Travel Gifts under $50 for Men

13 Travel gifts under $50 for men that will dazzle him (2022)

Travel gifts for men.

Men deserve gifts too, there is this stereotype only women should receive gifts. It should come to an astounding end. And for that reason, I came up with this list of Travel gifts Ideas under $50 for men.

It could be your Father, Husband, Boyfriend, Brother or just a friend. Do we even have a genuine friendship with this gender? #Mafisi.

I know gifts are mostly seasonal, it could be on Christmas, on their birthdays, anniversary, valentines or any other meaningful event.

These Travel gifts under $50 for men will be meaningful to them on such occasions, am a man and I just know.

Gifts are supposed to remind you of an event so it should be memorable. The good news is, travel gifts for men doesn’t have to be expensive.

What counts is how much love you put into it. Trust me we will appreciate something simple like a pen so long as you put genuine love in it.

Without much ado, let’s delve in and see what we have in the list of, Travel gifts under $50 for men. Shall we?

Incredible Travel Gifts under $50 for Men.

1.) Shemagh.

(Arafat) Shemagh

I am planning to do a desert Safari soon and I realized how a Shemagh would come in handy. This tactical desert shemagh scarf is one of the perfect travel gifts under $50 for men. I just ordered mine. It is made of cotton, high-quality woven material, not printed. It protects your head and neck from sun, sand, wind and dust.

Check Shemagh on Amazon or Jumia.

2.) Men’s Watch -Travel gifts under $50 for men.

Men Watch
Men Watch

One of the things that intrigue us is watches. It even looks and feels off without a one. The way most women wouldn`t step out without makeup. This is us now. A perfect gift for men who travel.

Now, this SKMEI Men’s Digital Watch is one of a kind, it has Multi – Time Zone, it has an analogue part that will take you back in the day. To make it more interesting it is a Waterproof Stopwatch. You can time yourself in the pool.

Get in on Amazon or Jumia.

3.) Travel Gifts under $50 for Men – Men Sandals.

Dockers Sandals
Dockers Sandals.

Whether is from all-time favourite Maasai Sandals to Dockers slide Sandals. Man, we love open shoes especially for men who travel.

Not a single day have I recently travelled with closed shoes when I am doing a long distance. They are so comfortable and allows one to have feet breathing space. Why not treat your man with some pair?

Maasai Sandals or Dockers Slide Sandals.

4.) The Hammock Swing.

Hammock Swing
Hammock Swing

This Hammock Swing can be used in many different ways. If your man loves outdoor activities this is a perfect gift for him.

It can be used in Camping, relaxing on those beautiful Beach Palm Trees. It comes with Tree Straps. Besides everything, it can be used at home to relax. Hammock Swing is one of the Travel gifts under $50 for men which will make him dazzle.

Get Hammock Swing on now at Amazon or Jumia.

5.) Backpack Bag.

Travel gift for Men who Travel (BackPack)
Travel gift for Men who Travel (BackPack)

Another Perfect travel gift under $50 for men who travel, this backpack comes in handy whenever you have light packing in which most of the cases will be.

This Waterproof backpack comes with a charging port. The backpack is standardized beautiful, durable and safe for the wide and consistent carriage of lightweight products.

It has 2 large compartments to accommodate documents, laptops from 14″ to 17″ laptops.

It has shock absorber padding, comfortable straps and its waterproof.

GetBackPack Now at Amazon or Jumia.

6.) Tumbler.

YETI Rambler - Travel Gifts under $50 for Men
YETI Rambler – Travel Gifts under $50 for Men

We like our drinks either extremely hot or cold. For that matter, you can go for Tahoe trails Hot and Cold Thermo Cup Tumbler.

This Double wall vacuum insulation with additional copper plating allows for extreme temperature retention.

It is an excellent Travel gift under $50 for men since it Keeps both ice cold up to 24 Hours and Hot for 6 Hours.

Or you can get him the Stainless Steel Yeti Rambler Mug. It is a Vacuum Insulated with Standard Lid that keeps his drink hot or cold until the last drop. They are all ideal for outdoor escapades, hiking, Camping or Safari.

7.) LED Beanie Hat with Light.

Travel Gift for Men- LED Beanie Hat with Light.
Travel Gift for Men- LED Beanie Hat with Light.

Unbelievably affordable but incredibly useful for outdoor lovers. It comes in handy for camping, walking safari in caves. When biking or fishing at night.

This beanie comes in different colours around 12 which you can choose from. It has 4 LED Bulbs which give ample lighting which illuminates the path ahead.

Get it at Amazon or Jumia.

8.) Hiking Boots –Travel Gifts under $50 for Men.

Travel gift for Men - Water Proof Hiking Boots
Travel gift for Men – Water Proof Hiking Boots

Another Incredible Travel gift under $50 for men who like hiking. You can get him the NORTIV Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots. Fits so well in Outdoor Mid Trekking and Mountain climbing. Or rather you can get him the Sky View Boots which are affordable and long-lasting.

Both are high-quality leather boots with a rubber sole hence long-lasting. The sole is also perfectly designed for anti-skid therefore your safety is guaranteed and movement is not limited. It can be used even in rocky areas; it is very comfortable.

9.) Toothpaste Bites.

Go green with this Bites - Travel Gifts under $50 for Men
Go green with these Bites – Travel Gifts under $50 for Men

We are trying to keep it simple for travel gifts to men but still amazing. Nothing is more irritating than carrying those tooth Paste in our Backpack yet we can’t leave the Toothpaste behind when travelling.

Did you know you can go green, Eco friendly by having chewable bites that melt in your mouth? Alas, you only leave footprints isn’t that the motto for ardent travellers like you and me?

Toothpaste Bites is the future, so far no reported side effects. I have been using them for a while now. You can TOO purchase yours today and go green.

Buy it now at Jumia or Amazon.

10.) Mobile Rechargeable Pumping Device.

Rechargeable Mobile Pumping Device.
Rechargeable Mobile Pumping Device.

I have used it for the last 3 years. I can confidently say it has never disappointed me. Whenever you have a travelling group, family outing or simply you need it in your office.

It is an electric rechargeable water dispenser. One recharge can even go up to a month, using daily.

How does it work? There’s a waterproof silicon capped button which dispenses water in a single press. Charge it for at least one hour before use.

Get it at Jumia or Amazon

11.) JBL Waterproof BT Speaker Ultra-portable.

Travel gifts for Men - Waterproof BT Speaker Ultra-portable.
Travel gifts for Men – Waterproof BT Speaker Ultra-portable.

If there was one travel gift for men who love music, is this mini Waterproof BT Speaker. It is small but surprisingly with a big sound.

You can clip it on your backpack, belt, clothes etc. Definitely a travel buddy for him.

It can play up to 10 hours nonstop powered by a 1000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. Definitely one of the best travel gifts under $50 for men who love music at the same time travelling.

Get it on Amazon or Jumia.

12.) Duffel Leather Bag –Travel Gifts under $50 for Men.

Waterproof Duffel Leather Bag
Waterproof Duffel Leather Bag

This duffel bag is one of those travel gifts for men you can never go wrong with. It is made of top quality genuine crazy horse leather and waterproof durable canvas with bottom rivets.

The premium quality ensures long-lasting durability. The high-density canvas won’t rip or tear when you put a lot of things in the duffel tote. The quality solid zinc-alloy hardware won’t gather rust easily either.

Perfect for a 4 to 7 Days travel cloth, shoes and Toiletries. I prefer it because I am not a big fan of suite cases even though sometimes, they may come calling especially when I need to pack lots of clothing for a long travel time.

Get it on Amazon or Jumia.

13.) SunGlasses – Travel Gifts under $50 for Men.

Polarized H&M Sunglasses - Travel Gifts under $50 for Men
Polarized H&M Sunglasses – Travel Gifts under $50 for Men

The Picture says it all if there’s one thing am keen about when checking my packing list is my sunglasses.

I have had them for the last 5 years; well, I may have others but I like this particular one. I didn`t purchase them online though but I bought them at Arusha, Tanzania.

I tried to find this particular type, Polarized H&M but I didn’t. This is the close I have come.

Check it out on Jumia or Amazon.

Happy Shopping for him.

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