Ziplining At The Kereita Forest Kenya

The Kereita Forest Kenya. 7 Engrossing things you should Know

The Kereita Forest Kenya.

It`s Ironic how you feel most alive when your heart skips a few beats. It`s even more ironic when this becomes an addiction. Well, am addicted and the only rehab or therapy is adrenaline burn through my big veins. It was a month or so since I got my remedy, so you can imagine the thirst that was in my veins for the rush. Kereita Forest Kenya was going to douse this addiction at least for another month or so.

We were meeting at Nairobi`s Central Business district (CBD) at 8:00 Am, this is the ideal time if you intend to do all the activities at the Kereita Forest Kenya. I was punctual since I was looking forward to this enchanting day.

Now without much ado let`s delve in and see what The Kereita Forest Kenya has to offer.

The Activities at Kereita Forest Kenya.

Here are the 7 Interesting Activities at the Forest.

1.) Ziplining at The Kereita Forest Kenya.

Zipline Straps
Zipline Straps

This is the main event here and it was going to be my therapy and I could feel thrush of blood starting to rush through my veins as I signed for the indemnity forms just in case.

After the signing I proceeded to the demo, this is where you are shown how to do Ziplining.

Just tuck your legs or is it knees up and let loose, listen to the whistling of the zipline as you fly away just like a real pro.

The demo for safety precaution took about 30Minutes and everyone was well versed on what to do to swing smoothly and what not to do to avoid unnecessary stack in between the zipline.

Please note this is more than 2 Kilometers long, the longest zipline in East and Central Africa.

They say ladies first, so we let of go ladies despite the screaming and shaking, they seemed to enjoy every moment of it.

“Please make sure you take a clear pic”. They would say so as to flaunt to their friends on Instagram, Ladies? Anyway, I let you be.

So, I was just smiling and could not conceal my happiness. Shit is about to happen.

The Andrenaline is Engrossing.

It`s my turn now, my spirit brightened, happiness had stroked through like a comet and my veins started to fill up and my heart started to miss the beats just the way I like.

The instructor noticed I was in my world, he tapped my shoulder and reminded me, to tuck my knees up, let loose and use my right hand strapped in a leather glove to break.

If I felt like I was “over speeding”  and more importantly to start slowing when I was about to land to the other end.

Bring it, man, let`s go, off I was released, please note I was not afraid, I have never had fear of heights or anything of the kind.

The anticipation in me for anything driving and lifting my adrenaline from comfort does it for me any time. I said in the beginning this is a pure addiction and the only therapy is me, having such moments so you understand the rush.

For the unknown reason we had left the camera in the car, how could we forget? We had no choice other than to record this on our shitty camera Phones since there was no time.

While in the middle I happened to look down, please don`t do this if you are acrophobic. It may just turn things from adventure to danger.

However, this accelerated my therapy, it was exhilarating to the core watching my shade, fly over the forest at around 80 Kilometres Per Hour.

Before I knew it I was already on the other end, I landed safely since I followed the instructions from the instructor and I did not get stuck in between like many of my counterparts did.

I felt accomplished, my adrenaline was pumped and couldn`t ask for more other than when am I jumping off a flying plane?

Tip: Please book in advance to avoid Delay

2.) Paint Ball at the Kereita Forest Kenya.

Paintball At Kereita Forest Kenya
Paintball At Kereita Forest Kenya

If you are not able to do Ziplining for the obvious reasons, you still have something exhilarating at The Kereita Forest Kenya.

Shoot and splutter, Am talking about Paintball, select your team well and go on a mission, imagine you are going to rescue your Kid Brother or Sister and get on the best gear and duck those “Flying Bullets” just like in the movies but be careful.

Take the precautionary measures and don’t be carried away to start pulling unnecessary stunts like one of us did and had an ankle Sprain after trying a Jason Statham Stunt thinking we are in Hollywood yet we are in the Kereita forest Kenya.

Every member of each group count and how you participate matters on which team will win, shoot or simply be spluttered in sticky paint.

The Maximum number of players is 1 -10 Pax

3.) Mountain Biking at The Kereita Forest Kenya.

Mountain Bike at Kereita Forest
Mountain Bike at Kereita Forest

If you are a bike Lover who likes riding in rough terrain. This needs you to have the strength of bike handling, balancing and resilience.

However, if you know what you are doing, this will give you an exhilarating experience. Racing in the forest in those enchanting routes in a diverse landscape of lush green grass that cover the hills and the winding tracks.

The hook is at the incredible corners and the engrossing bike jumps. Though I did not take this activity some of my friends did and they enjoyed every moment of it.

4.) Archery at Kereita Forest Kenya.

Archery at Kereita Forest Kenya.
Archery at Kereita Forest Kenya.

This was another one, how can I miss the bull’s eye? I did not believe my eyes when I missed it the first time.

I took my second shot. Back in my village, Manza B. I was the star kid, our eye bull used to be a banana trunk or Cactus stem and I never used to miss it.

Even from the furthest point, everybody in my village used to think that I would someday become the best shooter and break records.

It dawned on me practice makes perfect and that consistency is paramount in everything you do.

Do you want such an Engrossing experience? The Kereita Forest Kenya will give exactly that.

5.) Camping at the Kereita Forest Kenya

Camping Ground
Camping Ground

Camp at the Kereita forest Kenya, what could be more thrilling than camping in the forest?

You will connect with nature in the most natural way possible. The Camping is safe, you will have a guard, bonfire and you can order food from their restaurant avoiding the hassle to cook.

Check out time is 10:00 Am and if you need to extend you will have to pay for a Daytime guard at only Kes600/Usd6.

6.) Footgolf

FootGolf Game
FootGolf Game

Golf plus Soccer = FootGolf. Does it Click? It is an interesting game, to say the least, Players kick the ball to score in a hole.

Just like the way you would play golf only this time you will be using your foot and not a Golf Stick to kick the “Golf” (Ball) into a hole.

No Soccer or Golf Skills needed, Go play the game and have fun in the forest with your friends.

7.) Horse Riding at the Kereita forest Kenya

The Horse Ride.
The Horse Ride.

Ride a Horse at the lush green grass in and out of the forest in a different but incredibly thrilling way.

Feel the feeling of a cowgirl/Boy. An experienced guide will be at your disposal to assist you whenever you need a hand in.

How to get to The Kereita Forest Kenya from Nairobi.

Welcome to the Forest Signage
Welcome to the Forest Signage

We have three Keywords, not SEO but to get to the destination with ease. You will need these three words, Kimende Town, this is the nearby town.

About a 1-hour drive from Nairobi. The other word to mark is the Total Petrol Station in Kimende.

This is where you branch off the Nairobi Nakuru highway and the final and most important is the underpass tunnel.

Just after branching off at the Total Petrol Station. After taking the underpass, now you can relax you are already at your destination since the road signage to the Kereita Forest Kenya is well marked.

Kereita Forest Kenya Charges

Ziplining is the Main and most popular activity at The Kereita Forest. However, it has two Options.2 and 6 Lines. 

Ziplining Charges

Please note all the prices are equal for Citizen, Resident and Non-Resident.

  • The Six Line Tour Adult Kes2,800/Usd28
  • The Two-Line Tour Adults Kes1800/Usd18
  • Children under 1meter 40Centimeters Kes600/Usd6

Each has different Timing so book in advance and preferred time of arrival

The Ball Painting Charges

  • Adult: Kes1750/Usd17.5 Child:Kes1600/Usd16. 100 Paintballs, Additional 50 paintballs at Kes500/Usd5.

The Archery Charges

  • Adult: Kes1,200/Usd12 Child:Kes1,100/Usd11

The Horse Riding Charges

  • Time:  Adult: 30Mins Kes1,800/usd18 Child 1,300/Usd13
  • 1Hour Kes2,200  Child Kes1,700
  • 4Hours Kes5,000   Child Kes4,000

Mountain Bike Charges

  • Time:  Adult: 1Hour Kes1,000/Usd10 Child 800/Usd8
  • 2Hour Kes1,200/Usd12  Child Kes1,000/Usd10
  • 4Hours Kes2,000/Usd20   Child Kes1,700/Usd17


  • Adult:1 Hour Kes1,000/Usd10 Child:Kes1,100/Usd8
  • Adult: 2 Hour Kes1,600/Usd16 Child:Kes1,100/Usd12


  • Camping Fee Adults Kes1,000/10 Child Kes500/5
  • Guard for the Night Kes1,000/Usd 10
  • Guard for the Day Kes600/Usd6


    • Sweat Pants or cargo pants (No Sandals, Shorts nor Skirts)
    • Hiking shoes with good grip
    • Hat in case of the hot sun.
    • Warm Clothing in case of change of weather
    • Rain gears & always carry an extra T-shirt

Quick Facts.

  • You get 10% on all activities except Ziplining so long as you are early and on the ground by 9:00 Am.
  • Come with your own Mountain Bike and only pay Kes500/Usd5 for the whole Day.
  • They are opened for three days a week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and all Holiday Days.
  • They have a Restaurant where you can order your food and drinks
  • To book in advance you need to pay Kes1,000/Usd10 to secure a booking but Non-refundable if you do not show up.
  • To avoid the hustle book through Incredible Kenya Adventures to organize everything for you, so you just show up.

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