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Why Amboseli National Park is famous

Amboseli National Park Safari.

Amboseli National Park Safari is one of the most lit Safaris I have done in Kenya.

This National Park is well known for the Giants, it is the home for the big Five except for the Rhino. Elephants are dominant in this undulating National Park.

Those mesmeric pictures of Kilimanjaro rising incredibly above a thicket of acacia trees, with these gigantic elephants ambling past and perhaps a hot air balloon floating serenely overheard?

Aaah! What else could one ever ask for? Amboseli National Park Safari will set lifetime memory.

Clear View of Mt Kilimanjaro over our Tour Van
Clear View of Mt Kilimanjaro over our Tour Van

COVID 19 has bitten the world the deepest in our living time but this will too pass, please if you had booked a safari to Africa. Or anywhere else do not cancel just postpone as things will be back and better again.

Amboseli National Park is one of my favorite destinations, it is warm, welcoming at the same time homely. With these majestic giants with big tusks, Amboseli is decorated by the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, early morning you will be able to get a clear world-class shot to boast about to your friends and family.

Location Of Amboseli National Park.

The Park is located in Kajiado County, in Kajiado South Constituency.

Boasting of 39,206 Hectares (392 Kilometer Square/152 Miles Squared in size.

About 217 Kilometers a 5 Hours Drive from Kenya`s Capital City Nairobi.

The First Day to Amboseli National Park, formally known as Amboseli Maasai Conservancy which means in Maasai Language “Salty Dust.” I did a Day Trip from Nairobi but I did not like the time Frame, I spend more time on the road and had a limited time in the Park. So, what does Amboseli National Park Safari has to offer?

Why is Amboseli National Park Famous?

Elephant Amboseli National Park
Elephant Amboseli National Park

What will attract you to Amboseli National Park? Why is this park famous?

This is a question that goes through the minds of many tourists when they are visiting for the first time. well, am here to prepare you for what you will expect in this Incredible Safari.

But before that, just to make the records straight. The most ideal time to spend in this pre-eminent National Park, just like in Maasai Mara National Conservancy, is at least 3Days.

I have done 2 Days but it was a bit tight but okay if you are connecting with other Parks.

Let us now delve in and see what to do and why Amboseli National Park is famous?

8.) Maasai Village Visit at Amboseli National Park Safari.

Masai Village Visit
Masai Village Visit

Maasai People are one of the remaining tribes whose tradition has not been washed away by western modernization.

They still live traditionally and this has created a fascination for many tourists across the globe. Tourist travels thousands of miles just to visit a Maasai village.

I think cultural tourism is one of the leading attractions in Africa and other parts of the world.

Just say you were in a Maasai Village visit and everyone will be awed in admiration.

I bet you have seen those colored Maasai Shuka’s donned by Maasai, red, purple, and blue Patterns. One of the most recognized brands in the world.

Their women are jeweled with bright beaded earrings, necklaces, and scarves with the arid African Savannah as their backdrop.

Obama Style

These beautiful colors are one of the first things you will notice as you make a grand entrance as Barrack Obama did in his native, Kogelo western side of Kenya.

The Maasai are not only welcoming but also photogenic, however, make sure you ask for permission before you press that Click sound to take a photo.

The beaded necklaces, amulets, and bracelets are worn mostly by the Women, who use such to display their social status and their identity.

The same is displayed for sale, they would or make the perfect souvenirs of all time, from the handcrafted to the beads, I have a Maasai `Rungu` (wooden Club) which I have always treasured.

I also don their beaded bracelet, which identifies me as a Kenyan from a distance. Purchasing these souvenirs helps the Maasai support their families too.

Bargain Like a Local.

However, be careful as the Maasai have interacted with numerous tourists across the world, you may end up paying triple unless it’s of your own volition.

The dancing and the jumping are mind-blowing, they will even invite you to join them but I can promise you, matching them is only a fantasy.

Afterward, you will be taken to their Bomas which are built in the form of a Lion Paw.

The ladies are the ones which build the houses. You will be taught how to light a fire without a matchbox, although this may be a world-class way of jungle survival, they will fascinatingly show you how.

Take photos to flaunt back at home and probably sell as framed portraits.

7.) Sinet Delta at Amboseli National Park.

Birds of Amboseli National Park
Birds of Amboseli National Park

Sinet Delta is found in the Northern route of the Amboseli National Park which is an incredible place for bird Watching.

The vegetation is thicker as you go more south proving fodder (dried hay or Straw perfect for the Giraffes).

While at it, the incredibly beautiful clear views of Mount Kilimanjaro at this point are astounding.

6.) Observation Hill (Normatior) at Amboseli National Park.


Observation hill is located in the western corridor of the Amboseli National Park.

The Observation Hill also Known as Normatior is the only raised point and the only safe place you can get out of the vehicle and walk freely without looking behind your back for some stray lion.

This cone Shaped hill, has been one of the main attractions in the Amboseli National Park.

A staircase kind of shaped carved from the volcanic rocks gives access to the top (Summit) where there is the observation point of the wilderness.

It Spans 360 View.

The hill was formed during the period of Mount Kilimanjaro activity. The hill spans an astounding 360 degrees view through the Amboseli National Park.

If the sky is clear you will have an incredible view of Mount Kilimanjaro, unfortunately, the times I have been to Amboseli, I have never encountered a clear Sky.

At the foot of the Observation hill lie the enkongu Narok Marshes, where you are most likely to spot Herds of Elephants and Hippos, it is a green area, which makes the area stand out from the rest of the arid and dusty territory.

To ice the cake of the observation hill, it is the perfect place for the sunset and Sun Rise as those warm sun Rays illuminate and brighten the whole undulating plain of the Amboseli National Park. 

5.) The Wildlife at the Amboseli National Park.

Herd of Elephants at Amboseli National Park
A herd of Elephants at Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is well known for the Elephants, tourists flock to the park in search of these gigantic tusked Giants, they are mostly submerged at En Kongu during the day.

These Amboseli Giants are very relaxed around tour Vans or let`s just say vehicles unlike the other elephants in the other Parks.

Apart from the Elephants we still have the Big five (Did you know where the Name Big Five originated from? Well, the colonial hunters used to refer to the five most dangerous animals to hunt on foot, hence “The Big Five” I just hope they had found out this the hard way) except the Rhino which has become extinct in recent times in Amboseli National Park.

Which animals are the most popular in Amboseli National Park?

The Elephants, whom I think they own the park, The Buffalos, The Giraffes whom I tend to fancy, The Beautiful Zebras, Hyenas, and the wildebeest, please note these are not the Masai Mara Migrating Wildebeest.

The Occasional

King Lion, fits in this category, it is unlikely you will miss lions but they are not as abundant as the above list.

Rare Animals at Amboseli National Park.

Count yourself lucky if you happen to spot these animals at Amboseli National Park, mostly the two Cats, which are The Leopard, Cheetah, and Wild dog.

4.) Photography.

Male Impala at Amboseli National Park
Male Impala at Amboseli National Park

I don`t know if there is any other park that beats Amboseli National Park other than Masai Mara National Reserve.

The Mount Kilimanjaro Back Drop, the abundant wildlife and especially the gigantic Elephants.

At a close and personal Interactions capture these owners of the park as they cross the pathways in Majestic way. Funnily most of the time when in good mood they will pose for clicks, remember elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on Earth Read Elephant Facts. I suppose they are used to tourists, taking photos.

3.) Game Drive at Amboseli National Park Safari.

The Perfect Game Drive
The Perfect Game Drive

One of the many reasons I never get enough of Amboseli Safari is the Game Drives.

Let me give you my perfect itinerary, which you can use or request your Tour Operator to use.

Day 1. Nairobi – Amboseli National Park.

You will depart Nairobi to Amboseli from 7: 00 AM. You will be picked from your hotel after breakfast and drive to Amboseli National Park.

A 4 to 5 hours drive depending on the traffic, the roads are better as compared to Masai Mara National Reserve.

You will arrive in time for lunch, check-in your Camp or Lodge.

Have your Lunch, rest maybe do swimming as you wait for 4:00 PM to do the interesting game drive, which is usually 2 hours then go back to your Camp/Lodge at 6: 00 PM.

Bed and Dinner at your Camp/Lodge.

Day 2. Amboseli National Park.

This is my Favorite day, you will spend the day in the Park, you could opt for a packed lunch which I have always preferred.

It is the Day to spot every single Animal, even the rarest like we have seen the likes of Leopard and Cheetah.

On the second day, you can visit the Masai Village visit. The time depends, I mostly end mine at 4:00 PM.

Though the last time I was there, my day ended at 5:30 PM reason being we had not spotted a lion but received a radio call, a kill just happened.

We rushed and the day was made, a pride of lion feasting on a huge Buffalo Bull.

Day 3. Amboseli National Park – Nairobi.

The 3rd Day is for checking out, most of the Camps/Lodges check-out time here is 10:00 AM.

I usually go for an Early Morning Game Drive at 6:00 AM which we return to the lodge at 8:30 Am -9:00 AM take my breakfast and prepare for checkout.

As you check out, you just don`t drive through, you do it in style, you exit with game drives, remember you still have the power to extend as long as you are willing to spend more.

Am yet to pull this stunt though, you will arrive in Nairobi at 4:00 pm or thereabout depending on traffic.

2.) Hot Air Balloon at Amboseli.

Balloon Safari
Balloon Safari

Most tourists think it is only in Masai Mara where you can get Hot Air Balloon, which ends with Power Break Fast, iced by the toast of Champagne. Such an exhilarating experience.

You will wake up at Dawn and you will be picked at your Camp/Lodge and be driven to, I call it “Airport”, you will find them preparing for the flight which starts at 6:00 AM and lasts for an hour or so.

Please note the Amboseli National Park Balloon Safari is higher than that of Masai Mara, so you will need Binoculars but you will have the best view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

1.) Are there Flamingoes in Amboseli National Park?

Crowned crane at Amboseli National Park
Crowned crane.

Bird watchers and lovers hi? I like birds too, I think they bring serenity to these parks and conservancies. Kenya has many bird destinations but Amboseli National Park is one of the best- and well-known bird lover’s destinations.

The boasting of more than 400 Species of birds including the rare Species making it stand out as a bird destination. The species include the Madagascar Pond Heron, the shoebill, The lesser Kestrel. The Lesser Flamingo. African Swamphen, common redshank, Eurasian thick Knee, Hartlaub`s. Bustard, Rufous Chatterer, Taveta golden weaver, yellow-necked Spurfowl, Pangani Long Claw among many others.

How to get to Amboseli National Park.

Amboseli is accessible from Nairobi from either road or flights, depending on which option you choose.

Amboseli National Park is not only accessible from Nairobi, but you can also get to this park from other neighboring parks.

The likes of the Lake Naivasha National Park, which is used as a stopover to or from when accessing Masai Mara from Amboseli and vice versa. 

Best Time to Visit.

This Park can be visited all year round but it is only advisable to visit during the dry season. Fortunately, I have been to Amboseli during all seasons but I liked the dry months more.

The Dry Months are from June through October, January to February.

The only advantage of the wet season is that; you can have a clear view of Mount Kilimanjaro in the Afternoon. when the sky is clear of Dust.

Amboseli National Park Fees (2022).

There are various fees you need to budget on if you have not paid an all-inclusive package to your tour Agent. Or maybe you are doing self-drive and not using An Agent. You should be ready for the following fees.

The Park Fees which is Mandatory was reduced up to 50% thanks to COVID 19 so as to promote Tourism.

  • An adult was $70 Now $35
  • A Child was $40 Now $20

Balloon Safari, which is Optional Starts from $400 Depending on Season

Masai Village Visit, which is also Optional Starts from $20. Depending on how you bargain or generous you are, remember most of them depend on this.

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