Packing for Kenya Safari

Packing for Kenya Safari. The utmost Guide

What Should I Pack for Kenya Safari?

Packing for Kenya Safari checklist? Well, can I be honest with you; the first time I went on a safari to Masai Mara National Reserve. I wore official Leather Shoes, a blue T-shirt and Black jeans. It was disaster Management, to say the least. This brings us to, what should you exactly pack for a Kenya Safari to avoid such disasters in near future?

I wouldn’t want anyone else to repeat these silly simple mistakes. This is why I`m writing this to start with.

I will also highlight what you should never pack to a Safari in Kenya. The Dos and Don’ts.

Without much ado, shall will?

Clothing- Packing for Kenya Safari.

Obviously, you will need some clad to pack for your Kenya Safari. That is why you`re here and I am going to give you the ultimate guide Keep it locked until the end.


First off, let’s start with the Don’ts.

You should never wear official shoes while going on a Kenyan Safari as I did on my first time because by the time. I was returning to my camp my feet were aching and had blisters.

It was not only uncomfortable but also mortifying. The first thing after arriving in Nairobi I got myself this Reef Voyage Boots.

They have a super-soft foam footed, expertly crafted arch support, and heel cupping which make them not your average mules. They are obviously waterproof and have a sock liner which makes them breathable. Here is a list of all Favourable Safari Shoes.


I had mentioned I wore a blue T-shirt; you should never try dark colours especially and specifically blue.

This colour attracts Tsetse fly and you will be a target for the day. As you are aware. Tsetse fly causes Trypanosomiasis or Sleeping Sickness.

The disease may have declined over the years but it is fatal if left unattended.

Please Note: You should never rock those camouflage army garments as much as you may be tempted since it is forbidden in not only Kenya but also East Africa at large.

The authorities use this kind of clothing and we have to differentiate you and them.


Khaki Shirt - Packing for Kenya Safari
Khaki Shirt – Packing for Kenya Safari

Well, instead wear these Khaki Shirts they complement well with the environment. Keep it beige, Grey.

Don’t pack bright colours for Kenya Safari or those flowery shirts. You can pack but keep such for the beach and not on a Safari.


You can pack your jeans to Kenyan Safari only to wear at night after your game drive in the camp or when going to urban but keep it off the radar for Kenyan Safari.

For Game drives, you can do khaki shorts or trousers. Depending on Weather confirm with your Tour Agent the current weather before departure from your country.

Bags- Packing for Kenya Safari.

Best Option for Suite Cases- Packing for Kenya Safari
Best Option for Suite Cases- Packing for Kenya Safari

Is it possible to avoid Suite cases? Any bag which is not foldable or rigid square drains me no matter how many clothes am going to pack.

But since it seems impossible to stay away from them. Try to make sure your luggage doesn`t exceed 15kgs while packing for Kenya Safari.

The local craft has a maximum of 15kgs including your carry-on bags per person. Probably you’re asking what happens if you exceed the recommended weight?

Well, this will be up to the captain but again this is putting people in situations they shouldn`t be. Just pack Light.

A Backpack on your back and a duffel should be enough to take through your stay clothing. To avoid those square rigid Suit Cases this is the Best Option it is even more spacious and trendy.

Scorching sun Protections.

Africa, precisely Kenya is a sunny country and if you’re not used. You could go back home with nasty sunburns. You don`t want that right? Check out how to prevent the sun below.

Hat-Packing for Kenya Safari.

Safari hat and Hoodie from Incredible Kenya Adventures
Safari hat and Polo shirt from Incredible Kenya Adventures

Incredible Kenya Adventures will give you a free branded Hat when you book with them. However, you can always get yours depending on your taste and liking.

Check them here. They come in handy and please don’t be lied to baseball caps will be of much help.

Sun Glasses.

When packing for Kenya Safari. Don’t forget your Sun Glasses even though you may not use them as much since you need to see clearly but they come in handy when the sun is having those reflective sunset rays. For the Sunglasses, you can try Carrera Sun Glasses.

Sun Screen Lotion.

You will need to pack a sunscreen lotion on your Kenya Safari. If you have sensitive skin you can check for SPF 50. I use P.O Care Aloe Sun Lotion SPF 30. Face & Body and it is scentless.

Water Bottle.

Let me not lie to you, you will be thirsty here and probably you will need water all around. Please note that plastic was burned in Kenya and you`re not allowed to have those plastic water bottles inside the parks. Get yourself a recyclable Water Bottle. Only leave footprints.

Camera– Packing for Kenya Safari.


Nikon D3500
Nikon D3500

Packing for Kenya Safari? You can never afford to miss a camera. Actually, the term Safari go hand in hand with Photos.

The camera is for capturing those lasting forever memories. Imagine sitting on that verandah with your great-grandchildren showing them those kickass clicks you took while on a Safari? Wouldn’t that be incredible?

You can forget anything but not a camera. Remember it doesn`t have to be complicated you can use a simple Nikon D3500


Zoom in until you can touch it. When packing for a Kenya Safari you should remember that, as much as you will be doing those game drives.

You`re not allowed to go out of the track. Meaning you will have to use a good lens and binoculars to aid you in bringing those desired images near you.

Binoculars will come in handy especially during wildebeest migration in Masai Mara.

Flash Light.

When you`re packing for Kenya Safari don`t forget this useful tool since some of the pathways in Camps are not well lit and it will be of help especially at night.

I use the USB rechargeable with magnetic battery and zoomable Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight with Cob Sidelight, Waterproof.

You don’t need to worry about the battery problem. It only needs 3 hours to get it fully charged with Any USB port, providing up to 10 hours in low mode.

Power Bank.

Some of the camps do not have power all day and night. They will have it from 4:00 AM to around 8:00 AM then evening.

You may need to charge your phone, maybe you were streaming and the battery was drained.

A Solar Power bank will come in handy. This Solar Power Bank 30000 mAh is a wireless Portable Charger Solar Panel with External Battery which comes with a LED Flashlight. It is (Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof) and Compatible with iOS & Android.

Travel Adapter– Packing for Kenya Safari.

Travel Adapter
Travel Adapter

When packing for a Kenya Safari please note we use Type G Plugs in Kenya. The standard voltage is 240 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

To be on the safe side, buy a travel Adapter to fit in not only in Kenya but also around the globe.

Bonus Q.

Do you need a Covid 19 Test to Enter Kenya?

All passengers arriving and exiting Kenya must have a PCR Covid-19 negative certificate for a test done 96 hours prior to travel.

If you don’t have such a test you will be refused to board or denied entry to Kenya.

Do you have any compelling questions or clarification regards to Packing for Kenya Safari? Hit me up in the comment section.

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Ultimate Guide packing for Kenya Safari
Ultimate Guide packing for Kenya Safari

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