Oloolua Nature Trails Nairobi

Oloolua Nature trail Nairobi. Exposed (2022)

Oloolua Nature trail Nairobi is one of those places where enchanting nature evokes visions of lush meadows full of brilliantly green coloured dense forest with sky-high trees.

I think I had let the grass grow under my feet. What took me so long to visit this Nairobi`s mother nature huh! I know you can`t buy peace but certainly, you can borrow it at Oloolua Nature trail Nairobi.

I needed an escape from the hustle and bustle of the City and fortunately, a chance came my way.

My friend and colleague Muiruri of Ease My Safari had a group doing Oloolua Nature trail and he asked me if I could join. Of course, I did and off before I knew it the weekend was here with us ready to unearth Oloolua Nature Trail upside down.

Without much ado, let`s dive in and see how the day went. Shall We?

The Attractions at Oloolua nature trail Nairobi.

There are about 5 Main Natural attractions to see and experience at Oloolua Nature Trail Nairobi. They are namely.

Papyrus Swamp.

This is not turf Grass but a swamp in Oloolua
This is not turf Grass but a swamp in Oloolua

Swamps are kind of rare and whenever I spot one, they evoke unexplainable but pleasant emotions. I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in order.

It looked like a crater lake from a distance but the greenish carpet is the algae surrounded by the papyrus. It was next to the picnic site where we had our delectable lunch.

Bamboo Rest Point.

This monocot grass graced by Bamboo will naturally call you to experience the tranquillity and serenity in that particular space beside Mbagathi River that meanders through the Nature trail.

The Wooden Tower.

Wooden tower at Oloolua Nature Trail Nairobi
Wooden tower at Oloolua Nature Trail Nairobi.

Scientist used this wooden tower to study the crowned bird in its natural habitat. Unfortunately, human encroachment destabilized the habit and the celebrated crowned bird had to look for another home.


Oloolua Nature Trail Nairobi, Waterfall
Oloolua Nature Trail Nairobi, Waterfall

The cascading white water from the 21 feet waterfall is mesmerizing and beguiling, to say the least. The serenity and tranquillity in this area are simply incredible.

The sound of the gushing water and the chipping of the weaver birds is all you will get to hear sending you into a compulsory peaceful Mood.

We took Pictures here, climbed up and down the 21 feet waterfall, meditated, played with the water before a group of students arrived.

Since we had our time before they arrived, we excused them and we proceeded to the next jaw-dropping and heart-stirring attraction at Oloolua Nature Trail.

The Caves.

Mau Mau Caves at Oloolua Nature Trail
Mau Mau Caves at Oloolua Nature Trail

This was the epitome, spine-tingling and psychedelic. 33 Meters long caves, full of bats and as dark as Night with a distant acrid and pungent smell probably from the bat colony inside.

Well, one thing you should never miss if you will crawl inside those caves as I did is a good Flashlight or a head flash. The phone light won’t be of any major help.

The caves are believed to have been used as a hiding place for the Mau Mau back in the day. Inside the cave, at some point, you will need to not only bent but also crawl in to manage the endpoint. It is terrifying at the same time interesting to crawl in.

Camping at Oloolua Nature Trail.

We did not Camp but I look forward to camping there soon. Camping sites are not only welcoming but also warm.

They have long drop Toilets ready with sitting beautiful Benches and bonfire stations. Camping here looks like fun and I have all the details you need. If you have ever camped here let me know your experience in the comment section.

The Camping Fees.

Kenyan Citizens: Adult Kes2000 Child Kes1000 A group of 10 Kes5000
Residents: Adult Kes2500 Child Kes1500 A group of 10 Kes6000
Non-Resident: Adult $30 Child $15 A group of 10 Pax $80


Oloolua Nature Trail Opening Hours.

  • Monday – Friday          09:00 Am – 6:00 PM
  • Weekend/Holidays       09:00 AM – 6:00 PM

How to get to Oloolua Nature Trail from City Centre.

Oloolua Nature trail is exactly 18 Kilometers from Nairobi CBD. Located in the serene leafy suburbs of Karen. You can access the place in two ways from Nairobi CBD. Either by: –

Private: We used private means; this is the route we used. We hit Uhuru highway all through to Nyayo Stadium roundabout, turned right and continued with Langata Road, passed Nairobi National Park, Bomas of Kenya until the Junction at Hardy.

From there you will turn left and head to Langata South Road, connect Bogani road until junction between Bogani and Karen Road then Turn Left your destination is 600Meters from the Junction.

Public Means: Do you want to experience the vibrant Kenyan Matatu Culture? Then this is your means to Oloolua Nature Trail Nairobi. It is not only affordable but also engrossing and engaging.

You will get number 24 from the city centre and all you need to remember is your stage the junction between Bogani and Karen Road, your destination will be on your left about 600 Meters. Or rather just tell your driver or conductor your destination and you`re all set.

 Oloolua Nature Trail Map.

Oloolua Nature Trail Map
Oloolua Nature Trail Map

As much as you will have the Map, you will still get lost a little but it is part of the adventure. As for our case, we got lost on purpose.

The distance walk stretch is around 5kilometers.

Lunch at Oloolua Nature Trail.

Our Delectable Lunch - Image Muiruri
Our Delectable Lunch – Image Muiruri

First off, you will need snacks if you know you can’t keep up until lunchtime which may come late.

Our timely Chef Reagan didn`t disappoint as you can see, he prepared our Sumptuous meal which was ready by the time we were done with the first phase exactly at 1:30 PM.

If you don`t have the luxury of hiring a chef you can utilize your hot pots and carry your food from home to serve yourself in one of those beautifully set picnic sites as you do your Hiking.

It is a good thing they allow you to carry food and drinks both soft and hard. (Please leave only your footprints).

Entertainment at Oloolua Nature Trail.

The WaterProof Herman Kardon Studio 6
The WaterProof Herman Kardon Studio 6

We started with a warm-up team building which was fun and engaging. We also had Herman Kardon Speakers onboard. The music was so nice that we danced all the way apart from the places we needed our serene silence.

Professional Photography fees.

This is usually for a wedding photo session and commercial photo/video Recording.

  • Wedding Photo Session                  –  Kes7,000
  • Commercial Photo/ Video Recording – Kes10,000

Please note: Prices may change without prior notice contact them for the exact quote this is just for guidance.

Does Oloolua Nature Trails Allow Pets?

I saw countless pets. It is an ideal place for walking your dog in those therapeutic thick serene forest.

So, the answer is yes they allow pets at no extra charge. However, don’t let them roam freely. You’re in a public space.

What to Pack while Going to Oloolua Nature Trail.

  • Flash Light or Head Light – You will need this in the caves, remember we learned that it is as dark as the night. Get it on Jumia or Amazon
  • Bluetooth Speakers – As much as you will need to enjoy the serene silence and whistles of the trees and weaver birds. Herman Kardon will come in hardy especially during the walk or team building. Herman Kardon The other option, if you`re slightly below budget, is JBL Charge 4 get it on Jumia Or Amazon
  • Shoes with Grip – Try and have shoes that not only have that desired grip but are also breathable and light. Some of the pathways are too steep and you can easily trip if you have the wrong shoe game. Get Merrel Hiking Shoes on Amazon or Skyview Boots on Jumia.
  • Fleece Jacket – It is in the forest and rain is inevitable at any given time. Though it did not rain when we visited but the previous day it had heavily. Get Fleece Jacket on Amazon or Jumia
  • Camera – Capture those memories that will stay generation after generation, thanks to technology we can keep our pics in soft copies unlike in the ’80s. Get a Canon EOS 2000D on Amazon.
  • Refillable Water Bottle – Water is in plenty after all forests and mountains are the sources of water. Your water bottle will come in handy since you will be dehydrated.
  • Bikes – If you`re a mountain bike person I encourage you to carry yours since it is free.

Do you have any compelling question? Let’s interact in the comment section.

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