Hiking the 7 Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills Forest Reserve Hiking Guide 2022

Ngong Hills Forest Reserve.

Just like Nairobi National Park, Ngong Hills Forest Reserve was people’s tourist destination to go to Nairobi when the pandemic was on our shoulders and the two become the best Nairobi Ventures.

I did not manage to do Ngong Hills Forest Reserve but my good friend Muiruri of Ease my Safari has been a serial visitor to this phenomenal hill.

He will be giving you the Ngong Hills Forest Reserve ultimate hiking guide 2021. No stone will be left unturned and he shall be dissecting the destination just the way we always do.

Without much ado, he`s all yours from this point, enjoy the read.

Thank you, for the opportunity to pen down my experience at Ngong Hills Forest Reserve. Now I have been to this quirky, surpassing and superlative Hill severally and am ready to give you all the tips.

I like the high altitudes and hiking here makes me feel accomplished and refreshed every other time.

The hiking trail is made up of 7 Hills, you begin hiking at the Ngong Forest Gate which is heavily manned by the KFS.

If you’re a hiker like me, you can go up to Corner Baridi along Magadi Road. Just like Elephant hill, Ngong Hills Forest Reserve is highly recommended for starters.

Without much ado, let’s do this, shall we?

 How to get there.

Ngong Hills Hiking Trail
Ngong Hills Hiking Trail

There are three options to get to Ngong Hills which is around 29 kilometres from CBD.

Private – You will hit valley road – Ngong Road up to Ngong police station, you may park your car there or better proceed up to KFS barrier.

Actually, you`re allowed to proceed but what is the purpose if you’re here to hike?

Taxi – Hire a taxi from CBD which will cost anything not more than Kes2500 or $25 depending on the time of the day and type of the car.

Public Means – Take a matatu no. 111 at railway station whereby you will alight at Ngong Town then decide to walk or take a Boda Boda for Kes100. The distance from Ngong town to KFS Entry Point is about 2 Kms.

If you want your starting point to be at Corner Baridi entry point, then you will take Matatu no. 112 at the railway station and alight at Kiserian Town which is about 2 Kms to Corner Baridi Entry Point. Again, you can decide to walk or take a Boda Boda for Kes100 to your destination.

Ngong Hills Location.

It is located in the top northern part of Kajiado County, Kenya. It is about 29 km from Nairobi CBD one of the best weekend gateways destination.

Ngong Hills Forest Reserve is on the South West of Nairobi and one can see sublime and stupendous views of the Great Rift Valley to the right and on the left is the dazzling Nairobi Views.

Ngong Hills Entry Point.

I believe there are three reasonable entry points to start hiking at Ngong Hills as follows.

The first one which is recommended is starting your hiking at the Main Gate, here you will be able to cover the 7 Hills as opposed to the second Entry Option.

The second option is to start the hike at the Kompass but here you will have cheated since you will only have 6 hills to cover.

The other option is the Corner Baridi Entry Point to end your hiking at the Main Gate though this is rarely used but equally good.

Ngong Hills Entry Charges 2022.

Entry Charges Ngong Hills 2021
Entry Charges Ngong Hills 2021

The forest is managed by the Kenya Forest Service at you have to pay for entry fees at the Gate before entry and the Charges are as follows.

Citizen Adult Kes 232
Child Kes 58
Resident Adult Kes 464
Child Kes 174
Non-Resident Adult $6.96
Child $1.74

If you have your own bike Cycling is Kes116, Horse riding Kes342, Filming Kes46400, Video Shoot Kes2900 and Camping fees are Kes986.

The KFS will advise you to hire an armed guard for the following reasons.

You`re likely to come across the fierce Buffalos while hiking but mostly on the fourth Hill.

Some muggers might take advantage of you especially if you`re not a group but these cases are quite rare as of 2020.

The Guard Charges are from $15 – $30. However, the guard is not mandatory especially if you’re a group.

Ngong Hills Forest Reserve hike.

Just before the Wind Mills
Just before the Wind Mills

This is the interesting part, hiking the 7 hills of Ngong. A stretch of about 12 km from the KFS barrier to Corner Baridi.

Now you will need good Hiking Gear to be able to make it to the peak with ease. At times it can be drizzling and temperatures become very low.

The best time to start the hiking is latest 10:00 AM before the scorching sun takes over its territory. The earlier the better.

Starting at the Barrier is better than driving all the way up to start in 2nd or 3rd hill. Challenge yourself and do clean 7 hills.

For those who would like to only see the turbines, you can drive there or hike but what will be the fun in that?

How long does one take to Hike?

To cover the 7 hills, you will take 3 – 5 hours depending on your fitness and strength to push yourself when you feel like giving up.

Along the way you will meet Maasai kids and women selling artefacts, please promote them by getting a souvenir or something to be reminded of hiking Ngong Hills Forest Reserve.

From the 4th Hill, you`re likely to see droppings of Buffaloes and if you’re lucky enough you will see them physically.

If you do, don’t bother them continue with your hiking without provocation. Remember they are one of the untamed animals in the world.

Proceed up to Corner baridi and the 7th Hill. If you make it to this point, congratulations not everybody makes it up to this point.

Kompass Ngong hills zipline.

The Kompass
The Kompass

This zipline is located on the Kompass a few meters away from the KFS barrier though not long as the Kereita Forest Zip Line. If you have the energy you can do zipline and then proceed to hike.

However, very few people can manage this and it is either you’re there for zipline or Hiking.

Besides Ziplining they have other activities like archery and Quad bike which will keep you busy if Hiking is not your thing.

Ngong Hills Zipline Charges 2022.

There are two options, you can do one line which cost Kes700 or two lines for Kes1000. I recommend you do the two-line.

The other activities you can take part in as mentioned above.

  • Archery for 20 arrows Kes1000
  • Quad Bike Ride for 10 minutes Kes1000

Ngong Hills Picnic Sites.

Phenomenal Views of the Rift Valley
Phenomenal Views of the Great Rift Valley

Let me whisper a secret to your ears, you can take your loved one for a picnic in Ngong Hills Forest Reserve it is such a romantic experience.

You don’t have to hike but you can driveway past the designated parking just past the windmills and have your best picnic here.

The tranquillity graced by the lush green grass and breathe taking views of Ngong Town is simply unparalleled to none.

When there were clubs and bar closures during the pandemic. Ngong Hills was turned into a partying spot and revellers would drive to this place and have their moment. Read More Romantic places you can take your date in Nairobi.

Where to eat.

You’re in Masai Land and there is plenty of meat in this area. Nyama Choma and Ugali will be the ideal meal of the day.

They are quite affordable; a Kilo is anything not more than Kes1000 with Ugali. The Nyama Choma here is different since they know how to do it, this is their way of life.

You can decide, to treat yourself to a cold beer as you wait for your Nyama Choma. Check more Nyama Choma Joints within Nairobi.


Are there wild animals in Ngong Hills?

The short answer is yes! Some animals roam around freely depending on drought and forage availability.

The animals are, Buffaloes, wild Pigs, Porcupines and the lovely Dik Dik.

Are Dogs allowed in Ngong Hills?

Yes, dogs are allowed but should be on the leach. Generally, Pets are allowed.

How long does it take to finish the 7 Hills?

According to your fitness anything between 3 to 5 hours.

How high are the Ngong Hills?

The highest point is 2460 Meters and 8,071 Ft above sea level.

Is Ngong Hills Volcanic?

It is an extinct Volcano, part of the Great Rift valley. It was formed from basalt lava between six and a half million years ago.

What is the Ngong Hills Hike Distance?

The distance is around 12 Kilometers from the KFS barrier to Corner Baridi.

How Many Hills are there at Ngong Hills?

They are 7 Hills that make Ngong Hills Forest Reserve.

Final Thoughts.

When you look closely Ngong Hills Forest Reserve has everything in place for everyone. From hike maniac to adrenaline junkies.

If hiking is not your thing, there are options and vice versa. Even party goers have their space park and just chill.

Ngong Hills hosts professional runners to amateurs because of the high altitudes making it an ideal place to practice.

When it comes to hiking, please don’t consider coming with children as they will curse you upon completing the first hill.

Until next time, congrats for ticking Ngong Hills off your bucket list.

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