Wild Swing at Camp Ndunda Falls Embu County

Camp Ndunda Falls, The 9 inescapable Activities

Camp Ndunda Falls.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. This statement defines me. Am an adrenaline Junkie addict and Camp Ndunda Falls Embu is one of those places I call my happy place.

The day I faced my fears the likes of acrophobia and started to focus more on the excitement from my fears is the day I knew anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.

Camp Ndunda Falls is more of a clinic for people like us. Once inside Camp Ndunda Falls, empty your mind and soul, let free this is the epitome of fun and gear up for the Adrenaline rush that awaits you.

This fun-filled centre in Embu County is 140 Kilometers from Nairobi and a 2hours and 30 Minutes drive depending on traffic.

Camp Ndunda has numerous Activities, without much ado lets delve in and disseminate this Adrenaline Power House.

Camp Ndunda Falls Activities.

There are more than 13 engrossing and riveting Activities at Camp Ndunda Falls from Wild swing to the canopy walk.

1.) Wild Swing at Camp Ndunda Falls.

This one is different, business is not, as usual, you need to be bold, fearless and hungry to get that adrenaline rush.

This was my first Activity at Camp Ndunda Falls Embu and I not only liked it but also stretched my big blood veins. It was a new experience, a new adventure, an escapade that will last for a long time.

Our Guide Jemo was such a cheerleader and articulate at what he does best, scrapping and discarding that fear out of you and replacing it with anticipation and excitement.

The wild Swing at Camp Ndunda is a long chain tied in a strong tree branch and beneath is a flowing river that soothes and encourages you with its soft flowing sound.

2.) The Canopy Walk at Camp Ndunda.

Canopy Walk at Camp Ndunda Falls
Canopy Walk at Camp Ndunda Falls

The Precarious Bridge at Kitengela Hot Glass was Something but this Canopy Walk was something else altogether. It is a perfect adventure for the adrenaline hunters.

This Canopy Walk is long with corners, Carpeted with wood the obvious scary gaps though. If you happen to look down and you have fear of heights (Acrophobia) you will lose it. You will not be able to make any further step as I witnessed with some of my buddies.

As for the junkie lovers like me, I enjoyed the walk and I could walk without the support of the holding rails. The canopy walk was more than what I expected. It felt satisfying and fulfilling. My nerves were neutralized, this was already an overdose.

3.) The Water Up thrust at Camp Ndunda Falls.

The Natural Swimming Pool
The Natural Swimming Pool

Water Sports People are you with me because Camp Ndunda falls Embu got you covered already. The river flowing in the middle of the forest has various spots. From the waterfall to the swimming pool (Duff Mpararo, Aaah).

Make the incredible jump on a waterfall of your choice from the many available choices. The natural swimming pool has shallow to the deep end. Those who are not good swimmers are given floaters just to keep up with swimmers like me, Hehe…

4.) Mud Fun at Camp Ndunda Falls.

Mad Mud Fun at Camp Ndunda Falls
Mad Mud Fun at Camp Ndunda Falls

This will take you back to childhood, playing with and swimming in Mud! An adult playing with mud? Are you mad?  No am not, am just a thrill seeker.

Playing with friends or even your partner in the mud can only make your friendship and relationship bond stronger. Being a pig for some minutes can be fun especially with the right company.

5.) Ziplining at Camp Ndunda Falls.

Zipline at Camp Ndunda Falls
Zipline at Camp Ndunda Falls

This is a 250 Meters Long Zipline not like the long one at Kereita Forest Kenya but given Zipline is just one of the many activities in their disposal. To be honest, this was below my expectations, they can do better.

They should improve on this particular activity. I did not like their breaking method though this could be part of the adventure to others. I still feel they should improve over to you Ndunda falls.

6.) Archery at Camp Ndunda.

Time to aim, stretch your bow to the maximum then take that shot. I find archery a cultural game. Our forefathers used to use bows for hunting.

Hunting was not done for fun but as a way to put that food on the table for the family. Personally, I have done hunting when I was a small boy in the ’90s but this time for fun.

Whenever I find archery game, am always game on without a second thought.

7.) Mount Kenya Excursion.

The Water Fall at The Mount Kenya Excursion
The Water Fall at The Mount Kenya Excursion

If you like trekking, Camp Ndunda Got you. There is a famous trek from the Camp to a spectacle 45 Meters waterfall which takes around five hours to and from the Camp. A trek worth trying.

Besides the 45 Meters, high waterfalls there are caves infested with more than 1000 bats. Scary but at the same time interesting to say the least.

8.) Nature Trails.

You could have mistaken our guide Jemu for a herbalist. He knew most of the plants and trees names with what they can treat.

Nature walk, here you need to empty your mind and soul. Switch off your phone, pretend it is 90`s and just flow with the peace and serenity.

The vast forest has indigenous and exotic trees combed by the meandering river. The spectacle lush greenery meets your exhausting city life full of pollution making the nature trail more than worth.

9.) Team Building.

Team Building
Team Building

You have the most ideal space at Camp Ndunda Falls for Team Building. George and team will entertain and warm you either after or before you could do the Activities.

They have numerous team building activities, which may look easy to do but challenging to actually do. Make sure you stay on the winning team because you are the only one who counts.

Camp Ndunda Falls Accommodation.

The serenity and tranquillity at Camp Ndunda is a deserved destination to relax your night away. They have two types of accommodation as we shall see below.


Cottage at Camp Ndunda Falls
Cottage at Camp Ndunda Falls

They have a one-bedroom and two-bedroom cottages which can host up to 10 Pax. The reason why the cottages are few is the fact that many people flocking this destination are Adventurers and thrill-seekers.

Camping which is their main mode of accommodation is what a thrill-seeker would go for over that bed anyway. Few adventurers will go for the cottages.

The Huts.

The Traditional Modern Hut
The Traditional Modern Hut

Most of the traditional houses were round walls made of mud and grass thatched roof. Even to date some of the communities have maintained this brainy traditional architectural design for example the Maasai People.

Camp Ndunda Falls, embraced this design to modern world standards. The huts have electricity, hot showers and of course a modern stylish bed.


Camping at Camp Ndunda Falls Embu.
Camping at Camp Ndunda Falls Embu.

They have even named the facility after the name Camping. This is what they do best and can host up to 1000 plus (They got the Land) so long as you have communicated in advance.

Camping at Ndunda Falls is rewarding with all the serenity and tranquillity. Watching the stars under that bonfire which can go up to morning.

Directions to Camp Ndunda falls.

As mentioned earlier, Camp Ndunda Falls Embu is 140 Kilometers from Nairobi and a 2hours and 30 Minutes’ drive depending on traffic.

From Nairobi, Hit Thika road Super High way, Nairobi/ Meru High way up to Embu Town.

Once in Embu town use Meru road to the law courts near Embu level 5 Hospital gate, then turn left and use Kibugu road, past Njukiri showground.

When you cross the bridge, you will see a wooden signpost written Camp Ndunda Falls then keep left till you reach your destination. 

– Access by Public Means of Transport.

You can board a Matatu from Embu Town for a maximum of Kes70 /$0.7. Just tell them you are headed to Camp Ndunda. Your drop off stage will be a place known as Kibugu bridge, which is less than 5 minutes’ walk to the camp.

The other adventurous option is to take a Boda Boda (Motorbike) from town direct to Camp Ndunda at Kes200 / $2.

Camp Ndunda Falls Charges.

  • ENTRANCE Kes350 /$4
  • ZIPLINE (250M) Kes1000/$10
  • ARCHERY Kes350 /$4
  • WILD SWING Kes500 /$5
  • WATER UPTHRUST Kes500 /$5
  • MUD FUN Kes500 /$5
  • Camping Kes1500
  • Grounds Kes500

Please note Charges may change without notice. It is always advisable to get a package from a Tour Operator. Both Private and Group joining Safaris available.

Here are some of the Essentials you should Carry for this Trip.

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