Desperado Zone at Elephant Hills Aberdares

Elephant Hill Aberdares Hiking guide (2022)

Hiking Elephant Hill Aberdares.

One of the most practical hiking places for starters in Kenya is Elephant Hill Aberdares.

Ideal for preparing to climb, Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro.

I like calling it the stepping stone to greatness. Elephant Hill Aberdares is not only popular with hikers but also plays a major role in Nairobi, Kenya.

Aberdares is the supplier of two electro power dams Ndakaini and Susumua Dams which produce almost 95% of the electricity in Nairobi.

With that said, am no fan of hiking but this doesn’t mean I don’t hike at all. And for this reason.

I brought a friend, Frank on Safari who is not only a professional hiker but also one of the most sought-after elite tour guides in Kenya.

So, frank meet my readers as you give them your phenomenal experience climbing Elephant Hill Aberdares.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience and like you always say. Without much ado, let’s delve in and dissect Elephant Hill Aberdares.

Elephant Hill Location.

Elephant Hills Aberdares Kenya
Elephant Hills Aberdares Kenya

The hill is tucked in the southern part of the Aberdares ranges. It is about 99 Kilometers from Nairobi, Kenya.

Elephant Hill is located in Nyandarua County. A leading tourist destination in this County is Mount Kenya Area.

How to get to Elephant Hill? You hit Nairobi – Nakuru Road until just before Flyover where you turn left and take the road heading to Njabini.

Here you will drive straight to the Njabini Forest Station which is about 4 Kms from Njabini town. The starting point of the hike will be at Njabini Forest Gate.

Elephant hill Charges 2022.



Adults Kes500
Child Kes215




Adults $60
Child $20

NB// Child, anyone above 3 to 18 years.

You will also need to pay Kenya Forest Service fees as follows. They introduced the KFS fee in the month of March 2022. Just to emphasize, you will pay the above KWs plus now this KFs entrance fee.

CITIZEN Adult Kes232
Child Kes58
RESIDENT Adult Kes464
Child Kes116
Child Kes174

To hire a guard, you will need Kes3,000 or $30 even though if you know bout the route you can sign an indemnity and you can do it on your own but always advisable to get a guard.

Elephant Hill height.

The Height
The Height

The 9.5 Kilometers Hike starts at the forest station gate at an elevation of 8201 ft (2500m) above Sea Level.

The hiking ends at the Elephant hill summit though not many make it up to this point with an elevation of 12,000 ft (3657m) above sea level.

The whole hiking up and down takes an average person anything between 7 to 8 hours at a moderate pace.

Elephant Hill Difficulty.

The Difficulty of the Hill
The Difficulty of the Hill

So, how fit do you need to be to make it to the summit? How difficult or easy is the terrain to endure?

Well, Elephant hill is a Moderation and you need to be reasonably fit to hike this hill.

It is one of the best hills one can practice Mountain Climbing. It prepares starters for greatness. If you`re new in the game this is where to start.

Elephant Hill has also been popular with gym instructors bringing their clients over the weekend to weigh their progress by hiking this difficult but feasible Hill.

Hiking from the Forest Station to the Summit.

Felt Good to Reach Elephant Hill Aberdares Summit with my Friends
Felt Good to Reach Elephant Hill Aberdares Summit with my Friends

To make it a successful event, you will need to depart Nairobi latest 6:45 AM. So, as to start the hike latest 9:00 AM.

If you’re not familiar with the route it is highly recommended to hire a KWs guard at Kes3,000 or $30. Then you will start what you have been anticipating.

First things first, to be able to reach the Summit, besides being reasonably fit and having the spirit you will need Good Hiking Gear.

I did a guest post dedicated only to what to wear when hiking for both Starters and Professionals.

If anything, make sure you have the Best Hiking Boots. The type of shoes you will wear will play a big role in this Hike.

Hiking to the Elephant Hill Summit will take anything between 4 to 5 hours depending on stamina and the type of group.

The altitudes can get really high and the weather is unpredictable, this is why you need the right Gear for hiking.

Don’t judge by the name hill, it is almost difficult to reach the summit, come prepared for a haul but at the end of everything.

The views are simply rewarding and reaching the summit has some entitlement you conquered.

Hiking Steps.

The Starting Point
The Starting Point

You will start in a gradual walk as you continue to ascend Elephant hill wondering huh!  Isn’t this just a walk in the Park what was all the fuss about?

Before you know it, you will be inundated and reality starts sinking you have started hiking.

The first 5 km is relatively flat and covered with controlled plantations.

Now you will start going really steeply into the Bamboo zone with canopies with illuminating light and treacherous mud pathways.

You will spot occasional elephant footprints and droppings of other significant wild animals.

Worry not you have your armed guard and if you didn’t take one.

Then you must have signed an indemnity at the gate just in case, so we are all cool here.

After hours of plodding through the muck and the thought of throwing in the towels. You make it through to now Alpine Zone.

Where you have magnificent views of the Susumua and distant Ndakaini Dams. This place is known as the Elephant Rump, where almost everybody gives up.

If you go past this area, you deserve to award yourself with a pat on your back.

Now, the next zone is rocky and steep and the altitude is more than 3450 m above sea level. Grind harder and push yourself to the summit.

You will have rewarding views and some entitlement.

Getting there.

How do I get to Elephant Hills Aberdares?

Group Tour-

Almost every weekend or at a bare minimum in a month there is a Group departure and you can join.

These groups are not only affordable to do Elephant Hill Hike but also give the best company, so worry not if you’re solo.

The charges are anywhere between, Kes2,700 – 3,800 depending on season and excluding Lunch but including Entry fees and KWs Guard plus a professional guide who knows the place well. Reach Incredible Kenya Adventures for Assistance.


If a road trip is your thing and would like to drive with friends to hike this enchanting hill, then use Nakuru Road and at the Flyover just before Naivasha Town, a distance of about 60 km turn left and proceed to Njabini Forest Station.

Public Means-

Get, Njabini Matatu at Koja Stage Nairobi, you don’t need directions but once in Njabini (Mwisho wa Gari). The forest gate is about 3.8 Kilometers away.


Hiking at Elephant Hill Aberdares is one of the best experiences have had in my hiking career. It might be a stepping-stop or decoy kind of a thing.

When it comes to Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro but this hill is simply engrossing to Hike. I have done it severally and I never get tired to do it over and over again.

Hiking is one of the best exercises you can ever have, you shed calories and it simply feels and gives you a sense of achievement significantly if you attain the summit.

Happy Hiking!

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