One of the Tourist Attractions in Embu County (Ndunda Falls)
One of the Tourist Attractions in Embu County (Ndunda Falls)

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Tourism Guide to Embu.

Embu County is one of the major tourist attractions in Kenya. Boasting of Mwea and Mount Kenya National Parks. Only a few counties in Kenya have more than one National Park.

Mount Kenya though shared by 5 other counties puts Embu County on a landmark. Being the Highest Mountain in Kenya and 2nd in Africa after the eminent Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Apart from the National Parks, there are a couple of other Tourist attractions in Embu County which we will cover.

The top affordable hotels in Embu County and the engrossing activities in this plausible and subtle county located 135 Kilometers from Nairobi.

Without much ado, let’s delve in.

Top tourist Attractions in Embu County.

There are riveting and fascinating things to do in Embu county. Probably you only knew of Mount Kenya National Park. Let`s list them below for you to choose your next activity. These are the top tourist Attractions in Embu County.

9.) Nthenge Njeru Falls.

The Nthenge Njeru Falls
The Nthenge Njeru Falls

Kirimiri Forest forms a background from the Embu Meru highway, it’s the big flowing white falls that will encapsulate and enthral you. The hike mostly starts at Melody Camp going down a steep foot trail into the first riveting double long waterfall, rather known as Nthenge Njeru Falls.

Hikers trek along the trails of the village farms then join the main tracks leading to Kirimiri Forest. This forest has large indigenous trees with lush welcoming fresh air as you concoct to get lost in the forest. All the way up to a white big Rock known as the viewpoint.

Once at the viewpoint, you will have awe-inspiring and a spectacle view of Nthenge Njeru Falls one of the top tourist Attractions in Embu County.

8.) Kirimiri Hills.

Kirimiri Falls in Embu County
Kirimiri Falls in Embu County

This is a double attraction, the big indigenous trees which you infiltrate through the lush forest surreptitiously all through to Kirimiri Hills.

This hill is rich in culture and prominent as it was used by the Mau Mau as a hideout back in the days including the most famous Embu Fighter, General Kabu Kabu.

This tourist attraction in Embu County towers 1758M above sea levels covered by this medicinal and protected Kimiri Forest.

7.) Agritourism at Mwea Irrigation Scheme.

There is no better way to experience Agro tourism than in Kenya`s no 1 rice production scheme tucked in Embu County. This is a golden opportunity to experience the production of Rice.

There are various types of rice produced in here including the famous Pishori.

 6.) Mzima Fishing and Camping Site.

You are in Embu county and fishing is your thing. Where do you go fishing? Where do you even start?

Well, Mzima Fishing and Camping site will sort your exigency. It is a self-Catering campsite with long drop toilets and safari showers. Enough to get you going and the thrill of camping and cooking your fish. Whether you like it dry, wet or …. This is the spot to get you sorted.

5.) Kiang’ombe Hill Forest.

Kiangombe Hill Forest one of the Tourist Attractions in Embu County
Kiangombe Hill Forest one of the Tourist Attractions in Embu County

This ungazetted hill forest is situated to the southeastern side of Mt. Kenya, about 30 km East of Embu town.

This tourist attraction in Embu County was used by their forefathers, as a spiritual mountain. They would pray and sacrifice whenever they had challenges like lack of rains, food and other basic needs.

Kiang’ombe Hill Forest, the name was derived from Kirima Kiang`ombe, meaning Hill of cows. The Embu people used to hide their cattle in this hill forest from the notorious raiders (Ukavi).

Being a raised area, they could see their enemies from a distance and they would prepare accordingly for the impending battle to defend their families and cattle.

4.) Karue Hill.

Karue Hills.
Karue Hills.

Towering 1700M Above sea level. Karue Hill is one of the tourist attractions in Embu County which is just 30 minutes’ drive from Embu town. It has an incredibly beautiful lush landscape.

A day trip to this photogenic landscape is a day well spend. The Surreal and jagged rocky outcrops dot the incredibly beautiful hill. Which is arguably Embu County’s best-kept secret.

It has stylish naturally chiselled fascinating stone seats for the people visiting this landmark. You would think the attraction knew you were coming and that they have set a sitting area.

During rainfall you are advised not to visit the area but if you should please proceed with caution. The stones are quite slippery and if you miss a step you are done.

Apart from the rainfall, the mist is usually copious. Leading to the poor vision during rainy days.

Interestingly at the top of the hill, there are two tall eucalyptus trees which provide the anticipated shade during the sunny days.

3.) Camp Ndunda falls.

Camp Ndunda one of the Tourist Attraction in Embu County
Camp Ndunda one of the Tourist Attraction in Embu County

Where are my adrenaline buddies? You are in Embu and you need some rush? I know it is kind of drug to us and cannot go long without it.

I have tried almost everything apart from jumping off a flying plane but Camp Ndunda falls gave me a rush like no other.

Visit them and we will be on the same page of what am trying to scribble here without the correct words. I will be doing an article specifically for Camp Ndunda because this is a full house full of all the wildest activities you will find in Embu County.

Camp Ndunda Falls is one of the tourist attractions in Embu County. It is the Epitome of Fun and Most Recommended Way to Unplug from the Fast-Paced Day-to-Day Toil. Hang in there, let me not let the cat out early, the article is loading for Camp Ndunda.

2.) Hiking at Mount Kenya National Park.

Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya at 5199M and second highest in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro at 5895M.

Hike lovers, though I don’t count myself as one, Real Hikers enjoy climbing this mountain. I once did it and only managed to get to Met Station. Though I enjoyed the tarn and alpine meadows and equatorial high altitudes. Hats off for those who make it to the top. You deserve a medal.

1.) Game viewing at Mwea National Reserve.

Giraffe at Mwea National Reserve Embu County
Giraffe at Mwea National Reserve Embu County

Bordering Kirinyaga County, Mwea National Reserve ranks as one of the major tourist attractions in Embu County. Though less visited and untapped, it is worth visiting. The ecosystem comprises of small hills with bushy vegetation and scattered large trees. Other areas are open grasslands while along the main rivers, large trees with thick undergrowth back are found. Trees found in this region are baobab and Acacia Species.

According to KWS the wildlife in this incredible park include, “the elephants, Rothschild giraffes, Common zebras, Lesser kudu, Buffalo, Water Buck, Bushbuck, Impala, Vervet Monkeys, Aardvark, Yellow baboons, Grants gazelle, Dik-dik, Cape hare, Warthog,  Black-backed jackal, Duiker, Sykes monkeys, Genet cat, Slender mongoose, Stripped ground squirrel, Dwarf mongoose, Crested porcupine, Rock Hyrax, Tree Hyrax and tortoise. Hippos and crocodiles are also found in the dams and rivers. Different birds and reptile species have been recorded in the reserve.”

I feel this National Reserve is underrated, I urge all tourist and tour Touperator to be including it in their Mount Kenya Circuit Packages. It can only dazzle you with the untapped richness.

Accommodation in Embu county.

There are several hotels in Embu county, old, new expensive and affordable. I will pick in terms of good service because I believe that is all counts.

Nice City Hotel.

Nice City Hotel coffee
Nice City Hotel coffee

It is not only the best stopover point when going to Embu, Meru but also one of the most affordable classy accommodation you will come across.

Conveniently located 50 Meters from the busy Embu, Meru Highway. It is a small city which has everything you can think of. From food, petrol station to children plays powerhouse.

Below are some of the activities found at Nice Digital City.

  • Swimming
  • Jumping on Bouncing Castles
  • Driving Electric Cars
  • Boat Riding
  • Electric Train Riding
  • Face Painting
  • Food, Drinks and Snacks also available

Room Charges starts from as low as Kes2,000 or $20 Per Person Sharing.

Elsols Hotel.

Elsols Hotel at Embu County
Elsols Hotel at Embu County

Located in Embu Town, this hotel is simply incredible. The freebies you get throughout your stay to the time of checking out. You will feel like a real King/Queen the services are beyond expectations.

They go that extra mile just to make sure you’re happy. Nothing comes first to them like your comfort. And am not bluffing, where else do you get your shoes brushed the morning after? Your Car cleaned and on top of this, they provide toothpaste and toothbrush. Iron boards and free taxi services.

In the rooms, you will find Bluetooth Soundbar Speakers. The rooms are not only clean but also engrossingly designed to meet your style.

I rated their services more than 5 Stars, did I even mention their cuisine? That is another main reason to stop by. This idiosyncratic hotel in Embu County incredibly stands out with their Embu sumptuous traditional food.

After all these freebies, their room rate card Full Board is Kes2,500 Per Person Sharing.

Izaak Walton Inn.

Izaak Walton Inn
Izaak Walton Inn

Probably the most famous hotel in Embu. Izaak Walton exudes amenity, individuality, peculiarity, elegance, refined comfort and opulence in Embu county.

Their well-manicured Gardens stands out and their palette of subtle colours lends an air of calmness as you drive or walk-in the Hotel.

Conveniently located in Embu town beside the Embu-Meru High way. It is ideal for stopovers on your way to Meru or a tour to this incredible County with the vast and wealth tourist attractions.

Izaak Walton has a swimming pool and all types of rooms, from Family to cottage Self Catering rooms. They also offer conference and meeting rooms.

Their Standard Rooms start from Kes3,000/ $30 Per Person Bed & Break Fast.

Royal Mini Inn Resort.

Boasting of 4 conferencing & Meeting rooms.  Royal Mini Inn Resort has luxurious rooms. Modern restaurant, a bar and a clean Swimming pool.

Conveniently tucked at Embu Town, near Embu – Meru Highway. Royal Minni has 64 rooms each with its own distinct appeal ranging from Spacious Suite for families, Super Suite, Deluxe rooms, Executive rooms and standard rooms.

Their Standard Rooms start from Kes3,000/ $30 Per Person Bed & Break Fast.

Oriental Palace Hotel.

This 3 Star Hotel is known to serve the African dishes. The rooms range from Standard Twin Rooms to Executive rooms. It has 19 Rooms each with WIFI and cable TV Channels.

Conveniently located at Embu Town, near Embu, Meru Highway. Check-in for a night, lunch or breakfast and a drink in their well-stocked bar.

Pets and animals are not allowed in Oriental Palace.

Their Standard Rooms start from Kes3,000/ $30 Per Person Bed & Break Fast.

Book Oriental Palace Hotel.

Slopes Villa Hotel.

Insanely affordable and comfortable, this hotel has conferencing and meeting rooms. The rooms have cable flat-screen Television. The modern room setting, a restaurant and a Mini Bar.

Slopes Villa Hotel is about 15 minutes’ walk from Embu near Scouts Centre.

Their Standard Rooms start from Kes3,000/ $30 Per Person Bed & Break Fast. Book Slopes Villa Hotel.

Holiday Home in Embu.

5 Bed Room Holiday Home at Embu
5 Bed Room Holiday Home at Embu

This 5Bed roomed Maisonette is conveniently located 5Kilometers from Embu Town in a serene and quiet environment. The rooms are neat with white beddings and towels. Whenever I get to note a hotel or a holiday home using white beddings I always give them a high score when it comes to cleanliness.

This maisonette is ideal for a group gate away or family holiday. Home away from home. The lush landscaping combed with coconut palm trees and the well-manicured carnation flowers give you unrivalled feeling.


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