Villas and Cottages in Diani Kenya.

21+ Top Villas and Cottages in Diani Beach, with Private Pools.

Sometimes it depends on purpose, Interest or Budget whether to book a Hotel or Villas and Cottages in Diani, Kenya.

Whenever I am on a tight budget Villas/Cottages are always my kind of thing to go about since I can limit my budget, especially with what I take in terms of food and drinks.

There are several affordable villas and cottages with swimming pools, some a bit distant from the beach while others are beachfront. It depends on what you`re looking for. Some might not be bothered by budget but privacy.

Without much ado, here are my top Villas and Cottages in Diani, Kenya.

21.) Doric Cottages.

Doric Cottages Diani, Kenya
Doric Cottages Diani, Kenya

I Loved their swimming pool, which is usually naturally warm at night. Privacy is on another level. The beach is just 7 minutes walk. Diani shopping Centre is 800 Meters and a walking distance to a nearby supermarket.

There were no restrictions on swimming at the pool even in the middle of the night you can still soak your stress in the naturally warm pool.

The rooms are neat and well maintained, with instant hot showers, plenty of water and free secure parking. Doric is one of the Villas and Cottages in Diani Kenya sought after by budget travellers.

It is ideal for group gateway, and family (Kids can occupy one room while you do the other one since they come in two Bedrooms.

Their Kitchen is well equipped you will enjoy making your meals. Only time will make you check out, otherwise, you can stay here forever.

Check Prices, Book Doric Now.

20.) Pendo Villas.

Pendo Villas, Diani
Pendo Villas, Diani

Roughly 16 Minutes walk from the Diani beach. These 12 two-bedroom villas are ideal for family, couples and group bookings.

They have a naturally warm private swimming pool and ample secure parking area.  All the rooms are ensuite with instant hot showers.

The Kitchenette is fully equipped and waiting for your arrival. Wifi is provided and a chef can be provided on request.

If you don’t want the populated hotels in Diani, this is your one-stop. Not only affordable but also an impeccably clean facility.

Check Prices, Book Pendo Now.

19.) Diani Villa.

Tucked in South Coast in Mombasa, boasting of an enchanting outdoor swimming pool and unbeatable prices for one-of-a-kind Villas and cottages in Diani.

Ideal for couples, friends or family. It has an incredibly enchanting lawn lush green garden and BBQ Facilities to spice up your stay.

It is a 4 minutes’ walk from Diani Beach. Free Wi-Fi and secure parking. They have room service and non-smoking rooms.

The kitchen is fully equipped and all the rooms have satellite TV stations. The villas feature a 6 bedroom and 5 bathrooms with a shared lounge.

A washing machine is in place and a chef can be provided upon request.

Check Prices, Book Diani Villa.

18.) Diani-Paradise-Villas.

One of the Villas and cottages in Diani - Diani Paradise
One of the Villas and cottages in Diani – Diani Paradise

Located in Diani, less than a Kilometer from the beach. Diani Paradise Villas fulfils the name Paradise. Free Wi-Fi and secure parking. This villa has a beautiful outdoor pool and Terrance.

You will have an ala carte breakfast or Italian. All rooms have private bathrooms and AC enabled. Rooms come in one-bedrooms and are ideal for couples looking for a romantic affordable getaway.

The kitchen is fully furnished with modern facilities. A chef can be provided upon request.

Check Prices, Book Diani Paradise Villas.

17.) Morning Star Diani.

Pool at Morning Star
The pool at Morning Star

A 5-minute walk to the award-winning white sand beach, Diani. Morning Star villas come in 1 Bedroom setup and provide a buffet breakfast every morning.

They have a well-equipped kitchen and all rooms are fitted with Flat Screen TVs. Boasting of a turquoise large pool where you can soak in all day.

Their restaurants serve both local and international cuisine, so you don’t need to cook. Free Wi-Fi and secure parking are provided.

Check Prices, Book Morning Star.

16.) Mbili Kuwili Studio Suites.

Another 5-minute walk to the beach, Mbili Kuwili studio suites are equipped with modern kitchen facilities. It has a beautiful outdoor pool at your disposal.

It is set up in 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom making it ideal for a couple of romantic getaways to Diani. The rooms are fitted with flat-screen TVs and are A.C. enabled to keep you cool.

The terraces come in handy since the southern coast is ever hot most of the time.

Check Prices, Book Mbili Kuwili.

15.) The Diani Pearl.

One of the Cottages and Villas in Diani which has Double Pools
One of the Cottages and Villas in Diani which has Double Pools

Diani Beach is only 7 7-minute walk from this Apartments are tucked in Ukunda Diani and give you a breath-taking aerial view of the ocean.

Diani Pearls boast of having two turquoise rectangular outdoor swimming pools making them one of the few cottages and villas in Diani with double pools.

The kitchenette is furnished with modern facilities. The rooms have A.C. and a shared lounge. They come in 1 bedroom set-up and are ideal for couples.

The beautiful lawn lush green compound is welcoming and creates a serene environment.

Check Prices, Book Diani Pearl.

14.) Aqua Resort.

Located on Beach Road next to the White House, these Apartments have a balcony with a great ocean view. The rooms are A.C. enabled.

It boasts an enchanting pool that you can soak in all day. The beach is just nearby and their food is mouthwatering.

The rooms are fairly large with a sitting area fitted with satellite TV stations. Free Wi-Fi and secure parking.

Check Prices, Book Aqua Resort.

13.) Amber Villa.

Nestled along Beach Road Diani. Amber Villa is just a 6-minute walk to the Beach. The rooms have flat screens with enabled satellite channels. The AC will keep your room cool. Some rooms come with outside private bathrooms and others with a bathtub where you can soak in all day.

Boasting a rectangular turquoise private pool surrounded by palm trees. It is 2 2-bedroom villas making it ideal for family or friends. 4pax.

It has a modern kitchenette ready to be used if you book it today for your vacation on the coast.

Check Prices, Book Amber Villas.

12.) Palm Tree Nest Villa.

Palm Tree Nest Villa Diani Kenya
Palm Tree Nest Villa Diani Kenya

A 10-minute walk to the Diani beach, 4.5 km to Diani Shopping Centre and 5 km from Ukunda Airstrip.

This 4-bedroom luxury villa has a private pool and secure parking. Instant Hot Showers and is one of the few Villas and Cottages in Diani Kenya that can host up to 10 Pax. Quite affordable for its class.

Flat Screens are plugged into these ensuite rooms, the kitchen is also well-equipped to unwind and reconnect with the simpler things in life.

Check Prices, Book Nest Villa Now.

11.) Villa Raymond Diani Beach.

Villa Raymond
Villa Raymond

This two-bedroom villa is about 15 minutes walk to the beach. It has a private Swimming pool and parking.

If you`re two couples or just a family you will have the swimming pool for yourselves since it is a two-bedroomed Swahili Villa.

The Kitchen is equipped well, with a flat-screen TV in the lounge. Each bedroom is ensuite.

When it is hot most of the time in Mombasa is ever hot Day and night. There`s a running A.C.

It has a beautiful Gazebo under a Baobab Tree where you can relax day or night. Did I mention the swimming pool is surrounded by sun Terrence?

A more than a home away from home. What are you waiting for? Book Now.

Check Prices, Book Villa Raymond Now.

10.) Oasis Diani Beach Villas.

Diani Beach Oasis Villas
Diani Beach Oasis Villas

Oasis is one of the few Villas and Cottages in Diani Kenya less than 500 meters from the White Sandy Diani Beach. The facility has four spacious cottages namely.

  • The yellow Villa 3bed rooms
  • Red Villa 3bedrooms
  • White villa 2bedrooms
  • Green Villa 2bedrooms

All the Cottages face a beautiful blue naturally warm pool surrounded by lush greenery. A Perfect place for Honey Mooners, family or A group of friends.

The rooms have been designed in a coastal manner, the kitchen is fully equipped including a fridge and all the needed cooking facilities.

All rooms are ensuite and have a large resting lounge. Some of the cottages have extra bathrooms upstairs.

Check Prices, Book Oasis Now.

9.) Jamboland-Diani.


A 13-minute walk to Diani Beach, this German but Swahili-themed villa has an incredible pool surrounded by lush greenery and a sun Terrance.

It is only 1.2 Kilometers from Colobus Conservation and has a kid playground to keep them busy. Making it ideal for a family.

The kitchen is well equipped from Fridge to toasters. You will get a continental or Ala Carte Breakfast. Free Wi-Fi and Airport Transfers on request.

Check Prices, Book Jamboland Now.

8.) Shalom Cottages Diani.

After Dark at Shalom Cottages Diani
After Dark at Shalom Cottages Diani

A 5-minute walk to the white sandy famous Diani Beach. Two-bedroomed cottages have a beautifully laid-in lush greenery garden and Swimming pool.

You will get free Wi-Fi flat-screen TVs and Sun Terrence. Ideal for Family, couples or friends. The Kitchen is well equipped waiting for you to utilize.

They have instant Hot Private Showers and a resting lounge.

They are also near the world famous and everybody`s dream to go to Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant.

Check Prices, Book Shalom Now.

7.) Sheba Cottages.

Kenya Sheba Cottages
Kenya Sheba Cottages

Just 850 Meters from Diani Beach, these 1 Bed Room cottages are well known for water sports activities such as windsurfing, Snorkeling and Diving.

They are also known for horse riding and water sports equipment can be hired at affordable prices to the indoor guests. The private parking is secure.

They have an outdoor swimming pool which is naturally warm, thanks to the high temperatures at Diani. Ala Carte or Continental breakfast is provided.

Check Prices, Book Sheba, Now.

6.) Shambani Cottages.

The Shambani Cottages
The Shambani Cottages

Just 300 Meters to one of the world’s most beautiful white Sandy Beaches and about 3 Kilometers to the shopping Centre. Shambani has 8 Cottages with a set-up of 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms. Whether you solo traveller, a couple of families or a group all is catered for.

The kitchen is well equipped with modern facilities and they provide a professional chef upon request. Their private swimming pool will keep you company as you unwind your city hustle and bustle.

Tucked in a tropical garden near Mwachema River, Shambani is your to-go cottage in Diani Beach for comfort and tranquillity a rare combination.

Check Prices, Book Shambani Now.

5.) Golden Sand Resort Diani Beach (Beach Front).

One of the Villas and Cottages in Diani Beach - Golden Sand
One of the Villas and Cottages in Diani Beach – Golden Sand

Located along Diani Beach Road. Golden Sand is one of the few cottages and villas in Diani Beach which are beachfront Aparthotels.

The two-bedroom resort is ideal for a family. It has modern kitchen equipment ready to be used during Beach vacation in Diani.

It has free Wi-Fi and Secure parking. Well, lawn lush green gardens and the rooms are fitted with satellite TV channels. Golden Sand Resort Diani boast a swimming pool that overlooks the beach in a stone’s throw distance.

4.) Kivulini Beach Villas.

Villas at Kivulini
Villas at Kivulini

A Three Minutes’ walk to Diani beach and less than 2 Kilometers to the Shopping Centre. Kivulini is one of the most booked villas and cottages in Diani, Kenya. Their outdoor swimming pool which faces the ocean makes the villa Stand out.

It is also well known for hosting events like beach weddings. The sea view from the sun Terrence will blur your city memories and soak you in the world of peace of mind.

The beauty about these villas and cottages can host from a solo traveller to 30 plus pax at a go.

All rooms are ensuite with instant hot showers and plugged-in screen TVs and A.C.’s shared lounge and fully equipped kitchen.

Check Prices, Book Kivulini Now.

3.) Kitu Kidogo Cottages.

Diani Beach-Kitu Kidogo Cottages
Diani Beach-Kitu Kidogo Cottages

Can we call this a beachfront? Just less than 200 meters from Diani Beach. These two-bedroom villas are ideal for family, couples or friends. Having a private path to access the beach makes it even cooler than most Villas and Cottages in Diani Kenya.

Combed with sun Terrance, a fully equipped kitchen and an outside entertainment area with a barbecue Grill Gas. The rooms are well taken care of and are A.C. Enabled with instant hot showers.

They will give you a bottle of complimentary water every day. Cool huh?

Check Prices, Book Kitu Kidogo Now.

2.) Kusini Beach Cottages.

Beach Front Kusini Cottages
Beach Front Kusini Cottages

Looking for a beachfront? It is one of the few Villas and Cottages in Diani Kenya where you will get such proximity to the beach.

It is managed by a Spanish by the name of Pepo with more than 20 years of experience. Your comfort is kind of a big deal here.

It has 12 Ensuite Bedrooms which are A.C. enabled and have a direct sea view from the comfort of your big Verandah.

They have a sea-facing Swimming pool and an entertainment area which has BBQ facilities.

There are 5Cottages namely in Swahili,

  • Pepo (Wind)
  • Mashariki (East)
  • Magharibi (West)
  • Kusini (South)
  • Kaskazi (North)

Kusini Beach Cottages is tucked in Galu Beach which is referred to as a virgin beach with fewer hotels and less explored.

It only connects with Diani Beach when the tide is low. For maximum privacy, this is the most ideal place to hide.

Check Prices, Book Kusini Now.

1.) Bahari Dhow Beach Villas

The Bahari Dhow Beach Villas
The Bahari Dhow Beach Villas

Another beachfront, just 100 Meters away from the clean turquoise Beach. Bahari Dhow Beach Villas qualifies to be a hotel at the same time as a villa.

It is one of the few Villas and Cottages in Diani Kenya. Where you can book a Bed and Breakfast, Half or full board. It will all depend on your flavour.

Each villa has a shared kitchen and a lounge. The rooms are ensuite with flat-screen televisions.

They have 3 Swimming pools for you to choose including a baby pool. If you decide to take their food, they have a good reputation when it comes to their cuisine.

It is well-lit, for late-night swimmers like me. Did I mention their beach is spotlessly clean?

This is a definition of a home away from home worth every single dime you spend on. We only live once, press that book button and enjoy life but responsibly.

Check Prices, Book Bahari Dhow Now.

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