Nairobi Tourist Attractions

27 Peak Tourist Attractions in Nairobi unveiled.

Tourist Attractions in Nairobi.

There are lots of Tourist attractions in Nairobi Kenya. Being one of the most visited cities in Africa. It prides itself on leading and having the only National park in Natural habitat within a city that needs little or no introduction, Nairobi National Park. One of the few cities which still have naturally grown trees all over the city.

Nairobi started in a humble beginning as a Camping site in 1800 and grew to be the Capital Centre for British colonial in East Africa.

Some of this information can be found right in Nairobi Railway Museum and other museums I will be listing in a few.

Without Much ado, here is my list of Tourist Attractions in Nairobi.

Nairobi Tourist Attractions (Karen/Langata)

1.) Nairobi National Park.

Nairobi National Park - One of the Nairobi Tourist Attractions.
Nairobi National Park – One of the Nairobi Tourist Attractions.

Yes, Nairobi National Park Had to be the one to start us off since according to me nothing more intriguing than this place.

Location: 15 Minutes drive from CBD, Along Langata Road.

What to See: All the big five except the Elephant which can be found in our next tourist attraction in Nairobi.

Park Fees: Citizen Kes400 Child Kes200 Non-Residents: Adult $35 Child $20

2.) David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

It is like an itinerary kind of a thing, after your game drive at Nairobi National Park. This should be your next destination. While at it Read Facts about Elephants.

Location: 17 Kilometers from CBD, OFF Magadi Road.

What to see: What you missed at Nairobi National Park, the Elephants. Adopt and feed young rescued Elephants.

3.) Karen Blixen Museum.

The Karen Blixen Museum
The Karen Blixen Museum

Location: 18 Kilometers from CBD, Along Karen Road.

What to See: Ever seen the movie out of Africa? It is now on Netflix go watch it you will be glued to the edge of your seat till the end, then the crave to visit Karen Blixen will be inevitable.

4.) Kazuri Beads.

Location: 18 Kilometers from CBD, Along Forest Lane neighbouring Karen Blixen.

What to see: Souvenirs to take back home. Get those coveted African beads with you, they are quite affordable and mark a lifetime experience.

5.) Giraffe Centre.

One of the main Nairobi Tourist Attractions - Giraffe Centre
One of the main Nairobi Tourist Attractions – Giraffe Centre

Location: 17 Kilometers from CBD, Along Duma Road.

What to See: I call them giants since they are too tall, I never seem to comprehend it. Feed and kiss the giraffes. Come close and Personal. Tip: Of all the Tourist Attractions in Nairobi. You should never miss the Giraffe centre.

6.) Silole Sanctuary.

Location: Adjoining Nairobi National Park.

What to see/do: Apart from the wildlife animals, there’s rock climbing, walking with or without a guide, swimming at Masai Lodge and Camping.

7.) Oloolua Nature Trails.

Waterfall at Oloolua Nature Trail
Waterfall at Oloolua Nature Trail

Location: 18 Kilometers from CBD, Along Karen Road.

What to see: Waterfalls, 39 Meters long Mau Mau Caves, Bamboo place, Camping, Photography and Nature walk. Read more About Oloolua Nature Trails.

8.) Kitengela Hot Glass.

Location: Just next to Silole Sanctuary and 27 Kilometers from CBD.

What to see: The Scary and precarious bridge walk, swimming, tour to the Studio, the glass art, horse and camel riding. Read More About Kitengela Hot Glass. Find out their Prices.

9.) Bomas of Kenya.

Another Nairobi Tourist Attractions - Bomas of Kenya
Another Nairobi Tourist Attractions – Bomas of Kenya

Location: 12 Kilometers from CBD, Along Langata Road.

What to see: There are daily shows, Harambee dancers, Cultural Artifacts, Research Library and Cultural homemade.

10.) Kibera Slums

Location: 7 Kilometers from CBD, Along the Kabarnet close.

What to see: Kibera is the largest slum in Nairobi at the same time the largest urban slum in Africa.

It is estimated to have a population of about 1 million people within the tin-roofed, mud-caked structures.

11.) Nairobi Mamba Village.

Crocs at Nairobi Mamba Village
Crocs at Nairobi Mamba Village

Location: 13 Kilometers from CBD, Along Karen Road.

What to see: As the name suggests, you will come across these reptiles in a close and personal view. You will get to hold the young ones and have a chance to see the hungry thirsty crocs feed on their meal which happens every Sunday at 3:00 PM.

12.) Gp Karting Nairobi.

Location: 8 Kilometer from CBD, Along Langata Road.

What to see: A world-class Gp Karting track built by professionals. Come have the fun, ride and compete with your friends on these tracks. Read more, how much they Charge and more About Gp Karting Nairobi.

13.) African Heritage House.

Location: Next to AIC Kasina Church, Mlolongo, Mombasa Road, Kenya.

What to see: This is a powerhouse of the showpiece of African Culture and Heritage. If African Art is a piece of your cake. Then this is to go place for you.

Nairobi Tourist Attractions in CBD.

These attractions are right in the MIDDLE of Nairobi`s CBD.

14.) Nairobi Railway Museum.

One of the Top Nairobi Tourist Attractions - Railway Museum
One of the Top Nairobi Tourist Attractions – Railway Museum

Location: NRR is along Station Road, next to the railway station.

What to see: If you want to learn how Nairobi started from scratch to a kick-ass city this is your to-go place. Have you watched the out of Africa Movie? The train featured in that movie is right inside the museum. Remember man-eaters of Tsavo? There are some of the lion claws at the Museum. For this and many more Here is a dedicated post about Nairobi National Museum.

15.) Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC).

What to see: It used to be the tallest building in Nairobi though not any more it has the best location if you want to have a 360 Nairobi View.

16.) Nairobi National Museum.

Location: Museum Hill

What to see: This is the flagship of all museums in Kenya. It is built to showcase Kenya`s Heritage in four segments, which are the Cultural side of the story, the Natural, History and Contemporary Art.

17.) National Archive.

Location: The landmark for many Nairobi newcomers, tucked along Moi Avenue.

What to see: Incredibly affordable for such information you will gather, i.e. the historic photographs, Kenyan crafts and Magical paintings.

18.) Snake Park.

Location: Tucked right inside the Nairobi Museum.

What to see: Almost all the snake species found in Kenya. Since am an Ophidiophobia (fear of snake) I have never laid my foot and don’t think if I will ever.

But if you`re good to go, then all the best. Snake Park is one of the most sought tourist Attractions in Nairobi.

19.) Nairobi Gallery.

Location: Tucked at the intersection of Kenyatta Avenue/Uhuru Highway.

What to see: Built-in 1913, it used to be PC`s office. You will be able to see Mumbi Collections

20.) Kenya National Theatre.

Location: 2 Kilometers from CBD, Along Harry Thuku Road.

What to see: Do you want to see Art? In terms of acting in a well set up theatre? Then this is your to-go place.

21.) Jamia Mosque.

Location: Tucked right in the middle of the city, Along Banda Street.

What to see: It was built in 1903 and it is the biggest mosque in Kenya. Not really a must-visit site but it is worth passing by.

22.) Central Park.

Location: Kenyatta Avenue.

What to see:  A monument, this is an ideal place to rest with your friends, it is free and some of the other time in Nairobi is worth a visit.

23.) August 7th Memorial Park.

Location: Tucked in the middle of the City, Moi Avenue/Hail Selassie Junction.

What to see: It is a memorial park for the bomb blast that happened on 7th August 1998. You will see what transpired on that fateful day.

Nairobi tourist attractions (Kiambu).

24.) Paradise Lost.

Location: Tucked in Kiambu, 13 Kilometers from CBD, Nairobi Kenya.

What to See: The most intriguing is the Mau Mau Caves, Nature trails, fishing, boat ride, horse riding and kids will be well taken care of with numerous games.

25.) Karura Forest.

Location: Tucked in Kiambu,6.5 Kilometers from CBD, Along Limuru Road.

What to see: One of the largest urban forests in the world. Birding and animal sighting, Plants and vegetation tours, History and culture, Bike riding, Nature walk, Dog Walking on Leash, planting trees among other activities.

26.) Fairview Coffee Estate.

Location: Tucked off Kiambu road, 15 Kilometers from CBD.

What to see: Get to enjoy their premium Coffee, Engaging coffee farm tours, Beautiful landscapes, Expert production procedures and get to buy their affordable premium coffee.

27.) Shopping Malls.

A section of Two Rivers Mall
A section of Two Rivers Mall

Nairobi Real Estate is on another level, Malls are popping out every other day and tell you what? You have a wide range of malls to choose from for your Shopping. They come in handy after exploring Tourist Attractions in Nairobi.

Just to mention a few new some of the Nairobi Tourist Attractions.

  • Sarit Centre
  • West Gate Mall
  • Yaya Centre
  • Rosslyn Riviera
  • Galleria Mall
  • The Hub Karen
  • Two Rivers Mall.

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