My Experience at Gp Karting Nairobi, Kenya: Entrance Charges.

Gp Karting Nairobi.

GP Karting Nairobi, Kenya is the first place I visited since the Government lifted the COVID 19 lockdown. I had Never stayed this long indoors. So, you can imagine the excitement I had for stepping outside to do either. Gp Karting in Athi River or Nairobi.

I get a call from my travel buddies! They go like, Yoh, “It’s been a minute since we hit the road Man, where are you?” I was in the office typing and analyzing the impacts of this COVID 19 and the changes we should embrace.

30 Minutes after, am in town there was no much traffic being almost mid-day and then most of the people were working from home.

We link up in CBD. “Where is it happening? Where are we going?”, I asked affirmatively to avoid the next obvious famous line, (Keep calm you will know in a few).

“We are doing Gp Karting Nairobi, Langata Road” I was ecstatic, Gp Karting Nairobi or Gp Karting in Athi River, any can do. Gp Karting has been on my bucket list for a while now.

The day is today and without much ado, we hit the road.

In just 30 minutes we were at our destination. Sanitization of the new normal was orderly done accompanied by a Temperature check. They had stringent measures which meant we were in a secure environment.


We have two Gp Karting around Nairobi, there is one in Athi River Machakos County, around 32 Kilometers or 1-hour Drive depending on traffic and the other one which we opted for, is located along Langata Road, near the famous Carnivore Restaurant. (Go Karting Langata).

I find this more convenient since it is just five (5) Kilometers and 15 Minutes drive from CBD depending on traffic but if you are near Athi River or need a longer drive from CBD then you have the Athi River whistling moron, the choice is yours.

How Much do they Charge?

At the reception we met, energetic, happy and composed phoebe, she welcomed us and gave us a brochure-like, to read all the rules and regulations.

After reading she gave us digitalized terms and conditions, to re-read again before signing and filling out our names. We already knew how much they charged so we just paid, below are the Charges.

GP Karting Nairobi Langata Charges

Children Fee

  • 5 to 8Years Kes900/usd9
  • 9 to 12 years Kes1,000/usd10
  • 13 to 16 Years Kes1,100/usd11

Adults Fee

17years and over Kes1300/usd13

Gp Karting Athi River Charges.

Children Fee

  • 6 – 11 Years Kes1,500/usd15 (Children do 15Minutes)
  • Same Age if they do 30 minutes Kes2,500/usd25

Adults Fee

12 years and over Kes1,500/usd15 (10Minutes Drive).

Please note: Gp Karting in Athi River, Children have extra 5Minutes compared to Gp Karting in Nairobi.

Prices for both include.

  • Driving Kart
  • Driving Gear
  • Fuel
  • Equipment and tools.

So, after paying and asking for all the information I needed to share with you, we were shown changing room.

The adrenaline started crawling slowly, we were to do a race, and I knew I would of course win. We are all speed freaks, I did not get the horsepower of the Kart but it is very slow Picking speed.

The Adrenaline Rush.

Gp Karting Nairobi
Gp Karting Nairobi

Today am breaking the records of all the big boys from Michael Schumacher, Hamilton, Vettel, Alex Zanardi, Danica Patrick and all the other big names in the Gp Karting sports world.

Now we are in our Gear Suit, helmet check, straight we head to a briefing on how to do this thing.

Our instructor Bernard Mudanya was composed and passionate about what he does best, After the briefing on how to go about, those sharp corners.

I knew it was time to perfect how to spin a car like an expert. Ever watched Transporter 1 and 2? Yea that was the kind of vibe in my mind.

So, we hop in the Karts, never driven something so small before. I could hardly fit in well. The last time I tried I was a kid driving those electric enabled toy karts.

However, it reminded me of how we would spin wheelbarrows as if they had turbos. You step on the edge of the wheelbarrow wheel then hold the top edges of the wheelbarrow.

The accelerator was the left foot on the ground and the turbo was your body waist, the more flexible you are the more the speed.

So am here, bets have been placed, but at the same time and more importantly, I wanted to feel the moment and experience the adventure. VROOM VROOM!

 Flag Off.

Bernard flags us off, I have never known my friends could drive this perfectly fast and flawless.

Since I was kind of good at spinning, I did not slow at the sharp corners so, I plain sailed and won all the races.

Were it not for the corners, I doubt I could have beaten anyone, I couldn`t do like full speed as much as I am a speed freak.

The size of the Karting at full speed scared the hell out of me, so I could only do an okay speed.

Karting compared to a vehicle.

As much as the same strategy is applied, having an accelerator on your right foot and the breaks on the left driving a kart is more adventurous than a car.

I could drive the whole day. It gives you an incomprehensible euphoria, to say the least. It is as addictive as tasty fast or processed foods for someone trying to shade some kilos. They will find it irresistible. I didn`t have to give that example though. No Pun Intended.

Stunt went wrong

As we were finishing, I decided to do one more lap so I could pull a stunt and “show off” my capabilities. I did it well until I was about 30 meters when I stepped full throttle.

So, it could pick up well just like a real turbo. As I was about to step on the breaks to spin and this time turns and face the side I was coming from, the unexpected happened.

Instead of hitting the break peddle I don’t know what came over me, I had not wronged anyone that day. I was at peace with everyone, but I guess what we call luck is the inner man externalized.

We make things happen to us. I stepped on the accelerator instead of the breaks before I realized I had hit my friends Kart and I was flying. Fortunately, my friend was not in the Kart.

He had already stepped out and he was watching me, probably wondering why I did an extra lap.

Huh, I was not only mortified but also got a foot sprain and a few bruises, though I did not realize at first.

Only after stripping my gear and walking to the car, that is when shit sunk home. A sharp pain struck!!, we did first Aid, deep heat and all, then left Gp Karting Nairobi. I will be back but this time no stunts.


Gp Karting is such an adventurous sport, it is an adrenaline powerhouse, I would do it over and over again.

However, note that the game is dangerous, don’t pull unrealistic stunts as I did. I am yet to be convinced is fit for children as young as 6 years.

The steering wheel is stiff for such an age, maybe they could have considered power steering for the kids and maximum speed limit, otherwise, I wouldn`t recommend it for children below 10years.

You can combine Gp Karting with all the attractions in Nairobi, Giraffe centre, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Nairobi National Park and other surrounding Attractions within Nairobi.

As for the Athi River Gp Karting, one can stop by on your way to or from Amboseli and Tsavo National Park as it is a Stopover on your way to and from these impeccable destinations.

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