Lake Magadi, Kenya

Lake Magadi Day Trip from Nairobi and Budget Needed

Lake Magadi Day Trip Preview.

Lake Magadi day Trip has been on my travel list and finally, the day is here, and whenever I have a safari the D-Day.

I always wait for the morning so long that I barely believe my eyes. Whenever that sharp gleaming sunrays shoot through my window pane accompanied by melodic weaver bird chorus that wakes me up ready to trippy Go.

We were to meet at Nairobi Central Business District at 8:00 AM so we depart at 8:30 AM. It was going to be a bumpy ride to Lake Magadi.

I was ready for the African Natural Massage, I always try to be positive, am ever making lemonade and I must admit I like the juice. Huh!

Lake Magadi Signage (Mr Muiruri)
Lake Magadi Signage (Mr Muiruri).

Lake Magadi is located southern part of Kenya and 106 Kilometers/ 65Miles from Nairobi. However, the drive can take up to five hours depending on the vehicle.

It is highly advised to take a four-wheel-drive or at least a vehicle with high ground clearance.

Lake Magadi is a large but shallow lake boasting 33.5 Kilometers long / 21miles and 3.5Kilometers/ 2.1 Miles.

Why is the Lake Magadi Pink?

Why is Lake Magadi Pink
Why is Lake Magadi Pink

The reason why Lake Magadi is pink: The minerals formed by chemicals; the likes of Sodium Carbonates leeched by igneous rocks.

Washed down the valley`s wall and carried into the lake through the hot springs onto the lake’s lip.

When they come into contact with carbon dioxide, they spark as Potassium Carbonate brine.

It is also said Lake Natron in Tanzania Arusha was one large lake with Lake Magadi, am yet to believe this theory.

Things to do at Lake Magadi.

Here are a couple of things to do in the Lake.

  • Hot Springs
  • Swimming
  • Masai People interaction
  • Bird Watching
  • Wild Animals.
  • Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site visit.

The Hot Springs.

The Hot Springs are hot just like the name suggests. It is recommended to do a bath from these springs early in the morning between 5:00 AM – 8:00 Am.

During the day the springs are too hot and you will not enjoy your moment. The water is extremely hot, though a tap to these hot springs is as cool as a sauna on a cold day.

I tested the natural salt and felt like a backwoodsman.

The hot springs are entirely natural, though don`t expect a staycation but a fish pedicure a trendy and ticklish moment for exfoliation by Alcolapia Graham.

The only fish that is Adaptable to survive the hot water, though it residents at the cooler areas of the lake.

Please note before taking a bath or just dipping your legs in the hot springs it is recommended to take a lot of water as the Hot spring water is dehydrating.

Maasai People.

The Maasai Ladies Selling Artfacts at Lake Magadi (Mr. Muiruri)
The Maasai Ladies Selling Artfacts at Lake Magadi (Mr. Muiruri)

Maasai Village visit is popular in East Africa, tourists travel overseas just to have an experience with the Maasai people.

If I can take you back, while driving from Nairobi to Lake Magadi, besides the bumpy ride (African Massage) on the road.

The Acacia trees graced us with an impeccable side view. The area is semi desert-like, an authentic Maasai Manyattas as we drove by, they waved at us and some even tried to stop us to say hi.

At some point, a young boy Stopped us and when we stopped he specifically told us what he needed from us.

Snacks, we gave him some, he was so happy. Said numerous thank you and dashed off, surprisingly he was rushing to share the snacks with his friends, which was noble.

People lets be generous and always share what we have with others in need.

While at the Lake, some of the Maasai Women were selling their African handmade beads, these artefacts are the best souvenirs.

Starting from as low as Kes100 /1Usd, always try to promote them.

Lake Magadi Sports Club.

The Swimming at Sports Club
The Swimming at Sports Club

The club tries to match this gigantic name, it is like an oasis in a desert. This ever cold but homely kind of hotel provides what many refer to as Magadi Oasis because of the large swimming pool.

Which revellers pay a small fee of Kes500 /$5 to cool off at the swimming pool, Lake Magadi`s Temperature hit as high as 40 Degrees Celsius.

Never been to such an environment before and finding a swimming pool and a cold drink was indescribable.

The Sports club is the only nearby accommodation unless you prefer camping whereby a field is set for camping.

The Tented Camps at Lake Magadi Sports Club are incredibly beautiful and they cost Approximately kes9,000 Per Tent Per Night.

Bird Watching at Lake Magadi Day Trip.

Lake Magadi Day Trip (Flamingoes) Mr. Muiruri
Lake Magadi day Trip (Flamingoes) Mr Muiruri

Well, Lake Magadi is home to Flamingoes and other migratory bird species. The climate and geographical Features make Lake Magadi Stand out.

It is only in Lake Magadi where you can easily spot Chest Nut Banded plover, banded parisoma, crimson rumped waxbill among many others.

Wildlife Animals.

Elephants of Shompole Conservancy
Elephants of Shompole Conservancy.

Lake Magadi has a variety of wildlife though not as abundant. The wildlife includes the endemic rare Gerenuk (They are adapted to drier habitats as they can go a lifetime without water.

The Hyenas, wildebeest, please note these don`t migrate. When you move further to Shompole Conservancy. You will be able to spot, The Lions, Elephants, cheetahs and Buffalos.

Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site.8:00 – 6:00 PM.

Olorgesailie prehistoric site
Olorgesailie prehistoric site.

This historic site is worth passing by only 39 Kilometers from Lake Magadi. This prehistoric site is worldly known as the “Factory of Stone Tools” and boasts as the only place in the world with immense numbers of tools.

The site is in a lake basin like that existed more than 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. Olorgesailie has excellently preserved biological and cultural evidence about the evolution of man extracted by Dr and Mrs Leaky.

If you have several Days in Lake Magadi, you can opt to do hiking at Mount Olorgesailie. The Name Olorgesailie came from a Maasai Elder who used to have a meeting with the other elders at the mountain.

The hiking (Ascend takes up to 3 hours of a fit person.  They also have a camping field with affordable rates.

  • Citizen Adults Kes300 Child Kes200
  • Residents Kes400 Child Kes250
  • Non-Resident $6 Child $3

Lake Magadi Hotels.

Film and Music Videos.

Lake Magadi parades its self for being photogenic because of the beautiful landscapes and all the Surrounding pink birds.

The pink-red coloured lake iced by acacia tree gives you a unique camera shot you can rarely find anywhere else.

Several production houses have already been wowed by lake Magadi both Local and international.

The Constant Gardner, which was supposed to be shot at Turkana but ended up in Lake Magadi.

Local Music Video

  • Wyre ft Kalighraph – Hotter
  • Noushka – Mungu wangu
  • TID – Nyota yangu
  • Sauti sol – Oya come make we go

Lake Magadi Entrance Fees.

  • Citizen Adult Kes500 Child Kes350
  • Non-Resident Adult $10 Child $5


  • Saloon car Kes100 $1
  • Off-Road Vehicles Kes500 $5
  • Buses/Trucks Kes1,000/ $10
  • Tour Guide Fee Kes1,000/ $10

Camp Site Fee.

  • Citizen Adult Kes1,500 Child Kes1,000 (Own Tents)
  • Non-Resident $2,500 Child $2,000

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