wildlife animal names in Swahili

71 wildlife animal names in Swahili. The Ultimate Safari Guide

Planning a safari to East Africa? So, You have already known some Swahili words like Jambo to mean Hello and you think you`re ready to go? Well, not so fast, hold your horses. Most probably you`re coming for a Safari, how about knowing a few wildlife animal names in Swahili?

These safari animals names in Swahili are not only riveting but also engrossing and easy to remember.

Most of the Swahili words are a single name and are pronounced just the way they are. No complication of things like silent “R” or “Q`s”.

For Example, a Lion is known as Simba, this is how you pronounce Simba [SIM] + [BUH]. You see, it is all a palpable and graspable Language.

Without much ado here is the list.

The Big Five animals.

The Big 5 Animals -wildlife animal names in Swahili
The Big 5 Animals -wildlife animal names in Swahili

These are every Safari goer goal to spot the Big Five Animals and here are the Swahili Names. Surprise your guide. At least grasp one or two wildlife animal names in Swahili. Better if you can take them all.

  1. Lion – Simba.
  2. Rhino – Kifaru.
  3. Leopard – Chui.
  4. Buffalo – Nyati.
  5. Elephant – Ndovu or Tembo.

The Small Five Animals.

The Small 5 Animals - wildlife animal names in swahili
The Small 5 Animals – wildlife animal names in Swahili

Probably you are hearing this for the first time. Yes, we have the small five animals which are quite interesting and engaging. Surprisingly they tag the first name and kind of look like the Big five. Let`s see what we have.

  1. Ant Lion – Mchwa Simba.
  2. Rhino Beetle – Kifaru Mende.
  3. Leopard Tortoise – Chuo wa Chungu.
  4. Buffalo Weavers – Wafumaji wa Nyati.
  5. Elephant Shrew – Sengi.

Samburu Special Five Animals.

Special 5 Animals in swahili
Special 5 Animals in Swahili

It seems like the wildlife likes number 5. There are the special 5 animals which mostly reside in Samburu National Reserve. Read more about Special five.

  1. Somali Ostrich – Mbuni wa Somalia.
  2. Beisa Oryx – Choroa.
  3. Gerenuk Antelope – Swala Twiga.
  4. Reticulated Giraffe – Twiga Kaure.
  5. Grevy Zebra – Punda Milia Kubwa.

The Ugly Five animals.

The Book- Ugly five Animals
The Book- Ugly five Animals

They inspired Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler to write a picturesque book about them. You can get the book here. It is a funny lot; these animals always enliven me especially the warthog and the limping Hyena Huh. Here`s the full list of the wildlife animal names in Swahili which are the ugly five.

  1. Hyena – Fisi.
  2. Warthog – Ngiri.
  3. Wildebeest – Nyumbu.
  4. Marabou Stork – korongo.
  5. Vulture – Samba.

The Shy Five Animals.

Shy Five Animals
Shy Five Animals

Meerkat is my favourite; you will rarely see these animals and if you happen to. They will be trying their best to run away from you. Not even eye contact. I wonder if they are shy amongst themselves.

  1. Meerkat – Nguchiro.
  2. Porcupine – Nungu.
  3. Aardvark – Muhanga.
  4. Aardwolf – Mbwa mwitu.
  5. Bat Eared Fox – Mbeha Maskio.

The Deadliest Land Mammal in Africa.

Hippo - wildlife animal names in Swahili
Hippo – wildlife animal names in Swahili

He may not be that famous but according to research, they kill an estimated number of 500 Pax per year more than any other Land Mammal. Which animal is this?

  1. Hippopotamus – Kiboko.
  2. Crocodile (Reptile) – Mamba.

Antelope Family.

  1. Greater Kudu – Tandala mkubwa.
  2. Eland – Pofu.
  3. klipspringer – Mbuzi Mawe.
  4. Roan – Korongo.
  5. Waterbuck – Kuro.
  6. Impala – Swala Pala.
  7. BushBuck – Pongo.
  8. Hartebeest – Kongoni.
  9. Reedbuck – Tohe.
  10. Sable – Palahala.

Gazelles – wildlife animal names in Swahili

  1. Dik Dik – Digi Digi.
  2. Thomson`s Gazelle – Swala Tomi.
  3. Topi – Nyamera.
  4. Grant’s Gazelles — Swala Granti.

Wild Big Mammals.

  1. Giraffe – Twiga.
  2. Zebra – Punda Milia.
  3. Monkey – Tumbili.
  4. Cheetah – Duma.
  5. wild Dog – Mbwa mwitu.
  6. Chimpanzee – Sokwe.
  7. Gorilla – Nyani.
  8. Jackal – Mbweha.
  9. Pangolin – Kakakuona.
  10. Bear (Ol Jogi) – Dubu.
  11. Bat – Popo.

Sea Animals.

  1. Fish – Samaki.
  2. Nguva – Mermaid.
  3. Whale – Nyagumi.
  4. Crayfish – Kamba.
  5. Octopus – Pweza.
  6. Sea Turtle – Kasa.
  7. Dolphins – Pomboo.
  8. Shark – Papa.
  9. Nile Perch – Sangara.
  10. Snail – Konokono.

Some of the Birds.

  1. Weaver Bird – Mzingi.
  2. Crow – Kunguru.
  3. Sparrow – Shorewanda.
  4. Parrot – Kasuku.
  5. Owl – Bundi.
  6. Flamingo – Heroe.
  7. Eagle – Tai.
  8. Guinea Fowl – Kanga.

Bonus: On top of the wildlife animal names in Swahili, here are Tourist Attractions in Swahili.

  • Waterfalls – Maporomoko.
  • National Park/Reserve – Mbuga za Wanyama.
  • Mountains – Mililma.
  • Beaches – Fukwe.
  • Oceans – Bahari.

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