Salt Lick Safari Lodge

Salt Lick Safari Lodge : 8 things you ought to know before Visit

Salt Lick Safari Lodge.

This is one of the most photogenic and instagrammable Lodges in the world. Salt Lick Safari Lodge is formally managed by Sarova Hotels. Under the Name, Sarova Saltlick Game Lodge. It is a luxury but affordable Safari Lodge.

Set at the heart of the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary overlooking a waterhole and vast Tsavo plains adjacent to Tsavo National Park. They have a neighboring Sister Hotel, Taita Hills Safari Resort, and Spa which has a museum that displays some of the first world war 1 memorabilia as part of the rich history of the Taita Taveta as a County.

Now, let’s delve in and see these 8 things you ought to know before visiting Salt Lick Safari Lodge.

8.) Salt Lick Safari Lodge Location.

Shot from the Salt Lick Safari Lodge, Tunnel.
Shot from the Salt Lick Safari Lodge, Tunnel.

This incredible lodge is located 383 Kilometers from Nairobi, a 4 up to 7hours drive depending on traffic and the driver on the wheel.

We had stopovers at Mtito Andei and Voi. It took us 6 hours’ drive but it can be less than this. However, it is closer coming from Mombasa than to Nairobi. It is only 203 Kilometers which is about 2 to 3hours of drive.

The Lodge is in Tsavo National Park, Taita Hills at Taita Mwatate Road, west of Road A23, Taita Taveta County, Kenya.

7.) How to get to Salt Lick Safari Lodge.

Rooms elevated on stilts.
Rooms elevated on stilts.

To get to Salt Lick Safari Lodge and Taita Hills Safari Resort and Spa is either by:

Road: As we have seen above you will take up to 6hours from Nairobi and 3 hours from Mombasa, though it could be less depending on the vehicle, the driver, and the stopovers you will make along the way.

Air: Salt Lick Safari Lodge is accessible by Air from Nairobi`s Wilson Airport, which is an Hour Flight and 30 Minutes from Mombasa. The Lodge owns the Private Airstrip.

Madaraka Express: This is the SGR (Madaraka Express Train) scheduled once a day. It takes 2hours and 43 Minutes (141 Kilometers) from Nairobi to Mtito Andei. A transfer from Mtito Andei to Saltlick Safari Lodge is another 2hours 21 Minutes.

The best option: The Voi SGR Station Which is around 49Kilometers and an hour’s drive to the Lodge.

6.) Accommodation at Salt Lick Safari Lodge.

View from the rooms
View from the rooms

There are 96 incredibly round designed Rooms elevated on stilts. The charm is unmatched and incomparable. They overlook a water hole which is the epicenter of attraction to the wild animals which come to quench their thirst. As the guests watch in gusto.

Salt lick Safari Lodge`s charm is evident from the outside. From the entrance, you can simply tell this is going to be a good night.

Apart from watching animals as you take your Dinner or Breakfast, they had this personalized attention to their guests. Their services were top-notch. I confidently give them that.

However, they have room for improvement when it comes to their food. Am not paid to do this review but this is from personal experience so am giving you a genuine personal experience. The food seemed like it was not enough. I understand a buffet means serving yourself but due to COVID 19 Measures. They had service chefs to serve each, to avoid everyone touching the serving spoons. Which is a good thing to conquer COVID 19.

5.) The Salt Lick Safari Lodge Uniqueness.

1030 PM at Salt Lick Safari Lodge
1030 PM at Salt Lick Safari Lodge

I was eager to see this facility because of one main thing that makes it stand out over many lodges. In salt Lick Safari Lodge, you are literally sleeping over the wild Animals. Where the heck in this world would you get such experience?

We were lucky on the day we had booked. That very night something engrossing to the core happened. We were not in hurry to bed so we stayed at the bonfire area, as we were waiting for a certain Herd of Elephants that usually comes every day. The night guard had hinted, they had not come and it was a must for them to come to quench their thirst………

4.) Kill at the Lodge.

As we were waiting at around 01:00 AM, our hawk-eyed guard came calling at the bonfire area where we were relaxing before we could proceed to sleep.

He whispered that something major was already happening. Coincidentally we heard a loud moan of a Buffalo. Pride of Lion struggling with a buffalo and it was trying to fight back. They were about four bulls and as much as they wanted to help their friend, they sadly couldn`t do anything.

Before I could take any meaningful full pictures for this eventful spectacle scenario. The buffalo was dragged into the darkness as the lights of the lodge are not as bright not to scare animals.

It happened so fast that, between the exciting moment and the adrenaline rush, could cool down for me to think straight, going for the camera was too late. If you need to capture real-time events. Always keep your Camera close. At Salt Lick Safari Lodge anything can happen at any time any moment, always be ready while here.

3.) The Tunnel at Salt Lick Safari Lodge.

This was my first stop, before I could even refresh, after an awesome game drive at Taita wildlife Sanctuary. This tunnel is around 100 Meters, well lit and carpeted, and directs you to the animal Water pool.

You will be able to view a close and personal 360 view of the animals. You will be as close as 1 meter away.

Please note you should not use a camera flashlight, while in the tunnel and even outside the tunnel. Since you will be surrounded by animals and flashlight is a no to animals. Be mindful and considerate, let no one supervise you, be responsible enough. Some of the fellow guests could clearly see the warning but hear none of it.

2.) Taita Hills Safari Resort and Spa.

Swimming Pool at Taita Hills Safari Resort and Spa
Swimming Pool at Taita Hills Safari Resort and Spa

This is the sister resort, located around 7 Kilometers from Salt Lick Safari Lodge. They co-exist. I think Salt lick wouldn`t be complete without it because of the reasons below.

Swimming Pool: There`s no way Salt Lick Safari Lodge could have a swimming pool unless they do an Above ground swimming pool. Since it is infested with animals roaming around freely.

The only pool is for the animals, where they quench their thirst and in appreciation. The animals especially the Elephants have zero chills sometimes they come too close to the lodge animal viewing area and are not in hurry to leave. They know you like seeing them and they don’t disappoint.

Lunch/Check-In: As much as we made stopovers, in Mtito Andei and Voi. We did not buy food since lunch was calling at our Lodge. If anything, we bought appetizers. So, you can imagine how hungry we were. We arrived at Taita Hills Safari Resort and Spa around 2:00 PM.

We had no clue; lunch is taken at the Taita Hills Safari Resort and Spa and not at Salt Lick Safari Lodge where we were booked. It was kind of relieving. We sanitized, checked in, allocated rooms, and then proceeded for lunch.

After lunch, we proceeded to swim as we were waiting for 4:00 PM for the evening game drive to Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. Which is only a stone throw from the Taita Hills Safari Resort and Spa. Check entrance Fees and the 10 Unmissable Attractions at Tsavo National Park.

1.) My 1 Night Itinerary from Nairobi at Salt Lick Safari Lodge.

Evening Game Drive at Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary
Evening Game Drive at Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

Day 1:

6:30 AM Depart Nairobi, for Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary (Salt Lick Safari Lodge).

You can rest/take Breakfast at Mtito Andei, then proceed with your Journey to Tsavo with a possible Stopover at Voi.

1:00 PM – 2: 00 PM: Lunch, depending on traffic and stopovers, you will arrive at the Lodge latest 2: 00 PM. Check in and then proceed for the anticipated Lunch.

3:00 PM: Swimming, this is the perfect time for swimming at Taita Hills Safari Resort and Spa. If swimming is not your thing. There`s a playground for, volleyball, table tennis, football and chilling spots as you wait for the most anticipated game drive at 4:00 PM

4:00 pm: Game Drive, proceed for an afternoon game drive in the sanctuary with a chance to spot herds of Red Elephants, Lions, Giraffes, Zebras, Gazelles, Buffaloes, Waterbucks, Impalas and the endangered Hartebeest. There are about 500 species of birds, including the endangered Maasai ostrich, and migratory birds like kestrels and buzzards.

6:00 Pm Check out the Park: This is the official time for a check out in the National Parks and Reserves in Kenya. So, you check out of the Sanctuary and proceed to your unparalleled Salt Lick Safari Lodge.

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Dinner: The time between checking in your room up to dinner time, this time is entirely up to you. As for my case, I used most of the time in the tunnel and the restaurant watching the animals quench their thirst. I was barely in my room.

Day 2:

You can proceed to other attractions at Tsavo or back in Nairobi

6:00 AM Wakeup Call: I didn`t manage the Morning Game drive since I slept way too late but, I highly recommend it.

  • 6:15 am: Early Morning Game Drive
  • 8:30 am: Breakfast at the lodge
  • 10:00 am: Check out of Saltlick Safari Lodge
  • 11:00 am Mid-Morning Siesta at the Taita Hills Safari Resort and spa pool.

12:00 PM: Departure, this will entirely depend on you but we left around this time, with stopovers, and arrived in Nairobi at Around 7:00 PM.


Tsavo National Park is the largest National Park in Kenya. It is divided into two East and West. Covering all these attractions in this National Park will need more days but if your main rationale is just to cover Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and have your stay at this unprecedented Lodge (Salt Lick Safari Lodge). Then two days will be more than enough. It is always a good feeling to be left wanting more than having it all. You will still have the desire to go back.

Taita Hills Safari Resort and Spa offers accommodation too but many tourists prefer the salt lick safari lodge because of the thrill it comes with. This Lodge is everybody`s dream destination. Don`t take it for granted if you have been here.

If you haven`t yet, there`s still time and chance, enlist it to your bucket list and our designated Travel Agent can organize something affordable for you. If you want to do Self Drive, Book to the Hotel here.

Did I leave anything you feel I should add? Please let me know in the comment section.

2022 Salt Lick Offer

Great Offer 2022 for Salt Lick Safari Lodge
Great Offer 2022 for Salt Lick Safari Lodge

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