at Two Rivers Mall.

10.) Giraffe Centre.

Giraffe Centre, Nairobi
Giraffe Centre, Nairobi

I know you are like how could I leave Giraffe Centre as one of the top places to go on dates in Nairobi? This place will offer you, classes, for free on how to kiss Lol.

They are known as the kissing giants, they set the mood and pace for you. This magical destination is easily accessible by both public and private means and you don’t have to hurt your pockets. Entrance charges is Kes1,000 Per Person.

11.) Karen Blixen Museum.

One of the places you can have dates in Nairobi - Giraffe Centre.
One of the places you can have dates in Nairobi – the Giraffe Centre.

They are neighbours of Giraffe Centre and Oloolua Nature Trail, depicting the real definition of a lush greenery landscape.

What is the Entrance Fees

  • Citizens Kes200
  • Residents Kes600
  • Non-Resident Kes1200

12.) Imax Theatre.

Grab your popcorn and head to different theatres in Nairobi. It is adventurous to watch a movie after your day date if it went well.

Just relax and feel the connection, select an interesting movie to keep you glued otherwise this can spoil everything if it is boring.

Imax theatres are common places to go for dates in Nairobi and they are quite affordable. Imax Garden City is ideal.

13.) Restaurant.

After all the Activities, Have a Drink or Dinner in a Nice Restaurant.
After all the Activities, Have a Drink or Dinner in a Nice Restaurant.

I know I have been disapproving of restaurant dates but, you can always catch something to eat or drink after your escapades.

What I was disputing is just walking to the restaurant and all you do is just eat or drink and nothing more.

You should see your date walk, trip, react to things, and body language since you`re on an outdoor expedition but not confined to a restaurant with WIFI.

Check the best restaurants in Nairobi for vegetarians and steak lovers ideal for a date.  Or rather check the best places for Nyama Choma in Nairobi.

I hope you enjoyed this read “Places to go on dates in Nairobi”, I wish you the best with your date.

Once you start dating here are Romantic and affordable gateways for couples.

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