How to reduce cost while travelling.
How to reduce cost while travelling.

Last updated on July 14th, 2020 at 12:53 pm

Tips on how to reduce cost while travelling.

How to reduce cost while travelling? Well this is one question I get a lot and I decided to give you all the valuable tips, there are a million tips out there but I believe in quality over quantity. I have filtered to the most realistic to the most helpful and useful tips to apply while travelling.

These 19 Travel tips on how to reduce travelling cost will be one of the most valuable reads of the day, let me not bore you with this wide introduction and delve into this Oasis of information.

1.) Don’t pack too Much

If Susan Heller`s Famous quote “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” Is anything to go by, over the years I see people packing as if they are migrating or leaving for life, No do not do that take only what you need. Especially if you are going for a Safari. Carrying loads of luggage comes with a special price from flights extras to Safari Vans, you may be forced to hire an extra one in cases where you are a group, so do yourself a favour and only pack what you need.

Some carry makeup bag weighing up to 5kilograms, 17 T-shirts, 10 Trousers, 6diffrent Cameras with a different lens, 6pairs of Shoes, c`Mon you will look off.

From experience, let’s say am going on a safari for 5Days, I will only pack one pair of Shoe 2 T-shirts, one Trouser and of course a short. I never leave Safari Hat; it will protect you from the Scorching Sun. Camera and off am good to go. This is how to reduce cost while travelling. You don’t pack as if you are leaving for life.

2.) Travel with a group to cut the Cost.

Be it a road trip to your favourite destination or a weekend gate away, travel in groups. Tim Cahill says “A Journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles”.  As much as I travel Solo, I enjoy travelling with friends the most, you never know how time flies when you are with the right friends.

It helps in giving each and everyone responsibility, there is someone taking care of the drinks, others taking care of food, using one car to save on gas, Sharing apartments, at the end of the day you will end up cutting the cost up to to 70% of what you could have used if you did it alone.

3.) Use public transport.

This is not for everyone, some and I mean only some people will never be comfortable in public transport, but tell you what? It is fun. You get to know new people; interact, exchange contacts and you never know where you could meet destiny. Using public transport when travelling can cut the cost by half. For instance, a drive from Nairobi to Mombasa is 10 hrs. Drive, the gas that can be used, I once did it. I spent KES 10,000 ($100) to and from not to mention how tiring it is to stay on that wheel, as opposed to Just Ksh2,000 ($20) to and from if I used Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). Did I mention the train is Faster?

4.) Eat Street Food.

Kid you not, street food (popularly known as Vibandas) is simply the best. not to mention how delicious, I cannot explain but there is something about Street foods. The best part is, it is not only the tastiest but also the cheapest option. A great tip on how to reduce cost while travelling.

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I know there are few reported cases of getting sick from street food if you have a sensitive Stomach but, the advantages overwrite the disadvantages.

I used to have a running stomach whenever because I was not used to some bacteria but lately am a kick-ass street food fun, I have taken food in questionable places but for a long time, I have never had a running stomach out of street food.

5.) Carry a Water Bottle

Apart from saving on money and setting the precedence on how to reduce cost while travelling. Buying water on those plastic bottles is annoying and expensive, our environment needs a breathe, although CORONA might have forced us to withdraw and give the environment a break, A water bottle will help you not litter around, it will keep you on toes to keep the environment clean, instead of buying water every day you can simply get fresh water from your hotel in the morning, furthermore, plastic water bottles were banned in Kenyan National Parks and so is many other destinations across the world, you will not be allowed to enter any National park in Kenya with plastic water bottles, this is up to you to adjust and embrace the Change.

6.) Pack Camera

I never used to carry a Camera when travelling because I always thought they were cumbersome, expensive, and in a way, took away from the raw experience. I opted for shitty photos from my camera phone and making imprints in my memory. The Camera doesn’t have to be the best Canon DSLR on the market, just have something better than the shitty camera phone. So how does it reduce cost while travelling.? Nothing more valuable than sitting on that House Verandah with your great-grandchildren showing them, how a badass you were on the heydays or even perusing your Google Drive and admiring those beautiful memories of your heydays, this experience is priceless.

7.) Look for Drinks and Food Specials

There is a common phrase with backpackers “Only suckers pay full price.”. I tend to believe so, there is always a deal somewhere, Grab those drinks in  Happy Hour, I believe most of the cities around the world have such arrangements, Buy 1 get two kinds of deals, always watch out for these deals they will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you are not sure you can talk to the locals of that particular city, this is how to reduce cost while travelling. Though watch out who you ask for information.

8.) Cook your Food

This sounds like fun, cooking your food? I love my food, am not the best chef but my stomach believes so.

So, let’s say you are travelling to a new city you want to explore probably the beach but you do not have the luxury to book a Hotel. So, what do you do? You rent out an apartment, where it is furnished with ready cooking equipment, they are fairly affordable. The price you could have used in a hotel for a week could last you for up to three weeks. You will live like you are at home, the difference is the pleasure and this is how to reduce cost while travelling.

9.) Consider bumping your flight.

What is Bumping your Flight? This is giving out your seat for another passenger, this happens when a flight is overbooked, though rarely, you can take advantage of this, give your seat, reschedule your flight and explore that particular City. What a free pass!!

10.) Flight Layovers.

Layovers in layman’s language are Flight Stopovers, the period between the landing of a flight for a stopover to the time of taking off.

Take advantage of this, these flights are always cheaper than direct flights in most cases, you can choose an incredible route with incredible cities, layovers stay time is from 30 minutes to 23 hours and fifty-nine hours in an international flight, there is a lot you can do with such hours in a city if at all you’re a good explorer.

11.) Follow the so-called Six block Rule

One thing for sure, if you brand yourself like a tourist or even a stranger, people will always take advantage of you! For example, the normal price will always be double or even triple. If you are in Rome, behave like Romans if you are in Africa behave like an African, just try. The six-block rule, it is highly recommended not to buy stuff for example food. Near a Tourist Destination, it will be double price and sometimes even less delicious.

12.) Book your Flight Directly

Most of the local flights are cheaper when you book through their websites directly, please note booking with a tour Agent for international flights is advisable after comparing what they are giving you but the local flights in Kenya, for example, Nairobi to Mombasa. Booking directly is advisable When you call the airline for booking. They will roll over a booking fee known as service charge.

13.) Couch Surf

A great way to meet locals for a drink, a tour, and accommodation is by Couchsurfing. It connects travellers with local people in various cities that offer members a place to sleep.

14.) Do Home Exchange

As the name suggests, your friend stays in your house as you stay in theirs for a certain agreed time, it could be from different cities, countries.

15.) Sleep While Traveling

This is why, I like travelling at night, when travelling by plane, train, or bus, try to travel at night. That way, you don’t have to pay for a night’s accommodation. You arrive at your destination in the morning rather than Night. What a great way to reduce cost while travelling.

16.) Rent out Your House

You could be travelling for months and this means leaving your house unattended or even pay someone to oversee it during your travel period, do not do this, instead, put your house on Airbnb. Rent it out, it will be such a wise passive income while you are away.

17.) Consider booking with a tour Agent

As much as you feel like you know all the travel tricks, where to get deals, how to go about them. I recommend you book with a Travel Agent/Tour Operator. Most of their packages will always be cheaper especially if you are going for a Safari, where you have minimum control of Choices. For example, going to Masai Mara or any Park for that matter you will require a tour guide, you will not be able to walk in the wildness alone unless you are on a suicidal mission. Tour guides know places no one does and they will introduce you to their daily world, please tip them whenever you can.

18.)Don’t Park at the Airport

So, you woke up late and decided the fastest way is if you drive your kick Ass twin Turbo Subaru to the Airport so that you don’t miss your flight? Well, you may get there in time but when coming back you will meet with a smiling bill on your face, cut yourself a bit of slack and wake up early, what are alarms for? Hop in a Uber, Bolt anything but your Car.

19.) Bring Home to the wild

I had a friend who wanted to witness the 7th world wonder in  Masai Mara National Reserve. The Great Wildebeest Migration. After making a few inquiries from tour Operators. He couldn`t match the budget, so he came to me for a piece of advice, the answer was simple, “Bring your Home to the Wild”. He looked at me in incredulity, “Yes bring your home to the wild my Friend”. First of, if you do not have enough Finances you have to be willing to sacrifice comfort. By bringing home to the wild I mean; you will pack your cooking Gas, hire tents, buy non-perishable foodstuffs like Eggs, wheat flour (Please note this is for making breakfast accompaniments like Mandazi, doughnuts, Maize flour etc. Get a few friends to share a Hired Tour Van and off you go, the amount was down by almost 80% off the total amount he was to pay.


Whatever way you choose to reduce the cost while travelling, remember to Stop worrying about the potholes on the roads and enjoy the trip. Don`t focus too much on cutting down the cost, enjoy your Vacation.


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