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Day hiking checklist, the 17 ultimate Essentials for Beginners.

I want to blur the rut of everyday life even for a few hours; something challenging from my Air-conditioned office. Am done swinging on that office chair. So, what can I do over the weekend? Hiking is the utmost answer. Even a day hike will be more than enough but before that. Tick your Day Hiking checklist and prepare yourself for the footslog.

The way you pack for your Day hiking depends on where you`re hiking and how sophisticated the area is. The more it is the more the checklist and vice versa.

Well, am not a hike fanatic pe say. The highest I have ever hiked is Met Station at Mount Kenya. So, my Friend Frank on Safari is here to take you through the Day Hiking Checklist.

1.) Hiking Pants.

Day Hiking Checklist- Hikking Pants
Day Hiking Checklist- Hike Pants (Frank on Safari)

What can you wear that will keep you warm during cold and cool during high temperatures? The answer is, get yourself moisture-wicking pants that will make your hiking easy and interesting. What you wear determines the whole experience outcome.

This is why many do a one-off hike event never to return hiking ever again simply because they made the wrong choice of clothing.

These Trousers are waterproof and dry almost immediately.

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2.) Hiking Fleece Jackets.

You will need light but warm jackets that you can still rock in high temperatures but still come in handy when the weather changes.

Remember it should not be heavy since you`re hiking and the last thing you need is added weight. So, go for something waterproof, windproof, and more importantly moisture wicking.

Get Fleece Jacket on Amazon Or Jumia.

3.) Rain Coat.

Hiking Rain Coat
Hiking Rain Coat

You never know when the rain will strike especially if you are hiking during a rainy season. This Raincoat will come through and is one of the day hike checklists you should never leave behind.

Get Rain Coat on Amazon or Jumia.

4.) Hiking Shoes.

Day Hiking Checklist-Shoes
Day Hiking Checklist-Shoes

Absorbing shock and integrated cushion pod for medium support. These hiking Shoes shouldn`t miss in your day hiking checklist.

They are breathable and comfortable, to say the least. Remember to get your right size since you will need to leave space for the woolen hiking socks.

If there is one thing you should never compromise when it comes to Hiking is the type of shoes you wear. Do it right.

Hiking Shoes on Amazon

5.) Hiking Socks.

Anti-Slip Socks
Anti-Slip Socks

Socks are equally important when it comes to hiking apart from making you comfortable while hiking.

They will also ensure every moisture is absorbed. They don`t slip, shrink or bunch. They should not only be in your day hiking checklist but also any outdoor event. I classify them as essentials for every outdoor fanatic.

Get Socks on Amazon or Jumia

6.) Wool or Fleece Hat.

Water Proof Hat
Water Proof Hat

There`s no way am doing a day hiking and miss a sun hat. As much as I may have sunscreen protection. A hat will come in handy for me. Since I may not carry an Umbrella and when hiking a mountain, you can expect anything in terms of Weather.

The breathable and waterproof hat is ideal for the task especially with its wide brim that covers you as if you were holding an umbrella.

Get Fleece Hat on Amazon.

7.) Bag Pack.

Day Hiking Bag pack
Day Hiking Bag pack

Be organized and pack your Day hike checklist in your backpack. I believe they will all fit in this recommended hiking backpack for light items. It is waterproof, so when it rains you don`t have to worry your items will be safe.

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8.) Camel Bak.

Huh, this will come in handy. It may be a cool temperature but believe me, you will be dehydrated beyond words.

Camel Bak will come in hand since it is light and you can just stripe it across your waist and be refilling at the climbing stations or spigots.

Why did I like it? You will effortlessly sip your water as you hike.

Get Camel Bak on Amazon.

9.) Head Lamp.


I know we are talking about Day Hiking Checklist but you just never know what awaits you up there when hiking. It can get late since sometimes you can be carried away by events and before you know it. Darkness is here.

Sometimes your guide may decide to surprise you with a cave walk in those mountains as much as they will have their flashlight. You should always have your headlamp with you.

It shines so bright and feels good when rocking one.

Get HeadLight on Amazon Or Jumia.

10.) Quick Dry Towel.

Day Hiking Checklist - Quick Dry Towel
Day Hiking Checklist – Quick Dry Towel

You may bump into a natural swimming pool (Duff Mpararo) and hey you can decide to soak yourself in as you unwind the hiking already creeping hangover.

A quick-dry towel will come in handy since you use it and almost immediately walala, it is dry and ready to be put back to your lightweight backpack. Just be prepared this is why you stopped by on the right day hiking checklist.

It will also be essential when you sweat or get rained on.

Get Quick-Dry Towel on Amazon

11.) Trekking Poles with Full Kit.

Trekking Poles
Trekking Poles

It comes with an ergonomic handle with an EVA foam extension grip and moisture-wicking cork grip. Which provides comfort and stability. Its wrist straps are adjustable making it ideal for beginners and experts. It is silly affordable compared with what you get in return.

Whether short or tall it is adjustable to your suitable height. It is shock-absorbing, lightweight, and durable since it is made of strong but light aluminum.

This is one of the top day hike checklists you shouldn`t miss especially for beginners.

Get Trekking Poles on Amazon or Jumia.

12.) Mini First Aid Kit.

Day Hiking Checklist-Mini First Aid Kit
Day Hiking Checklist-Mini First Aid Kit

It’s no brainer, this mini aid kit should never miss in your Day hiking checklist. I know many may look down upon but it comes in handy in case things turn the other way.

They are so tiny yet so useful, why not tuck one in your day bag back? It is packed in 10 essential medical supplies, which are: –

Disinfectant, Scissors, Tweezers, Tissues, Cotton, Wool Sponge, Homeostatic Lace, Plasters, Bandage, Sterile gauze swab Cleansing wipes, and Examination gloves.

Get the First Aid Kit on Amazon or Jumia.

13.) Paracord Bracelet.

The Paracord Bracelet
The Paracord Bracelet

One of my favorite day hike checklists I cannot step out without. It comes in handy and the best part of it all it is silly affordable. Yet is not only ideal for hiking but also camping or any outdoor activity.

It has a direction Compass, a whistle, a Fire Starter, and a small knife. Paracord bracelet is such a small affordable but incredibly useful that every outdoor goer and fanatic should never miss having one.

Get Paracord on Amazon or Jumia. 

14.) Hiking Trowel.

Yes, cover up your business once you`re done in the woods. Nature calls can call anytime and there`s nothing wrong with that.

Since you`re out there it is highly recommended to leave no trace.  This hiking Trowel is no brainer it is essential for the day hiking checklist.

Get Trowel on Amazon or Jumia

15.) Sunscreen.

Neutrogena SunScreen
Neutrogena SunScreen

Nobody likes sunburns and even if your skin is “Tough” especially we men. You will still get those unwelcoming sunburns.

Whether black, white, Asian, or Australoid you will need to pack your Sunscreen not only for time for hiking but also for any outdoor activities including beach vacay.

Get this right. You would rather not buy than purchase something ineffective as I did once. Get Neutrogena, I have tried and tested first hand. It works like magic.

Get Sunscreen on Amazon or Jumia.

16.) Gloves.

Gloves (Smart)
Gloves (Smart)

Sometimes it may be too chilly and you know the higher you go the cooler it becomes. Trendy Gloves may come in handy.

You may leave for your Day hike when the weather was favorable only for it to change. The weather forecast is no longer steady with these climate changes you never know when it will strike.

The gloves will keep you warm. The reason I like this type of gloves. You can still use your smartphone without removing them. They are screen touch-enabled.

Get Gloves on Amazon or Jumia.

17.) Camera.

Canon EOS 2000D
Canon EOS 2000D

If you asked me, I would say this is obviously a day hiking checklist essential but My Camera would crucify me if I didn`t give it a shout-out.

You see, pictures are important. They mark a forever memory that will be passed to generations to come.

Well, if you are an outdoor person and traveling is your thing, then a camera is and should be like a daily meal.

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Our Day Hiking Checklist wouldn`t be complete without looking into starvation affairs. Trust me you don`t want to meet with a hungry hiker, ever heard of the saying a hungry man is an angry man?

Yes, this is so true. To make it worse, you`re tired on top of being hungry huh! You don’t want to find yourself in such a locale.

So, what do you do? You pack favorable snacks that will sustain you throughout your hiking session.

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