Travelling Myths (Game Drive at Masai Mara National Reserve)

13 Travelling Myths Debunked incredibly.

Myths about Travelling.

Travelling can be termed as controversial. The Travelling myths, the different ideologies and the analogy that most people have about Travelling.

I have travelled for the last 9 years and I have all the experience and am going to debunk all the travelling myths.

13.) Travelling is for the Rich.

Am not blaming anyone for this myth as I have grown to believe the same, until recently in college when we would pay a small fee for a whooping one-week Safari.

I got curious and asked my lecturer how we were managing a week plus with only Kes5,000 /$50 with food, accommodation and some allowance money for personal use.

As much as we were students and our park fee would be less and the fact that the college provided a tour bus and the numbers had the power of bargaining.

I still did not understand how we could be pulling these with ease. We would do Masai Mara National Reserve, cross over to Samburu National Reserve with a Stop Over at Nakuru National Park.

How We Managed.

  • Numbers: You can be a Solo Traveler but you can make it easier and cheaper by joining a group. For Example, doing a Safari to Masai Mara has never been this affordable, you can join daily Group departures at Incredible Kenya Adventures. Prices Starting from Kes14,000 and Non-Residents $300 Per Person for three Days including Park fees, transport and Full Board Accommodation.
  • We used College Tour Bus: Probably you are wondering how is that supposed to help me in real life, well here is the deal. Use public transport whenever necessary, hop in a matatu (Mini Bus, Tuk Tuk) no big deal, it is actually an adventure on its own. For Example, instead of getting a taxi for $50 to go to Giraffe Centre Nairobi, you can use public transport and pay $3 (Return), you see the difference?
  • Avoid Booking a tour on Trip Advisor or Viator. Approach local tour Company today and compare their price then come and comment below. Do you still believe you need to be rich to travel? It is Just a travelling myth.

12.) Book a Flight Ticket in Advance.

This travelling myth used to apply some decades ago, whereby you would book a flight ticket in advance and get discounts.

Planes were few, unlike the present day. This doesn`t apply anymore. You are more likely to get major discounts near dates as flight scramble to fill empty seats.

According to a recent study by, it is advised to book 5 to 7 weeks and not 6months Prior.

If you need a cheaper flight try flying out on a week Day as opposed to weekends. It is also advised to get the early morning or late-night flight tickets.

11.) Street food will give you a “driving License”.

Nothing tastier than street food. I used to doubt all this sumptuousness until the first time I started back in college and I have never looked back or shied away from street food.

It is usually fresh since it is bought in quantities for the taste and friendly prices. If you are on a budget this is the way to go, no need to spend tons of dollars in those chain of hotels.

However, if you are well with that and street food ain’t your thing, then fair enough. Though rule out the myth of street food is harmful and will give you stomach issues.

10.) Return flights are cheaper than one-way tickets.

This Myth is debatable but the point is that you should always check well before deciding to book either.

Don’t be compelled by the myth that a round trip is cheaper and book a return flight yet you would have liked to decide return date later on depending on the Safari or vacation.

Some times you could be willing to extend or even cut short but the return flight binds you. It is not always true but on the other hand, sometimes is true. Always confirm don`t just assume.

9.) Female Travelling Solo is Dangerous for her.

Before I started blogging, I had read a lot of blogs and I must say, 60% of the blogs are owned by Ladies who travel Solo, for example. I liked these blogs by female solo Travelers just to mention a few.

They are living examples of female travelling solo.

This travelling myth about solo females perpetuates women as fragile and weak which is not true.

This should change once and for all. We all face dangers near death every day. It just reached a point that we no longer take it as precautionary and we live every day by faith we shall see tomorrow.

8.) Travelling with young Family.

Some people believe travelling with a young family is ill-advised. These are those travelling myths that get to my nerves.

They believe only the retired and the middle-aged without a young family is the only people eligible to travel.

This is only a travelling myth, in fact, travelling with a young family is engrossing. Your kids get to learn about different cultures, taste different food and learn more about a destination history at an early age.

Hotels have designed rooms for the family, pack, catch that flight and allow your kids to explore the world.

7.) Travelling Takes time to plan.

The best moments happen without planning, impromptu safaris are more engrossing than the planned ones.

Don’t get me wrong, planning a safari is awesome. After all not planning is to plan to fail. If you believe in this. Let a tour Company Plan your Safari.

Give your interests, destination, budget, number of Pax and they will tailor-make an adventurous and riveting Safari without a sweat.

I do both, Impromptu which are the best and planned ones, which my designated tour company does everything for me, I just wait for the travel dates.

6.) You have to leave your Home country to Travel.

Travelling Myths will hinder you from travelling. You don’t need to take that flight ticket to travel overseas, I have always said, start with your home country.

Get out of your daily comfort zone and travel, take a road trip or even a day trip to a nearby destination.

Hop in a public means and travel to awesome places, take pictures to remember the moments. Built your desire and soon you will be crushing country after country in seeking new destinations.

5.) Air Travel is not Safe During Pregnancy.

I have never and will never be pregnant since am male, Hehe… I presume it a blessing, carrying another human being for nine Months? Congrats ladies.

This is one of the oldest travelling myths but should never hinder you from travelling. However, do it with precautions.

According to studies, you can travel during the second trimester (15-27 weeks) since the risks for miscarriage and preterm labour are the lowest.

However, before you jet on confirm with your doctor. I understand some pregnancies are “Sensitive” and could be risky to travel. However, any normal pregnancy you are good to go within the period stated above.

4.) Some Countries are not Safe.

I will blame media, controversy sells, just because your country has given a travel warning to a particular developing country somewhere doesn`t mean it is unsafe.

Am not saying you brush off your government directives but the media tends to exaggerate. For example, my home country Kenya was attacked by the infamous Al Shabaab some years back but the way some media powerhouse, broke the news.

You would think Kenya was burning every corner of each city which was never the case. Terrorism is a global affair and some countries should not be victimized.

It has happened in America, UK. I mean that is the time we should all come together not time to run to the press to give directives to tourist not to step into country A or C.

We should stand unbowed whenever such cowardice doings happen and not succumb to it.

3.) Sleep on your flight prevents Jetlag.

Jetlag is extreme exhaustion and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across different time zones.

What you can do is to start adjusting your sleeping time in the country you are flying to. A week or 3 Days to your flight, otherwise sleeping on the plane will not be of much help.

2.) You can Only do Safaris in Africa.

Will I be biased if I said no other continent more blessed than Africa? Okay, let us be real. Which other continent has beautiful Landscape and natural formations like Africa?

At some point in your life, I think it is a big deal to step into Africa and please note this is a Continent, Not a Country as many tend to believe.

Well, that said debunk the travelling myth you can only do Safaris in Africa. Apart from that, you can do, Mountain Climbing, culture exchange, Artefacts, we boast of the best sunny Beaches.

We got so much to offer apart from Safaris. Check more 9 Myths about Travelling to Africa

1.) Luxury Hotels are the Big Deal

So Long as the hotel is decently clean and has Wi-Fi am good to go. However, there is a reason someone would fly no other class but business and there is nothing you can do about it.

Well, it is fine if you are good to go to the luxury hotel. However, my point is that you should not be bound or stop travelling because you cannot afford a luxury hotel.

I believe the main deal is the experience you will gain out of that Luxury Hotel with interacting with the locals.

Doing your game drives, visiting the Maasai Village, Beaching and climbing that mountain. A fancy hotel should be your least concern.

Did I Leave any Travelling myths you would like to be debunked? Please let me know in the comment section.

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