The Best Nyama Choma Joints in Nairobi

25+ Best Nyama Choma Joints in Nairobi

Superlative Nyama Choma Joints in Nairobi.

Where can I get Nyama Choma Joints in Nairobi? The answer to this question is vague and fuzzy. Why? Because you will find Nyama Choma Joints in Nairobi Literally anywhere.

From the roadside, “Vibandas” to fine orchestrated 5-star Hotels. So, how do you choose the best joint? I got you since I have a list of the best Nyama Choma Joints in Nairobi.

Before we disseminate the list, first things first. What is Nyama Choma? This is simply a slice of grilled, roasted meat, the default meat is the Goat Meat since it is softer and more delicious of them all.

However, beef, lamb and chicken are part of the mix according to your liking. The roasted meat can be marinated in either salt alone or a combination of lemon and salt.

Nyama Choma is the unofficial Kenyan stable food. Everyone here loves Nyama Choma and would not go for a week without it.

It is usually accompanied by Ugali (Water mixed with maize flour) or any other accompaniment of choice. Not forgetting a cold bear to sum it up altogether.

Tip: The Maasai populated joints have the best Nyama Choma Ever.

Without much ado, let us look at the best Nyama Choma Joints in Nairobi.

NB// The numbering is in no particular order

Nyama Choma Joints along Ngong Road.

Ngong road is known for car Baazars but apart from that it also has some of the best Nyama Choma Joints to go to.

25.) Jiweke Tavern.

Nyama Choma at Jiweke Tavern
Nyama Choma at Jiweke Tavern

Just 4.2 Kilometers from Nairobi CBD, Jiweke Tavern is tucked along Ngong road. You turn left after China centre and hit Kibera road. You will be at your destination in few meters.

It is such an ambience environment and has one of the most delectable Nyama Choma.

The setting of the restaurant is set in a way that, you feel welcomed and at home. It is a popular joint and sometimes it can get crowded so not advisable for children.

24.) The office Ngong.

An oasis of tranquillity and quietude, their Nyama Choma comes in my favourite Mbuzi (Goat) Meat.

This joint is ideal if you’re going hiking or ziplining at Ngong Hills

The staff are friendly and warm welcoming. I don’t know how they do their Nyama Choma but their meat is always tender.

You will rarely get enough of it especially after a vigorous activity like hiking. Best if the Choma is accompanied by Ugali.

Best Nyama Choma Joints in Kitengela.

No doubt, this is one of the best Nyama Choma Joints since they are flocked by the Maasai and are known to give the best Nyama Choma since time immemorial.

23.) Yuko`s Restaurant.

This is one of the most looked up to Nyama Choma Joints in Kitengela. From the ataraxia to the ataraxy of the place is just on its class.

Ideally tucked along Namanga road, for those coming from Amboseli National Park, this is the stopover to make and have a test of the sweetest Nyama Choma of all time.

The prices are quite affordable for everyone to afford but the moment you finish eating the Choma you will just end up tipping (Read how to Tip in Kenya) the cool and warm welcoming waiters.

Ever heard of, put your money where your mouth is. This is quintessential of the saying.

22.) GMC Fun Place.

They not only have one of the best Nyama Choma Joints in Kitengela but also have a heated pool. Their finger-licking Nyama comes from the nearby Maa Community.

So, ever fresh and prepared by the best. It is a family-themed restaurant with a lot of activities for the kids.

As you enjoy your Nyama, your kids will be taken care of, giving you the tranquillity needed to have a delicious Nyama Choma accompanied by Ugali and probably a cold Beer.

 21.) 034 Club.

The AirCraft turned into VIP Restaurant.
The Aircraft turned into VIP Restaurant.

It made airwaves and trended for a while when they brought a Boeing Aircraft from the JKIA. The Craft had stalled for a while and the owner of 034 decided to be creative and made the Boeing aeroplane be customized into a VIP Restaurant.

It is said only 5 % of the world population has ever flown on a plane but here is Boeing to wine and dine your favourite Nyama Choma.

Not opened though yet, thanks to the pandemic but at the time of writing this article. I spoke with the manager and promised it will be operational before the end of 2021 or earlier.

For now, they have a restaurant that has one of the best Nyama Choma Joints in Kitengela. Their finger-licking Choma is prepared by the experienced Maa Community.

Nyama Choma Joints along Langata Road.

Well, this is another haven of several hangouts for Nyama Choma where revellers relax and chill after a night out.

20.) Pit Stop Grill Langata.

Nestled along Langata road, 6.6 Kilometers from Nairobi CBD. If you want to experience a good Nyama Choma near Nairobi CBD.

Then this is yours to go joint. It is also an ideal joint to stop by after doing the Nairobi National Park tour. The place is usually full so if possible, make your way in a bit earlier to have a space especially if you`re a group.

Apart from the Nyama Choma, you can have fish and a delectable Kienyeji Chicken. You have all the variety but their Choma is simply out of this world.

19.) The Carnivore.

Nyama Choma Joints in Nairobi - The Carnivore Restaurant
Nyama Choma Joints in Nairobi – The Carnivore Restaurant

Probably the most beknown Nyama Choma Restaurant worldwide. This is where tourists flock for a taste of all types of meat which the chefs bring around as shown in the image.

You take a chunk before you finish another type of meat is brought, all through until you`re full and can’t take anymore.

If you`re a tourist and you want to sample all types of meat in Kenya.

Then this is your to-go restaurant, the carnivore. Even the name says it all. It is about all meat you can ever think of.

They are a bit expensive since you eat until you drop. Your Tour Agent should book for you in time to avoid inconveniences and disappointments.

Nyama Choma Joints in Kiserian.

Rather known as the haven of Nyama Choma, so fresh, tender and delicious.

18.) Ole Polos Country Club.

 The Ole Polos Country Club
The Ole Polos Country Club

This is another widely known joint for Nyama Choma. Just 10 Kilometers from the Carnivore restaurant just in case Carnivore is full. It is tucked in Kiserian road, near Corner Baridi. Some 18 Kilometers from Nairobi CBD.

The roads were not that good last time I was there but am told they are now way better. They are not only affordable but also guaranteed of the best Mbuzi Choma, Chicken, lamb.

Ole polos Country Club is popular with the locals and they frequent the joint every other day especially on weekends.

17.) Nalepo Bar and Restaurant.

Tucked in Magadi Road, Kiserian. This Choma Joint has one of the best and tender Mbuzi Choma of all time.

I don’t know how they do it but last time I was there it was all finger-licking, delectable Mbuzi Nyama Choma which was accompanied by Ugali.

It is one of the to-go Nyama Choma Joint in Kiserian.

Nyama Choma Joints in Karen Nairobi.

Karen is a high-end suburb where the elite lives so expect the same standards when it comes to the Nyama Choma Joints in Karen.

16.) Talisman Restaurant.

It is highly encouraged to book in advance. They are closed on Mondays but open the other days from 11:30 – 9:00 PM.

However, they will stay open until the last customer amicably leaves the restaurant. Funny thing about Talisman.

It is a well-known restaurant for Vegans and Vegetarians at the same time have the best Choma in Karen.

They do take care of the two parties equally.

15.) Tamambo Karen Blixen

Another Nyama Choma Joint at Karen, tucked rightfully at Karen Blixen making it a default lunch restaurant for those doing Karen Blixen Museum, Giraffe Centre and Oloolua Nature Trail.

They operate the same way with Talisman Restaurant serving both Vegetarians and Nyama Choma fanatics.

They open at 10:00 – 8:00 PM.

14.) StedMak Hotel and Gardens.

Nestled in the Karen Suburbs, they not only have one of the best Nyama Choma in Nairobi`s Karen but also have a heated pool.

It is all about affluence and good life. Once done with the Nyama Choma you can hop and soak in the heated pool all day.

StedMak is one of the best joints in Karen.

Nyama Choma Joints along Mombasa Road Nairobi.

Despite the ongoing road construction which should be ending soon, Mombasa Road is a haven for leisure and pleasure with Nyama Choma Joints being on the lead.

13.) Nerkwo Restaurant.

The Nerkwo Restaurant - Nyama Choma Joints in Nairobi
The Nerkwo Restaurant – Nyama Choma Joints in Nairobi

Probably the best Nyama Choma joint in Nairobi`s South B. They have finger-licking, Nyama Choma, especially the Goat Meat.

They are diverse and you can order dry or wet fry and the sumptuousness is simply unmatched in the area.

It is famous with residents who frequents the place for the Nyama Choma. Once you do Nerkwo Restaurant.

There is usually no return, it is addictive and they know they are the best.

12.) Kifaru Place.

Great Ambience, cool place to hang out with friends and family. They have one of the tastiest Nyama Choma in Nairobi.

Their Chicken, wet, dry or choma is also on point as you accompany your Nyama Choma (Mbuzi) with a cold drink.

Both local and international drinks. The place is simply unparalleled to no other.

Nestled strategically off Mombasa Road opposite Next-Gen Mall.

11.) Harry`s Tavern.

Tucked 8 Kilometers from Kifaru`s place. You have an option of a delectable and affordable Nyama Choma Joint in Nairobi.

Your accompaniment can be Ugali and a cold Beer.

Best Nyama Choma Joints along Thika Road.

Being one of the most famous high ways. Thika road has tonnes of Nyama Choma Joints you will be spoilt for choice.

10.) Safari Park Hotel.

They have a similar setting as The Carnivore Restaurant, you have different types of meat until you can’t have anymore.

You will also have the pleasure of the Safari Cats Dancers.

Tucked along Thika Road, coming from Nairobi CBD you will exit at exit 7 pass mountain mall then proceed, they have nice signage. Your destination will be on your left.

Their Nyama Choma is not only delectable but also uniquely marinated. This is a must-stop but you need to book in advance to avoid inconveniences.

9.) Homeland

Next to Safari Park, popular with the locals probably because of the friendly prices. They are quite affordable and you just walk in, no need to book.

Their Mbuzi Nyama Choma is not only delicious but also soft and fresh. Sometimes especially on weekends it is usually full and you might not have space but worry not.

There are Options whereby you can walk in and have similar if not better Nyama Choma.

8.) Jambo Grill.

Jambo Grill along Thika Road
Jambo Grill along Thika Road

They are 50 meters apart from Homeland, they are known to be rivals since time immemorial. They keep each other on toes so you can be assured of good service ambience on top-notch and of course, the Nyama Choma is delectable.

Their prices are similar with Homeland, sometimes they will be all full especially end month weekends.

7.) Club Teras.

Located off kamiti road, along Mirema Road, a nice quiet hide out place with one of the most delectable Nyama Choma along Thika Road.

Simple setting, popular with the locals within but also occasionally get revellers from different places.

Within the neighbouring of Teras Club, new joints have come up and you have all the options you may need.

However, most of the weekends the joints from 2:00 PM will be full.

Nyama Choma Joints Along Kiambu Road.

This is another haven for pleasure and leisure and this comes with Nyama Choma Joints which are unrivalled to no other.

6.) Club Sidai Oleng.

The name says it all, it is Maa community-related brought in Kiambu. They lead when it comes to the delectable Nyama Choma joint along Kiambu Road.

The tranquillity and serenity are also on another level. Apart from Nyama Choma, they have options of wet and dry fry Mbuzi which is finger licking.

Sidai Oleng is a powerhouse of delicious food. The staff are friendly and warm welcoming. Local and international tourists frequent the place.

Conveniently Located along Kiambu road next to Runda Motors.

5.) Ridgeview Leisure Garden.

This is the place you get a unique dining experience, a tasteful ambience and a delectable Nyama Choma.

Located along Kiambu Road near the Runda Estate Gate.

It is ideal after doing Karura Forest hiking or biking, you will likely be famished and hunger is the best natural spice.

On top of this, you meet a delectable Mbuzi Choma. It couldn’t get any better.

4.) Orpul sagret.

New kid on the block, they are trying to beat the rest. Their Nyama Choma is simply incredibly delectable.

Nestled along Kiambu Road, near quick mart supermarket. They also have a swimming pool whereby you can soak in all day after having your delicious Nyama Choma.

3.) Woody Gardens & Lounge.

The place with the best country music and the tastiest Nyama Choma Along Kiambu Road. The staff are warm welcoming and their services are top-notch.

Woody Gardens & Lounge is the place you go once and you never top frequenting the place. Simply addictive.

Nyama Choma Joints in Westlands Nairobi.

Westlands has the most popular Nyama Choma Joint in Nairobi, the Njugunas

2.) Njuguna’s Place.

Probably the most popular Nyama Choma Joint in Kenya. You will get the most delectable Mbuzi Choma of all time.

Even the elite and politicians frequent the place to have a piece of their delicious Nyama Choma which is usually accompanied by Ugali.

If you`re visiting Kenya for the first time, this is the place that should welcome you before anywhere else for the Nyama Choma experience.

Tucked along Waiyaki way 20 Mins drive from Nairobi CBD. Just a few meters from Safaricom House. Get delectable Nyama Choma for less.

1.) Maxland Restaurant.

Nyama Choma Joints in Westlands - Maxland Restaurant
Nyama Choma Joints in Westlands – Maxland Restaurant

Located on waiyaki way opposite the Njuguna’s place. The place is not only known for delicious Nyama Choma but also other options of wet and dry fry which is accompanied by either Ugali, Chips or Mukimo whichever is to your liking and interest.


The list of Nyama Choma Joints in Nairobi is almost endless. Every other day we wake up to a new joint. The ones I have mentioned above are the ones I have had experience with. Probably there are better joints I didn’t mention in some areas. It doesn’t mean they are not any better.

I encourage anyone visiting Kenya for the first time to make sure they do have a Nyama Choma moment and also to try these other delicious Kenyan foods.

Until next time, do enjoy your Nyama Choma.

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