How to make money during this pandemic

13 Ways on how to make Money during this pandemic

Redundancy has been the word in streets across the world especially in the Travel Industry for a while now, people are getting laid off, forced unpaid leave. 50% Salary cut. These caught my attention and I decided to come up with 13 ways on how to make money during this pandemic at least for survival. These are incredible ways which are not a cliche` and applicable to everyone be it you are in the city or countryside, although we want countryside people to keep on doing agriculture just to make sure we have enough food supply. If you want to increase or find new ways to earn that extra coin, you are reading the right article.

1.) Freelance Writing.

Well, you might be new in writing content but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to survive. Let survival drive you, you never know writing could be your calling.

There are several sites for freelance writing you can check on.

If any of the two does not favour you or you just don’t feel them, search on google Freelance writing, you will get countless options, the two are just but examples.

2.) Affiliate Marketing.

For complex affiliate marketing, you may need a website that has heavy traffic however some are lenient and you do not need much, just sign up refer someone through your unique link if the client you referred, purchases service or product you will get your clean commission. For example in Kenya we have several but I will give an example with what I have used before, Kenya web Experts. They host my websites. To get your unique referral link get it here, sign up refer someone and there you can earn up to Kes2,000/$20.

3.) Test Websites

Another way on how to make money during this pandemic is to do website testing, you can earn up to $90 or as low as $5 but most tests are Kes1,000/$10.

A small mistake can make someone lose a lot when it comes to websites, especially if one has an online shop or entirely you depend on your website, so they need someone who is not biased to give the right opinion regards to their website.

You do not have to be an expert to go through the interview, just be honest with the questions that you will be asked.

You can start with;

4.) Sell your Photos.

Being in the travel industry can be rewarding, as much as we are badly hit now. However, there is something you can do with those iconic pictures you took during that Safari; those images are some of the incredible and easy ways on how to make money during this pandemic. Sell them to Shutterstock, Alamy, Getty & Istock.

5.) Clear Out.

There are many items you might have bought or done an impulse buying and you no longer need them especially now, some of the things you do not need may be of a basic want to someone else, selling them on JIJIPAY on a good price. You will help someone indirectly at the same time helping yourself. Sell the unwanted things in your house from clothing, electronics and even liabilities in the name of assets. you necessarily do not need three phones, despite being from the lakeside, it is time to dispose of.

6.) Get Paid by Listening to Music

What a ridiculous way on how to make money during this pandemic, well listening to music can be soul healing at the sometime entertaining however did you know it can make you money? Well, it can but not reliable money but it is still something, half bread is better than none. For example, Current is a blockchain-enabled multimedia platform that empowers a new generation of media streamers. Users are rewarded by streaming from the networks. Hit Predictor, this one you rate new songs, new artist and earn points which can be converted to money for withdrawal or get vouchers to Amazon for your earned points. Around 17 Review you can earn up to a voucher worth Kes600/Usd6.

7.) Become an Online Tutor.

Schools have closed down, education is taking another route for online education if you were a lecturer for tourism or an experienced tour consultant you can take your skills online and tutor your lessons to learners. Apart from lecturing students, you can become an online tour consultant, to tutor upcoming or new tour consultants, you can sell your courses online on how to be a successful tour consultant, give them your journey, let them learn from your mistakes and how to avoid such from your courses. This is a great way to make money during this pandemic.

8.) Selling homemade items.

Whether you are doing this to survive during this pandemic or doing it as a side hustle this has always and will continue to be one of the safest ways to make money at home.

You do not need to rent a space; you will use your house-Kitchen to do all the stuff. It is a perfect way on how to make money during this pandemic especially to my people in the Travel industry, probably you are a chef, you can extend the same skills at home and never have to look for a job ever again, create a brand, that will last you beyond this pandemic.

9.) Create a Gig in Fiverr.

This website may look weird at first but it does pay well, around $100 a week. So, all you need to do is create an account with them, no academic papers of whosoever are needed to be qualified, all you have to do is create a catchy Gig that will earn the attention of buyers, it could be a service or product, Graphics and design, translation, video and animation, programming and many more, visit their website and create an account.

10.) Write and sell e-books.

You can put all your skills together, it could be a recipe book, tour guiding or your knowledge which it is unlikely to be found on google, this can be perfect for tour guides, they have crazy authentic stories, same guys can take you no one will find you. Why can’t you use the same skills and put them in a book? Publish and sell with Amazon, that is a mass audience, it will not be long before you start selling. They will get their 30% the rest will be deposited to your account.

11.) Website/Domain flipping.

I was a bit sceptical to list this option as one of the ways on how to make money during this pandemic. Reason being, this involves selling your domain or Website. I do not want you to close down your business however if you look it on a positive way, you could have changed your mind about your website and instead of paying domain renewal of a website you are not using, you can opt to sell and gain good money, especially when your domain is more than a year old. You see when starting a business and you need a domain, of which many people are doing online business now. You will need a domain which is at least 1 year old for your content to rank on Google, it will be less hustle than getting a new fresh domain. You can sell to your friends or better go the professional way and sell at Flippa. Or Empire Flippers.

12.) Launch a Kick-Ass YouTube Channel.

The majority are spending their time online since there is restricted movement, more than 6Billion videos are being watched daily. YouTube is the world largest video website host and second search engines website after google. Incredible analytics right there eeh, this can only mean one thing money! However, it is not a walk in the park. You will need at least 4000hours of watch time (Just to show you the magnitude of this, I do not mean to scare you though. If you decided to do 4000 hours on your own it will take you six Months none stop to actualize the time, however, create good videos, my people in the travel industry. You can engage your viewers with virtual game drives since many potential tourists will not be flying to that destination anytime soon, you can use your current and older Safari Videos you took while on game drives to start you up. After you have the 4000 hours you will need a thousand subscribers of which most likely you will have the subscribers way before you hit the 4000 hours.

13.) FameBit.

They are the middleman in connecting YouTubers content creators to Sponsors, you sign up for free, depending on your category once you sign up you will be able to see all the available potential Sponsors. You are the one to decide on pricing and how to display the products or services. FameBit takes 10% for their services. They will only take their cut after you have been paid.


As much as this pandemic continues to annihilate our economy, let us not sit back and watch, let us fight back and do something worthwhile. Stop blaming the pandemic for the economic woes, it is better to die standing than kneeling, All these 13 ways on how to make money during this pandemic are some of the best sides hustles with or without the pandemic. You can use these ways to add that extra coin in your pockets, they are flexible, virtual (you do not need an office) and do not need starting capital but your skills which you have developed over the years.

Stay Safe, Sanitize, Social distance and hustle for survival.

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