The Crater Lake Naivasha
The Crater Lake Naivasha

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A day trip to Crater Lake in Naivasha, this incredibly beautiful volcanic crater lake tasselled with acacia trees. The Crater lake is also known as Sonachi is one of a kind Saline Alkaline Lake, located west of Lake Naivasha in a large Volcanic Crater, it is privately owned and maintained as a Game Sanctuary as well.


Zebras at Crater Lake in Naivasha
Zebras at Crater Lake in Naivasha

Inside the Volcanic crater, Naivasha. There are plenty of mammals, which include the Giraffes, Zebras, Colobus Monkey, antelopes such as Impala, and Thompson’s gazelle. Leopards are also in the list but they are very elusive, you will rarely spot them, the Buffalos are also spotted in the woods. It has more than 150 bird species. The greater and lesser Flamingoes, though we were not lucky we did not find any, I think they might have migrated because they regularly do. We spotted the Little Grebes, Yellow-billed Storks, African Fish Eagle, pied Avocets, Egyptian Geese just but to name a few.

Crater Lake in Naivasha
Crater Lake in Naivasha

We departed Nairobi for the Crater Lake in Naivasha at 8:00 Am and drove our way through the undulating views of Rift Valley, our first stop was at the famous viewpoint, this is the stopover of the famous destinations in Kenya, including Masai Mara National Reserve, Lakes Naivasha and Nakuru National Park, this is a must stopover, we took pictures, bought some artefacts from the curio shops, just like 200 meters from the curio Shos you will find the proclaimed smallest church in Africa if not in the world, known as (POW) Italian Prisoners of War built-in 1942 by the British colonist. The church has a pulpit, altar and measures 15 feet x 8feet and just like the modern churches it has three exit/entrance doors. Anne one of the caretakers of the church told us that, many Italians succumbed to diseases and attack from poisonous snakes which are believed to be within up to date. Scary? Not a single recent report of such cases. The locals call the place `Msikiti` meaning a mosque as the structure is built in a way it resembles a mosque. This is not only a church but a tourist attraction, if you are going to the destinations I mentioned above (Masai Mara) next time remember to ask your guide to make a stopover, even though many know this is a must stop.

After our short church service we continued with our journey as we enjoyed the great rift valley views before we knew it, we were at the Crater lake Naivasha, reception.

How much does Crater Lake in Naivasha Charge?

Friendly Giraffes
Friendly Giraffes

Price will include

  • Transport to the crater Lake Naivasha and back to Nairobi.
  • Tour Guide
  • A bottle of water

Price Excludes

  • Entrance fees
  • Gratuity
  • Lunch

After the payment we started a steep hike up the hill that made us pant like wild dogs, I hike but this one was a bit steep, the hiking was incredible and adventurous, it lasted for about 1.5 hours. Along the way, we spotted Zebras, Giraffes and several bird species. We did not stumble upon the buffaloes, our greatest fear at that moment, but just in case you do stay calm do not provoke them, I know you are asking yourself, Man how do I even provoke a buffalo? By provoking I mean incase it happens do not panic follow your guide and the instructions he will give and you are good to go. The Zebras seemed friendly unlike the shy ones in the National Parks, I think they are used to walking Safaris, and so is the Giraffes, they just stared at us as if we were part of their family. We did not see the beautiful and cheeky colobus Monkeys.

The crater Lake Naivasha.

The Crater Lake Naivasha
The Crater Lake Naivasha

This was the epitome of the Day trip, finally, we landed at the top of Crater Lake in Naivasha to have aerial kind of a view, the crater lake is incredibly beautiful and to ice the cake. They have slading curved wooden chairs where you can rest and have a drink with your friends. The green lime crater lake looked like a shot in a Hollywood movie. At the rim of the crater lake was nicely built ten cottages for accommodation, though we were just doing a Day trip, I would have liked an overnight on those cottages. Each cottage occupies its own clearing, with secluded verandah offering spectacular views across the Crater lake. The cottages are a picture of rustic sophistication, with elegant four-poster beds and reproduction furniture combined with modern ensuite bathrooms in a charming, comfortable blend of old and new. I think I will be back for a night over.

Five of the cottages at Crater Lake have single beds, five doubles; two are solid cottages, with bunk-beds available for children. It is an incredible family gate away.

We took numerous pictures, and before we knew it, time was not on our side, the plan was we have late lunch at around 4:00 PM at Lake Naivasha and if time allows, we do a boat ride.


Fresh fish and Ugali for lunch
Fresh fish and Ugali for lunch

We left the crater lake having spent close to 6 hours at the crater, by the time we were having fresh fish from Lake Naivasha and Delicious Ugali, it was already 6:00 PM and I knew we will not have time for boat ride at Lake Naivasha. We had our sumptuous lunch; darkness was already creeping in slowly and we had to leave for Nairobi though unwillingly as no one could get enough of this Epic Adventure.

What we Missed at Crater Lake in Naivasha.

The 10,000-acre game sanctuary houses the infamous hilltop grave where Happy Valley’s tragic heroine, Lady Diana Delamere, is buried with her last two husbands, Gilbert Colvile and Thomas Delamere. (For those who do not know Lady Diana, she was one of the leading Kenyan Society colonialists, she amazed a fortune of land through four Marriages. She was also believed to be the only person who could solve the Mistry of the death of Earl of Errol a hereditary lord constable of Scotland.

Then there are the mysterious ‘Caves of God’ in the golden wheatfields of Ndabibi, they are believed to be an inspiration for H. Rider Haggard’s Allan to write about Quarter Main.

You can also go for a boat ride at the Lake and come close and personal to the great and lesser Flamingoes. You might also spot some hippos grazing at the rim and Buffalos coming from Lake Naivasha for a freshwater drink, Did you know Naivasha is a Maasai word “Nai`posha which means rough water because of the sudden storms that can arise.

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