This is why you need Travel Insurance

This is why you should have the Best Travel Insurance

The Best Travel Insurance.

Which is the best travel insurance? This is a question I have been getting and instead of answering it individually every time I decided to answer it via this blog post.

Before I could answer, first things first. What is Travel Insurance? This is a type of plan you buy to protect yourself financially in case the unseen happens.

For example, unexpected cancellation of a Trip, stolen goods e.g. Camera Gear. Medical Emergencies travel Scams among others.

More often than not we ask ourselves is it really worth spending on travel insurance? What if nothing happens? Will I have wasted my money to buy my travel insurance?

To answer these daunting questions. YES, it is worth every single coin to purchase Travel Insurance. If nothing happens, the better, you will still have your property and health in place.

And anyway you were not going to buy because something bad was gonna happen!

Buying insurance was just to make sure in case of the unseen you`re prepared and covered. So there`s no point dwelling on whether anything will happen or not.

Fine, am convinced to take travel insurance so what now? Which cover do I need to take? How many covers are there anyway?

Well, let us delve in and disseminate all these and anything else you might need to know about the best travel Insurance.

Types of Travel Coverage.

The Best Travel Insurance
The Best Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can be under several coverages even though this depends on the individual. The type of travelling and how long you are willing to stay on your trip.

Regardless of the factors sometimes you maybe be compelled to take all of them but before that, I shall summarize them and discuss the top five types of Travel Insurance Coverage.

Medical Travel Insurance.

The first thing to do here is to check with your current medical insurance if you have any and inform them about your travel.

Check what they do cover when you`re travelling both locally and internationally. If they have none, this is where you renegotiate with them for a deal (secondary supplements).

You may be required to add supplement costs to get international health coverage. Please note, you may be travelling to places the government has given travel ban.

Be careful with such places as the insurances can be crafty. Be clear of your destination and if there`s a travel ban, the insurance will always have a supplement.

Baggage Property Insurance.

Are you covered
Are you covered

This is popular with travellers; everyone looks forward not to lose their travel baggage, for example, losing $1000 worth of a camera either through theft or damage can be devastating and even spoil your entire trip.

Losing your property on Safari is the last thing you would want but in case it happens. Make sure you have your insurance in check.

I know a couple of travellers who would rather miss health insurance but never compromise their gear. Am not advocating for the same but I happen to know how it feels to lose everything when travelling.

Evacuation Insurance.

What if something happens when you`re on a Safari somewhere in the jungle and the only neighbouring help is the lions and elephants?

Obviously, the roads are almost impassable and even if they were by the time you get to a meaningful hospital probably the situation would have gotten out of hand.

This is why you will need evacuation services just in case the unseen happens. You know all this is meant to happen to people and you`re no exception.

Some tour agents will sell you a package that will include evacuation services at a nominal fee as low as $20 per person.

Trip Cancellation insurance.

How will you convince your insurance you did not intend to cancel your trip? What if they accuse you of intend cancellation?

You will have to be careful with this insurance as much as their aim is to help. Don’t forget they are still in business and no one starts a business to make losses.

Bring a genuine claim, for example, you could have had a genuine medical emergency that can compel you to cancel your trip.

This is where trip cancellation comes into play.

Life Insurance.

This type of travel insurance maybe not be as popular but it involves or is rather divided into 3 sections as explained below.

Accidental Death Insurance – This is where in the line of travel death happens but not many Insurance companies practice this option.

Air Flight Accident – This one covers only the flight portion of your trip.

Common Carrier – Unlike the Air flight, this covers all the forms of public means of transport and pay upon death or any form of permanent disability.

Optional Travel Insurance.

Best Travel Insurance
Best Travel Insurance

Before you can buy your travel, Insurance depending on how long you will stay on your international trip.

It is advisable to check with the following options since you could be double-paying or rather paying something that is already paid for you by default.

Credit Cards – Most of the credit card companies do have travel insurance covered so long as you use their card to pay for all your travel expenses.

Check with them and try and understand what the insurance cover entails. You will be able to make sober decisions about which type of travel you need apart from the one you get with your credit card.

If you like what is offered then you will be all set to go.

Current Insurance – I had mentioned earlier it is advisable to check with your current insurance company.

Some may have the international travel bit and you may not be required to pay anything more. Just confirm with them.

Tour Agent – Some tour Agents have travel insurance included in their all-inclusive package, especially evacuation. Well, you`re the one who pays for it but it comes as one package and some tour agents may not mention this to you so it is always good to enquire and be sure of what you`re paying for.

How to Make a Travel Insurance Claim.

Making Insurance Claim
Making Insurance Claim

We all know how Insurance Companies can be crafty especially when they doubt your claim. Here are some tips on how you can make your claim with ease.

Make sure all your calls are recorded for quality purposes, also make sure to inform the person on the other end.

If making a claim has an issue, make use of social media. Tag the respective social media handles, everyone likes their image clean.

Try to be clear and to the point, the longer you write your statement in case of police the more you will give out loopholes.


Read and understand what you are really covered for, what cover did you pay for? Tell them to explain to you like a two-year-old so as to understand.

Take pictures of your belonging more so the ones you`re paying for insurance with a time stamp.

Note all the serial numbers, receipts and keep them in a safe place.

In case of any incident or theft file a case immediately with the police.

Make a relevant claim as soon as the incident happens when everything is still fresh in your mind.

Rule of the thumb (to any of Insurance, in case of damage or injury of the third party never accept liability.

Get a Free Insurance Quote.

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This is why you need Travel Insurance

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