Masai Market Locations in Nairobi

Where is the Maasai Market Location in Nairobi?

Which day is the Maasai Market Location in Nairobi? Probably that is what you searched for in google and that is why you’re here.

Fortunately, you are on the right page, just below you will find a list of days of Maasai Market Locations in Nairobi from Tuesday to Sunday. The Market is closed on Mondays.

But before that, what is this place? What do they sell? Why should you visit this African Open-Air Market painted with African antiques?

Well, Nairobi Maasai Market is an Open-Air nomad Market that boasts to quench all souvenir needs. How do you confirm you just jetted from Kenya?

Grab that bracelet with the Kenyan flag, and get those fridge stickers with Kenyan Colors. This will remind you of the day you visited Kenya.

If you’re Kenyan, get something to remind you and make you proud to be a Kenyan/African. Grab that Maasai Blanket or Shukas.

Have something to boast about your patriotism, I have a Kenyan bracelet with the Kenyan flag. I always flash it out whenever I am visiting another country.

Actually, through this fellow Kenyans will get to recognize you with ease, making cronies effortlessly.

Without much ado, let’s get into it and see the Maasai Locations in Nairobi.

Maasai Market Days and Location.

Maasai Market Location in Nairobi
Maasai Market Location in Nairobi
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Closed: This Day remains closed throughout the year, as it is considered a resting day before they resume their work on Tuesday.


The Maasai Market used to be at West Gate Mall in Westlands in the upper Car Park but it was moved to Kijabe Street Opposite the Norfolk Hotel.


Capital Centre, Mombasa Road: Ideal to pass by when departing to catch your flight. It is just nearby on your way to and from the Airport.

It is usually frequented by those who have a delayed flight. A taxi from the Airport is quite affordable and reasonable to visit rather than just staying in the same place waiting for your flight.


Nakumatt Junction Shopping Mall: Along Ngong Road. How do you like a hike in Ngong Hills or Giraffe Centre and then afterward passing by to do some collections?


Village Market in Gigiri (Upper Car Park): The Market is brought inside a modern Village Market. I find this location to be one of the best.

It is not usually that crowded and you have options inside the Village to explore more than just the African antiques.


High Court Parking Lot in Nairobi CBD: This is probably the most popular and well-known Location. It is frequented by Nairobians on the weekend and is usually full from the Afternoon.

It was the first Maasai Market Location I have ever visited; it had a variety of artifacts and admiral carvings of wild animals and Masai Warriors.


Yaya Centre in Hurligham: Another Ideal Nairobi Maasai Market Location and Day. Being on a Sunday, it is a less busy day to go shopping.

However, this could mean more pestering into buying by the vendors. While other tourists may prefer this day because of being given full attention.

It is here where you choose your struggle.

Maasai Market Nairobi Products.

So, what are you likely to see in Nairobi Maasai Market locations?

There is a lot of variety for you to choose from according to your budget and interest.


There are all types of jewels in all African input. The ones with Kenyan flags and colors stand out from the rest. I could be biased though; it all depends on your taste and sense of fashion.


From Ankara Hoodies with African prints to Shorts and T-shirts with Magical writings in Swahili as whenever you wear the same in your home country you make them break their necks as you pass by.

Shoes and Sandals popularly known as the Maasai Sandals are in plenty in all types of designs and make. As for the shoes, the Ankara goes in hand with the T-shirts/Hoodies.


You will find all types of carvings in all the Maasai Market locations in Nairobi. From the animals with the King Lion carvings domineering followed by the elusive Rhino and Elephant, not forgetting the tallest land Mammal.

Apart from the Animal Carvings, you will find the Maasai Warriors Carvings which come in full or just the face mask.

Maasai Shukas.

You will need a Maasai Shuka, you can get nothing but Maasai Shuka. They not only stand out but are also warm and trendy.

Wrap yourself with one in all major Airports and you will Court attention. It is the definition and pride of the African Maasai prints.

What is Nairobi Maasai Market?

This is an open-air Market full of African Antiques best suited as souvenirs for both Local and International tourists.

The Nairobi Maasai Market shifts from one place to another each passing day but stays closed on Mondays throughout the Year.

Pros of the Nairobi Maasai Market.

  • It is easily accessible from the Nairobi CBD in all the Locations on various days.
  • You will get Souvenirs, the best gifts, or something unique to remind you of Kenya.
  • If you know the game of haggling you will get items at good prices than in curio shops.
  • The Market gives you an African feeling just by being in the Market.
  • The Nairobi Maasai Market will sharpen your social skills.
  • Maasai Market Location in Nairobi is nomad, and you only need to time your nearest location.

Cons of the Nairobi Maasai Market

  • Well, you may reconsider going to this Market if you don’t like being pestered to buy things. You are most likely to have people (brokers) surrounding you and not give you enough space to breathe.
  • If you are not good at haggling, you may buy items at ridiculous prices especially if you look like a Tourist.
  • You will need a lot of patience and calmness to manage the market.
  • Not quite ideal to go with children.
  • Maasai Market Location in Nairobi is nomad, and you may not keep track of the specific location on a particular day.
  • Advisable to go with a local (Get a Local Here).


Tourists tend to avoid this Market especially when they get a wink of, how they will be conned and get items at exaggerated prices.

Before you go there, you should be prepared psychologically for what you are getting yourself into. Don’t expect 5 Star treatment.

Just understand them, they are trying to put something on the table for their families. However, this does not mean you accept items at exaggerated prices.

Enjoy the bargaining process as you get to interact with the locals. Law 48 of 48 Laws of Power. Be formless.

Adapt, don’t be rigid. However, let your senses be on high alert, laugh off some prices, and be friendly and you will enjoy the various Nairobi Maasai Market locations.

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