Rhino and Zebras at Nairobi National Park.

Day Trip from Nairobi Kenya. The Top 7 Places

Day Trips in Kenya from Nairobi.

Perhaps you had a business meeting in Nairobi, Kenya and you only have a day or so left? What will you do with the time left? Waste the Day Sleeping in your Hotel? Don`t do that, Kenya is an adventurous country use the time well and do at least a Day trip from Nairobi. How do you fly out of Nairobi, Kenya without a Safari? (Utaambia watu nini /What will you tell people back home?)  You visited Kenya and you didn`t go on a Safari? Even the Nairobi National Park? which is within the city?

I understand Many don`t know where they can be able to do a day trip from Nairobi, worry not, I got you. These are the Top Best Places for a Day Trip from Nairobi, Kenya.

7.) Nairobi National Park.

Lioness at Nairobi National Park quenching herself
Lioness at Nairobi National Park quenching herself

Nairobi National Park is popularly known as the only national park in the world where it is a Park within the city. Not a Zoo but a natural wildlife habitat where you will find the big five except Elephants which prompts my proposal to do the following perfect itinerary for Nairobi in a Day.

Nairobi National Park 6:00 AM – You will be picked from your Hotel/Home and proceed to Nairobi National Park, depending on traffic and whether you kept time. You should be at the Nairobi National Park Gate at latest 6:45 AM. After payment and clearance, you will proceed for a game drive for about 4.5 hours. It could be your day and be lucky to see all the big four. The Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Rhino.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Upon checking out of Nairobi National Park, you will be driven to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, where you will get to see the Elephants. It is a session of just one hour but pure bliss. After the engrossing interactions with the baby elephants, you will break for lunch. (They are not Open since March due to COVID 19)

Giraffe Centre2:00PM – 4:00 PM – Well, they close at 5:00 PM so this will depend on you, how much time you will spend with these Tall Giants Known as giraffe, how many Kisses are you willing to pass? Depending on time, you can pass by Kazuri Beads to buy those African artefacts best suit souvenirs to take back home.

Afterwards, you will be Taken back to your Hotel/Home.

Charges: Nairobi National Park:

Citizens Adult Kes400 Kids Kes200

Non-Resident Adults $35 Kids $20

Charges: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:

Citizens Adult Kes500 (Paid only in Cash)

Non-Resident Adults $7 (Paid Only in Cash)

Charges: Giraffe Centre:

Citizens Adult Kes1500 Kids Kes750

Non-Resident Adults $35 Kids

6.) Lake Magadi.

Perfect Day Trip from Nairobi (Lake Magadi)
Perfect Day Trip from Nairobi (Lake Magadi)

 Lake Magadi is located southern part of Kenya and 106 Kilometers/ 65Miles from Nairobi. A Perfect Day Trip from Nairobi, Kenya. This Salty lake is a large but shallow lake boasting of 33.5 Kilometers long / 21miles and 3.5Kilometers/ 2.1 Miles. Start your Safari from Nairobi, Kenya at 7:00 Am it won`t be long before you reach your destination.

You will pass by Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site, then move to the lake to explore the engrossing unearthing of the Salty lake. Take mesmeric Photos and Videos.

5.) Kitengela Hot Glass.

The Precarious Bridge at Kitengela Hot Glass
The Precarious Bridge at Kitengela Hot Glass

Kitengela Hot Glass is a perfect Day trip from Nairobi, Kenya. Just 29 Kilometers from Nairobi, it is located at the edge of Nairobi National Park, Ongata Rongai. Adventurous is an understatement, I have always described the place as coddiewomple.  From the Artifacts, glasswork to the precarious bridge walk that will make your adrenaline shoot high. If you need to swim to cool your day off, there is a stylish swimming pool, that will take care of your needs. I couldn`t recommend the place any better.

4.) The Kereita Forest.

The Zipline at The Kereita Forest is breathtaking, nothing beats the adrenaline adventure like this Ziplining. We call it the perfect Adventure, one of the best day trips from Nairobi, Kenya. If you are not able to do Ziplining for the obvious reasons, you still have something exhilarating at The Kereita Forest Kenya. Shoot and splutter, am talking about Paintball, Mountain Bike Riding, Horse Riding, Archery and foot Golf.

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3.) Ngare Ndare.

Ngare Ndare Forest Canopy Walk
Ngare Ndare Forest Canopy Walk

Ngare Ndare is another Adrenalin gas Station, how about walking on a 450 Meters Long Precarious Bridge suspended in 30 feet high? Walk over the forest and enjoy the bird’s view, be an Eagle for a moment and enjoy towering over the elephants and some other animals if you are lucky to spot. It is one of a kind in East and Central Africa. For those with acrophobia (fear of heights), it is time to face your damn fears.

Apart from the Canopy walk, there is a huge Rock, get ready for rock climbing which is catalysed by a nearby waterfall.

Ngare Ndare is Located passed Timau Nanyuki, the branching road to Nanyuki is not tarmacked, get ready for an African Massage, I advise to take with you a 4WD. However, 2wd can manage during the dry season.

Brief Perfect Itinerary for Ngare Ndare.

You should depart Nairobi at 6:00 AM AS FROM Nairobi to Ngare Ndare is a 4.5 Hours Drive. You will arrive at around 10:40 Am depending on traffic and the type of car.

The first stop is at Nanyuki Equator, where locals if interested can demonstrate how the Coriolis effect works.

Afterwards, you will proceed Non stop to Ngare Ndare.  Upon arrival, you will be briefed about the forest and be assigned a guard and a Guide. You can start with the 7Kilometer hike in the forest to the magical waterfalls, the forest has around 7 waterfalls. You will be able to swim in the blue clear water to cool off the walk.

After the Waterfall depending on time, you can proceed now to the Canopy Walk. Be keen to spot animals like elephants and even leopards under your feet as you dismantle your fear of the height along the 450 Meters long and 10meters high precarious bridge.

You can depart at the Forest at around 4 PM, LATEST 5 PM.

Entrance Fees to The Forest.

  • Citizen/Residents Adults: Kes2,000 Child: Kes2,000
  • Non-Residents: Adults: $40 Child $20
  • Ranger Kes1,000/usd10

2.) Amboseli National Park.

Amboseli National Park ( A day Trip from Nairobi,Kenya)
Amboseli National Park ( A day trip from Nairobi Kenya)

If you are in a hurry and you want to test a premium National Park, apart from Nairobi National Park. Then Amboseli National Park is the way to GO! Even though I have always advised doing Amboseli National Park a minimum of 3 Days. There is a way you are probably hearing for the first time. Details are as follows but…

First things first, please be time cautious. The main keyword here is Time.

Amboseli National park has around 5 Entrance Gates including Airstrips but has two Main Entrance/Exit via road, namely the Meshanani Gate which is about 217Kilometers from Nairobi. It is Tarmacked to Namaga then the branching road is marram with a distance of around 75 Kilometers. The roads strictly need a 4WD as it is almost impassable with a 2WD. The Other gate is Known as Iremito gate which is about 216 Kilometers from Nairobi. It is accessible via the Emali on Nairobi – Mombasa Road. The road is tarmacked up to Emali and marram from Emali to Iremito a distance of 64 kilometres.

The perfect itinerary for a Day Trip from Nairobi Kenya, to Amboseli.

Nairobi – Amboseli National Park

Depart Nairobi latest 5:30 AM, Observe time otherwise you will be in for a long day. Your plans will be ruined if you don`t keep time.

Arrival: You will be at Amboseli National Park gate at 8:00 AM, rolling in like you just woke up with those who spend the night there.

Game Drives: Start your game drives immediately, visit the main areas first, the Sinet, the Observation Hill and hunt for Cats because Elephants will be in plenty, Amboseli National Park boasts as the National Park with the most Elephants in Africa.

Lunch: Book your Lunch at any Lodge or Camp inside the Park, a full course meal is $25 or Kes2,500. After having your HOT lunch. Proceed with your game drive up to around 4:00 PM. If you needed Maasai village visit, you can do that immediately after Lunch then continue with your Game drive.

Check Out: Check out of the Park with a game drive around 4:00 pm, you will arrive in Nairobi in time for your Dinner at your hotel / Home.

Charges in a Jeep at least two Pax but the higher the number the lower the price.


  • 2 Pax $170 Per Person
  • 4 Pax $120 Per Person
  • 6 Pax $110 Per Person


  • 2 Pax Kes14,000 Per Person
  • 4 Pax Kes9,750 Per Person
  • 6 Pax Kes8,000 Per Person

   The Rates include

  • All Park Fees Entrance.
  • Extensive Game Drive
  • Lunch at a Lodge or Camp inside the Park
  • Transport in a 4WD Land Cruiser (Jeep)
  • Services of a Tour Guide/Driver

Nakuru National Park.

Nakuru National Park is yet another Perfect Day Trip from Nairobi, Kenya. Lake Nakuru is well Known for the pink flamingoes. They had migrated from Nakuru to Lake Baringo but reports have it that the once glorified lake has restored its glory after the migration.

Lake Nakuru is a famous National Park, it is usually a stopover to or from Masai Mara National Reserve. The lake is doable for a day trip, your time is limited but you want to have a touch of a lake, bird watching and some wild animals. Get that camera ready for some nice clicks and this is the proposed itinerary.

1.) Nairobi – Nakuru National Park.

Rhino at Lake Nakuru National Park (A perfect Day Trip from Nairobi Kenya)
Rhino at Lake Nakuru National Park (A Perfect Day Trip from Nairobi Kenya)

Depart Nairobi at 6:30 Am it is a 2.5 to 3hours drive depending on traffic and the type of a car you are using.

Arrival: You will arrive around 9;30AM, Start your game drives immediately, do your game drive up to lunchtime, you are most likely to spot the black and white rhino as they thrive in this park, cape buffalo, African wild dog, Zebra, Eland, waterbuck and of course King Lion.

Lunch: You will then proceed for lunch at one of the Lodges, then after the break, proceed on to the lake to play with some Pink Flamingoes and Hippos, please be careful, there have been numerous incidents. Don’t be too homely, remember you are in the wild.

Depart: Check out of the Park around 5 PM a Satisfied Person.


  • 2 Pax $160 Per Person
  • 4 Pax $120 Per Person
  • 6 Pax $110 Per Person


  • 2 Pax Kes13,000 Per Person
  • 4 Pax Kes9,750 Per Person
  • 6 Pax Kes8,000 Per Person

 The Rates include

  • All Park Fees Entrance.
  • Extensive Game Drive
  • Lunch at a Lodge or Camp inside the Park
  • Transport in a 4WD Land Cruiser (Jeep)
  • Services of a Tour Guide/Driver.


Day Trips are fun and at the same time exhilarating. They are affordable as you do not have to worry about Accommodation. Most of the destinations are even cheaper if you opt for public transport. You probably have no excuse of not travelling. Start with baby steps (Day Trips in your home country) as you progress to long vacay and Safaris in Africa.

The applied charges in this post are courtesy of my designated tour Operator (Incredible Kenya Adventures Ltd) you can always reach out for further explanation or quotations for your Safari.

Please note that some posts contain links that earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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