Below the cliff of Kirengeti Falls

Havila Resort Sagana, Kenya. The 7 Inexorable Activities.

Precisely 93 Kilometers and 1.5 Hours’ drive from Nairobi, depending on how you step on it. Havila Resort Sagana was our weekend gate away. This is after searching for an escape out of Nairobi, City.

Sagana is a well-known thrill-seekers paradise and this is what we were looking for. Being Wild, enthusiastic and ready to unearth Havila Resort and its Environs.

We hit Thika Road around 3:00 PM after we had our delectable and flavoursome Nyama Choma at Njuguna`s Place Westlands.

We were all excited and couldn`t wait to be at the thrill-seekers centre. In an entourage of 3 cars, on modest speed apart from the super high way part.

The scenic lush green valleys and the undulating hills on your way will leave you in awe. Kindly remember to keep your eyes on the road. Just throw glances to steal these stupendous scenes really quick and back to the road if you`re the one on the wheels.

Just before 5:00 PM, we were at our coveted destination. Havila Resort Sagana the thrill-seekers Paradise and this is what they had in store for us. Without much ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

Activities at Havila Resort.

This adrenaline hub has more than 7 mind-blowing activities which will give you a lifetime experience. Each of the activities in Havila Resort is worth your time and money.

Here’s the list of the activities.

1.) Kirengete Water Falls.

Kirengete Water Falls
Kirengete Water Falls

To start us off is this beauty! You can request to have your breakfast at this beauty. Imagine taking your delicious breakfast combed by this giant waterfall as your backdrop?

I only got to know this after we had taken our breakfast, otherwise, we could have requested it.

The sheer force of Tana river waters cascading over rock drew me in with its tranquillity. You see, just like Ralph Waldo once said, “The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence.”

There is something about falling water that gets into you and just massages your nerves to your comfort zone. Huh, I can stay here all day long why lie?

To make it more engrossing I could see a couple of fellow thrill-seekers jumping off the cliff into the deep waters below.

Jumping off the cliff is one of the most priced activities in Havila but worth every penny.

Charges for Kirengete Waterfalls cliff Jump.

Kes2,000 or $20 Per Person.

2.) Water Rafting.

White water Rafting
White water Rafting.

Whitewater rafting is an outdoor diverting activity that employs an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water.

This outdoor recreational activity is often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, and usually, represents a challenging and new environment for participants.

One would wonder why the name whitewater Rafting?  This is because of the inflatable boat that you ride to paddle through the rough waters and rapids.

‘White’ water comes because the frothing rapids of a guzzling river make the water appear white.

To do this engrossing and adrenaline recreational activity you need to be a real deal. The shaking of the waterside to side.

Hitting those rocks can be overwhelming at the same time thrilling. It depends on how you look at it at that particular time.

You stretch your adrenaline capabilities and the beat of your heart drums to the highest Pitch.

Sagana is well known for white water rafting and Havila Resort happens to be one of the destinations to experience a 2-Kilometer-long with an option of doing a stretch of 6Kilometers if you believe in yourself.

White Water Rafting Charges.
  • The 2kms long Kes1500 or $15 Per Person
  • 6Kms Long Kes5,500 0r $55 Per Person

3.) Hiking at Gaturi Hills.

It is easier to go down than up the hill but the beauty and the amazing view is up there. Basically, nothing good comes easy in life.

Unless you will be willing to burn out some calories and have a happy ending of a magical view of the lush green hills of Gaturi. Then I would advise you to stay back.

The guided hiking starts in the morning and needs a minimum of 6pax with a maximum of 40 Pax. It is usually 1.5 Hours walk-in Gaturi Forest.

Hiking at Gaturi Hills Charges.

Kes1,000 0r $10 Per Person.

4.) Archery at Havila Resort Sagana.

Archery at Havila Resort
Archery at Havila Resort

I have always liked this game since I was a star back in the day in my village. We used to go hunting NB// Not poaching.

Rarely did I miss, I don’t know why am I not a cop. I think I would be among the top sharpshooters, Lol.

In Havila Resort Sagana, you will have up to an hour or so of shooting, it is more interesting and engaging if you`re playing as a group. You will need a quorum of 4 to a maximum of 20 pax.

Archery Charges.

Kes500 or $5 for 30 Minutes and double the price for another 30Minutes.

5.) Cycling at Havila Resort Sagana.

I wanted to do a black Mamba Type of analogue bicycle but I was told they only have modern mountain bikes.

Of course, I was kidding but the lady took me serious with that look, “Are you from Mars or something”.

The bikes have two sessions you can choose from, you can do a 30 Minutes ride or chose the other option of 1 hour. This doesn`t need any minimum number even a solo can do.

Cycling at Havila Resort Sagana Charges.

Kes500 or $5 Per Person for 30 Minutes and double the price for 1 Hours Ride.

6.) Quad Bikes Riding at Havila Resort Sagana.

They are amazing at the same time interesting to ride, however, I always warn people. As much as you may know how to drive a car.

It doesn’t guarantee you will automatically ride a quad bike. It can easily hurt you. Quads are heavy and hard to control. It can easily pin you down.

At Havila they have guides, and if you`re not confident enough you will have one to escort you. Per session is 30 Minutes.

Charges for Quad Bikes.

Kes1,000 or $10 Per Person for 30 Minutes

7.) Pottery.

Playing with clay? Does it sound fun? Well, you can learn how to mould those desired African Pots.

You will be guided by Havila Resident artist on making those flower clay vessels and pots.

Pottery Charges start from Kes500 Per Person.

Accommodation at Havila Resort Sagana.

There are two types of Accommodation in Havila Resort Sagana. My favourite, Camping and then for those who don’t like Camping, Hotel Standard Rooms.


Camping at Havila
Camping at Havila

There is something about camping in River Banks, the sound of the flowing water acts as a lullaby at the same time noise cancellation.

After we had our Delicious Nyama Choma and Ugali for Dinner. Warming Bonfire was calling of which we voluntarily soaked in and started gripping and fascinating stories until late.

Havila Resort Sagana, tents are canvas, which comes with medium-firm mattresses and clean beddings, however, I have my own camping tent which I use whenever such duties call. Check More Options on Amazon

How Much do they charge for Camping?

Well, this will depend if you have your own tents or you will get from them.

  • Charges if you have your own Tents Kes750 including Breakfast Per Person.
  • Charges if you use their Tents Kes1600 including Break Fast Per Person Sharing.
  • Mbuzi 1Kg Kes1200, Lamb chops Kes750 you can order your ala carte meal at Barizi Restaurant.


The Standard Rooms-Havila Resort Sagana
The Standard Rooms-Havila Resort Sagana

The other option of accommodation at Havila Resort Sagana is the comfortable standard rooms.

I did not spend the night in the rooms but definitely, I had a quick scan, and from experience. One could easily tell they are comfortable for a standard room.

How much do they charge for a room?
  • B&B Single Kes5,000 Double Kes5500
  • Half Board Kes7500 Double Kes8500
  • Full Board. Kes9000 Double Kes11500

NB// Prices may go up or low without prior Notice, kindly confirm with them.

Activity Charges at Havila Resort Sagana.

Charges for Activities at Havila Resort sagana
Charges for Activities at Havila Resort Sagana
  • Kirengeta Waterfall. Kes2,000 0r $20
  • White Water Rafting.Kes1,500 or $15
  • Hiking. Kes1,000 or $10
  • Cycling. Kes500 0r $5
  • Quad bike. Kes1000 or $10
  • Pottery Kes500 or $5
  • Archery Kes500 or $5

Frequently asked questions about Havila Resort Sagana.

Terrance and the View at Havila Resort
Terrance and the View at Havila Resort

Is Havila Resort Sagana Pet Friendly?

  • Pets are not allowed.

How much is Parking at Havila Resort Sagana?

  • Self-Parking is free.

What check-in time is Havila Resort?

  • Check-in is from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM. Late check-in is available during limited hours.

What is the Check-out Time?

  • Check-out time is 10:00 am.

Where is Havila Resort Located?

It is 93 Kilometers from Nairobi, hit Thika road super Highway from Nairobi, pass Ruiru, Juja, off Thika and continue with Embu Nairobi Highway, Kabati, Makuyu passed Makutano.

At Kobil Petrol Station, about 50 Meters you will see a signpost, turn left. On a rough road of about 9 KMs, you will be at Havila Resort.

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