Beach Vacation with kids

Beach Vacation with kids. The 7 Salient Hacks.

Kids Vacation at Mombasa, Kenya Intro.

Beach Vacation with kids can be wanting. It needs patience, love and understanding. On the other side, it is one of the best treats you can ever give them.

To most parents, a smile from their kid is everything. Many would do what they have to do just to give them a good life.

A family beach vacation is thrilling anticipation. Your kids will not stop anticipating building those sandcastles. Doing the water sports and the feeling of walking in that sand beach.

If it is the first time, you’re taking your family to the beach then you’re in the right place. Take a cup of hot coffee, sip as you take note on what you need to know about beach vacation with kids.

1.) Beach Vacation with Kids- what to pack.

When it comes to a beach vacation with kids. You need to pack only the essentials otherwise you will end up packing the whole wardrobe. Here is a checklist of what is needed.

Clothing – Beach Vacation with kids.

Kids Vacay
Kids Vacay

Sunny Dresses for girls, which are light, soft and of course beautifully flowery Check it Here. As for the boys check this cool, breathable suitable summer wear.

Swimming Costumes will come in handy if you can pack at least two pairs that will be enough to take you through. Remember they don’t need to be dry to wear.

Check this Camlinbo 3Pcs Girls Swimsuits Mermaid for Swimming Mermaid Costume Bikini Set for Girls in the ages of 3-14 Years.

Towels, many beach hotels provide towels but I just don`t trust them especially with kids. Why don`t you get yourself a quick-dry Microfiber Bath Towels with a 3D Watercolor Mermaid Scale Beach Towels? They are stylish and quite useful.

Sandals. You don`t pack closed shoes, if possible, keep it sandals affair only. I find these unisex Adidas Sandals fit for the task. They are lightweight, fashionable, trendy and easy to fit in.

Prevent Sunburns – Beach Vacation with kids.

Sunscreen. The scorching sun doesn’t spare you either the young ones. The weather can be brutal and you will need to pack with you a kids’ sunscreen spray.  It lasts up to 80 minutes.

SunGlasses. Most probably they will see you rocking your shades and everyone else on the beach and most probably they will demand one.

Be prepared and pack them, Kids Sunglasses 12Pack Neon Sunglasses, Boys and Girls, Summer Beach.

You don`t have to pack 12 of them it’s just that buying in bulk is more affordable and you don’t have to budget on them any time soon.

Hats/Caps. I am trying to give you all options for preventing that Scorching sun on the beach. Try this Hat with Neck Flap Summer Beach for Kids Safari Hat.

EntertainmentBeach Vacation with kids.

Toys. You will need toys since they are inseparable with the kids. On your way to and from and during the beach stay.

Even though most beach hotels have a kids club. You may need this  Jumbo Beach Shovels – 14 Inch (Pack of 4) Beach Shovels.

They are Heavy Duty Plastic, Assorted Colors for Digging Sand in the Beach to build that desired Castle.

Bites & Drinks Beach Vacation with kids.

Go green with Recycleble Water Bottle
Go green with Recyclable Water Bottle

Snacks. As much there`s plenty of food in the hotel. You will need to buy some snacks in the nearest town as you check-in the hotel.

These guys eat, like every other minute, they need to be chewing something. Remember the same on your way to and from the beach to have enough snacks.

Water. They will be dearly thirsty. The sweating out of the notorious temperatures and the activities, they will need plenty of water in place.

Don’t keep them thirsty. Remember to keep the beach clean. Only leave your footprints. Have a recyclable bottle to keep your water.

2.) Book Kid Friendly Beach Hotel.

Part of the Kids Club at Whitesands
Part of the Kids Club at Whitesands.

When you’re booking your Beach Vacation with kids you, the budget should be the last checklist.

How kids friendly is the Beach hotel? Do they have a kids club, whereby the kids can have their time while you have yours?

Sometime you will need alone time and having those small guys around you 24hrs can be draining.

At the same time, they also need to play with other kids. Isn`t it more fun that way? Whitesands is a renown kid-friendly beach hotel. Well, there are others but I experienced Whitesands first hand. This is from my experience.

3.) The Beach should be near your Hotel.

Stone throw distance to the Beach.
Stone throw distance to the Beach.

Beach Vacation with kids needs a beachfront hotel, cottage or Villa whenever possible. You can try the cheaper distant accommodation from the beach on your own but not when with the kids.

The distance should just be a stone throw if possible, whereby the kids can always run to build their sandcastles without hassle.

4.) Do Private Beach – Beach Vacation with kids.

Beach Vacation with the Kids-Try Private Beach
Beach Vacation with the Kids-Try Private Beach

Well, it seems like for a Beach Vacation with kids to happen you will need a good budget. I know I mostly write about, how to travel in low budget and how money should never be a hindrance for you to travel but today. We are talking about kids man. You will need to be a little bit flexible.

Any private beach will mean a higher budget than the crowded and cluttered public beaches. However, it is not cast on stones. You can always reduce your travel cost if you apply this ultimate guide.

5.) What can you do at the Beach with your Kids?

Enjoying the Beach
Enjoying the Beach

Do you know kids are more creative adventurous than you may think? They create fun anywhere they are at any time any day. Now think what they can do on the beach?

Don`t dictate them what to do but of course, don’t let them control you. It will be a surprise of how they can keep you busy and entertained at the same time.

As much as am suggesting they have their own time at the kids’ club. Take some days to be and play with them on the beach. It is such therapy and a bonding moment.

I woke up early and went with my kids on the beach when the water had gone for a trip. We collected shells. Our guide showed us different fishes.

The kids had real fun building castles, submerging in the water. Smearing each other beach sands. Competing in running, of course, letting them win. Playing football and volleyball.

6.) Don`t forget the Camera.

Camera Tricks to make it spine-chilling.
Camera Tricks to make it spine-chilling.

NB// This is a camera trick.

I wish back in the day there were sophisticated cameras and software to store those pictures as we do now in google drive and other storage digital options.

Beach Vacation with kids should be a forever moment to be cherished and remembered. If you don`t have a camera you can still use your phone.

Store those pictures for later use. Imagine seeing yourself as a toddler in the beach in those saturated coloured pictures.

In my time 1990`s yes there could have been coloured pictures but certainly, there were no soft copy options to store. It is unlikely to trace a single picture now. Take advantage of technology and keep this experience forever for you and them.

7.) Don`t force them into the water.

Beach Vacation with the Kids
Beach Vacation with the Kids

It may look like fun when they dread the water but don`t force them. Kids love water, they like touching and playing with water.

Just give the kid time and let them come to term on their own time. I can assure you; the phobia of the ocean shores will disappear before you know it.

When you force them, you’re literally discouraging them and may develop more phobia and end up disliking your beach treat.

Bonus Tip:

Beach sand can be annoying especially when it sticks, I know I have been there severally until a friend revealed to me to be using a Baby Powder.

Instead of trying to rub it off with your hand, of which it won’t come off. Just Apply the baby powder it will work magic to both you and the kids.

Let me know your views in the comment section.

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