The Serene Environs at Buens Lugar Resort

Buens Lugar Resort near Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Buens Lugar Resort

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places, those who don`t believe in magic will never find it”. So, what am I talking about? After I did this post about Ol Pejeta Conservancy, I got numerous messages regarding accommodation in Ol Pejeta, First of,  there are many houses and lodges inside the conservancy but some requested for an affordable option where they could book in but be close as possible to the conservancy but at the same time the hotel to be decent and up to snuff as well. This is how Buens Lugar Resort comes in Picture.

The Cottages
The cottages (Mr Muiruri Snaps)

I decided to let the cat out of the bag. The resort where am always booked whenever I do Nanyuki county tourist attractions which include Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Mount Kenya, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Ol Jogi Conservancy, Chaka ranch, Ngare Ndare. Nanyuki Show Ground, Nanyuki Sports Club and Nanyuki Airstrip which by the way has 4 Daily flights from Nairobi, Kenya.

Buens Lugar Resort, approximately 194 Kilometers / 119 Miles and 3hours Drive depending on traffic from Kenya` s Capital City Nairobi, Buens Lugar Resort is a hidden quiet, serene and a homely place. Set in a cottage-like design, You don`t just have a room but a home with your fortuitous compound, own parking area and a relaxing flower fenced pre-eminent space. You have a choice of a closed bathroom but also an open one where you can take your shower in open with gleaming sunlight erupting your inner demeanour.

Buens Lugar Resort to Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

7miles to Ol Pejeta conservancy
7miles to Ol Pejeta conservancy.

Buens Lugar is only 12 Kilometers 7Miles to Ol Pejeta Conservancy, I always get up early enough and depart at 6:00 AM after the Power breakfast, since it is averagely 20Minutes drive, by 6:30 AM you should be at the gate paying your Entrance fee ready for the game drives and all the Activities at Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Depending on Activities you have set at Ol Pejeta conservancy, you have a choice of packed sumptuous lunch to avoid back and forth to Buens Lugar Resort. Having a full day is ideal, then end your day and go back to your now new found home. Depending on how many days you want at Ol Pejeta, you can spend nights at Buens Lugar without breaking a bank and have your dream of Ol Pejeta Conservancy actualized.

Mount Kenya National Park from Buens Lugar.

Mount Kenya National Park
Mount Kenya National Park

It would be ideal to connect Mount Kenya National Park which is the highest mountain in Kenya and second in Africa after Kilimanjaro, from Buens Lugar after you are done with Ol Pejeta conservancy or even coming from Nairobi to Mount Kenya National Park, you can spend a night at Buens Lugar Resort to wake up early, fresh and determined to do your Hiking.

Buens Lugar Resort is located just 23Kilometers/ 14Miles or about 33 Minutes from Mount Kenya National Park Gate. See how smooth and affordable is to connect Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Mount Kenya National Park?

Ngare Ndare Forest Park from Buens Lugar.

Ngare Ndare Image Mr Muiruri Snaps
Ngare Ndare Image Mr Muiruri Snaps

After completing your hiking at Mount Kenya, Hi, there congratulations you did it!!, you will return to your new-found home Buens Lugar Resort, probably nurse those muscle Spasms caused by overexertion. The serenity and tranquillity of Buens Lugar will rehabilitate and ease you up. Remember am giving a personal experience on how to do Nanyuki tourist destinations without denting your pockets.

So, Ngare Ndare Forest which is a Lush Indigenous forest at the foothills of Mount Kenya. Cerulean pools Sparkle at the basal of the waterfalls and more than 200 years old trees stretch to form a canopy supporting a rich variety of bird and animal species. This will be your next destination. 33 Kilometres/20Miles and 53 Minutes’ Drive from Buens Lugar. You can decide to do a day trip, returning the Same day or decide to end your Trip, however, Lewa Conservancy is just 18Kilometers / 11 Miles from Ngare Ndare, you can decide to connect to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy or Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy. You will have done Nanyuki County Tourists Attraction Sites from Buens Lugar Resort smoothly and in a concessionary way.

What I Like at Buens Lugar Resort.

One of the main reasons I like and decided to write about this particular property, you will notice it is at the centre of Nanyuki County tourist attractions. You can do all the attractions like I explained above with ease and more importantly without breaking a bank.

 The Cuisine.

The Kienyeji Chicken, at Buens Lugar Resort
The Kienyeji Chicken, at Buens Lugar Resort

You will make an order in the morning after the Power Breakfast, of which you would like to take for lunch and Dinner order during lunchtime. If you are a vegetarian or need a special diet you will be taken care of on a personal level. What startled me the most, the food was always fresh. On the day of checking out, I asked one of the Waitresses how they managed fresh foods and she told me when I make an order and so you know, the days I stayed there I always ordered Chicken fry (Kienyeji) and Ugali, once you taste it, that`s it. You will never order anything else. So, she told me they have their farm, where they get their farm produce, from Chicken, Goats, mutton, milk, Kales, Cabbages etc.

Buens Lugar Resort is Unique.

The Farm at Buens
The Farm at Buens

To get the feeling of a rural home touch, you can spend some time in the farm, you can even join the farmers in ploughing the farm, tilt the land, milk some cow etc., it is such an opportunity to some people who were born in cities and holding a Jembe (Hoe) is obscurity. Due to this, ploughing has become a tourist attraction in Africa, it is a way of nature and culture all twinned together to give you that African touch. This is one of the activities, which are enchanting and photogenic in one package.

The Rooms/Cottages

Inside the Rooms
Inside the Rooms

I call them houses, you will have your compound, where you can park your car, with enough space for relaxing, so silent whereby you can meditate, as you listen to those melodic rhymes from Eurasian Collared-Dove or Clarke`s Weaver bird soaring or swinging in the nearby trees. They have 10 Houses of which two are spacious family rooms. Each with own compound and the beds are in an oak wood-like design which gives you a feeling and meaning of true nature.

Camping at Buens Lugar Resort.

Camping Grounds at Buens Lugar Resort
Camping Grounds at Buens Lugar Resort

If you need to safe more or just meet your budget, they have an Incredible camping Ground, you can use your tents or hire from them, the ground can accommodate up to 100 People at a go. The compound has a raised natural platform a Dias or a rostrum. Where you can address a large group with ease.

You will be shown where to take your hot shower before you could proceed for your power breakfast to start your Adventurous and audacious Day.

How to get there.

You can Opt for flights where you will land at Nanyuki Airstrip or do Road, from Nairobi which is approximately 194 Kilometers / 119 Miles and 3hours drive depending on traffic.


Buens Lugar Resort is not perfect and neither the five-star hotels. However, I always believe you shouldn`t cower a destination because it is not pocket friendly. The accommodation should be the valedictory factor to get you worked up when travelling. Buens Lugar Resort eased Nanyuki county particularly Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

The Road to Buens Lugar Resort after branching from the main road is about 1.5 Kilometers/ 0.9Miles and is not tarmacked but so is many other surrounding hotels but even a Small car can drive smoothly except when rain pounds heavily, only then you will need a bigger car and not necessarily a four-wheel drive (4WD).

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