Beard Care Tips when travelling

5 Beard care tips when travelling. The Complete Kit

Beard care tips when travelling.

One of my ardent readers asked me, to write about “Beard Care Tips While Travelling”. Now, mine is a goatee which I do take care of not only when travelling but also every other time.

Whether you have a short boxed beard, Balbo Beard, Mutton Chops or the coveted Hipster Beard.

You can use my tips when travelling for a long or short Safari to keep your beards well-groomed.

If beards are not your thing, well it’s okay to be bald after all in the corporate world they prefer it that way.

However, keep it here at some point I know you will embrace beards and join our WhatsApp Beards Group Lol.

As for the ladies, grab one or two tips for your man.

I will be brief and to the point regarding the Beard Tips while travelling. Without much ado, shall we?

1.) Beard Shampoo or Soap (+ Conditioner).

Beard Kit it is easier to buy all together instead of one by one
Beard Kit, it is easier to buy all together instead of one by one

Well, which of these two should you use? Shampoo or Beard Soap? This will depend on the length of your Beards.

Short beards are better suited with Beard soap while the longer beards Shampoo is more ideal.

They are long enough and considered head hair. After all, it all makes sense to use Shampoo on them.

Is it okay to use regular Shampoo to wash my Beards? No, it is not okay, that regular shampoo was never made in mind with a beard Scalp.

So, what happens if I wash anyway. The regular shampoo will dehydrate your beard skin and make your beards dry, itchy and an oasis of dandruff.

Do you want that? I thought so, you don`t want such embarrassments.

This is one of the main Beard care tips when travelling since some hotels provide free shampoo in their toiletries and you could be tempted to use it.

Should I use my beard Shampoo or Beard Soap daily? Not really, you can use them once in a couple of days.

For example, if I am doing a 3Days Safari. I can only use it on the day of departure and no need to pack it.

Check prices on Amazon, it is cheaper and easier to buy the kit instead of one by one.

2.) Beard Oil.

One of the main Beard Care Tips While Travelling is to keep your beard Moisturized. Your beard Scalp is not the same as the head.

The beards absorb skin moisture and if not well taken care of the facial skin will be dry and Brocken.

So, what does this lead to? This is why you see some men scratching their beards in the disguise of they are scratching to think.

Once the itchiness starts then the next thing will be dandruff.

Dandruff is caused by the scratching of the dry dead skin caused by what we have seen above. Beards absorbing skin moisture.

To stop this embarrassment, use beard oil that will replenish your skin below those beards.

Isn’t it funny how some people complain, I have to shave my beards since they are ever itchy? Now you know what you should be doing.

How regularly should I Apply Beard Oil? It depends on the length and thickness of your beards. However, it is recommended you apply twice a day.

In the morning and at night before bed.

Tip: At night after your cold or warm shower (I do cold shower), wash your beards with warm water after drying.

Apply your Beard oil like a boss and the following morning you will wake up to a smooth softer and shiny replenished beard.

3.) Beard Balm.

They serve the same purpose as beard oil but it depends on various factors. How long is your beard?

How dry or oily is your skin? Does it apply as one of the Beard care tips when travelling? Yes, it does because it can serve two purposes at a go as we shall see below.

Beard balm comes in handy if your skin is dry. It is a skin moisturizer on its own meaning it can be used on your skin as well.

If you want to stylish your moustache in a certain shape this is your to-go product. It also comes in handy with your trimmed sideburns. To keep them sleek and shiny.

Beard Balm thick viscosity makes the beards absorb slowly unlike the beard oils whereby you apply and every inch of your beards is moisturized almost instantly.

This is an advantage to beard balm since it will stay longer moisturized than beard oil. So, which one should you purchase? If possible, do both.

4.) Pocket-Sized Comb.

Beard care tips when travelling - Pocket Comb
Beard care tips when travelling – Pocket Comb

If I am going for more than 3 days, I usually pack my Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb to keep them beards straight. Being smart doesn`t commensurate effeminacy but class and decency.

Nothing shaggier than unkempt beards. You would rather go bald if you feel like this is too much work to keep them looking good.

This comb comes in handy for detangling any pesky knots. You may decide to purchase that will serve your head hair at the same time as your beards.

5.) Travel Beard Trimmer.

Beard care tips when travelling - Mini Beard Trimmer
Beard care tips when travelling – Mini Beard Trimmer

Have you ever cheated on your Barbar? Huh, it feels bad. Whenever I am travelling for a long haul, I always carry my beard trimmer.

Although my beards are not as notorious as those beards which need trimming after every two days. I can stay for a week or so without trimming them.

Sometimes you may be too busy to go to your barber for trimming and this travel beard trimmer comes in handy. Especially this pandemic period.


This Beard Care Tips While Travelling will psyche you to never let that pesky beard make you look like a caveman while on Safari.

Stand tall with a well-groomed beard and never let your enigma as a man fail in front of anyone.

Women have flawless hair as their to-go goal and so should your beards. Take care of it, embrace it and make it a routine to stay smart and Sharp.

“No matter what kind of a bearded man you`re for goodness sake be a polished one”

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