Travelling is not for you

11 Reasons Why Travelling is not for everyone

Travelling is not for everyone.

This is why Travelling is not for everyone, just because you have seen our edited pictures on Instagram and other social medial platforms.

It doesn’t mean what you see is true. We only let you see what we want you to see. Funnily, when those attracted by our posting move to the same places.

They also let you see what they want you to see and the chain continues.

Don’t get me wrong though, travelling is fun that is unparalleled to none but it is not just for everyone. The latest experience I had was coming from Mombasa to Nairobi by the night (10:00 PM) train.

First off, if you have kids and the elderly, it is advisable to only do the Morning and afternoon sessions. As for us Millennials. If you can afford first class, then it is worth your money.

With that said, let us delve in and see why travelling is not for everyone.

1.) Travel while still young.

Travelling is not for everyone - Image Pixabay
Travelling is not for everyone – Image Pixabay

This is one of the main reasons why I started this blog. To make you travel more for less by giving you all the possible travel tips and secrets to travel for less.

Travel while you`re still young and able, don’t worry about the money, just make it happen. Experience is way too far valuable than money will ever be.

Age is one of the reasons why travelling is not for everyone but this doesn’t rule out the aged folks completely from travelling.

They can but in selected destinations under special treatment and not just anywhere especially in this pandemic era.

#SOLUTION: Age should never be a factor if you never had the chance to travel when young. Choose age favourable destinations and activities and enjoy life.

2.) Travelling can be Uncomfortable.

The Example I had given earlier about the night SGR is one of the many examples which can make your travelling uncomfortable.

Sometimes, we can sleep in a not so good place which we will rarely post but the real destination. For example, you can be in a budget Camp in Masai Mara. (Most of them are good though) but you cannot compare them with the bed you have left back home.

This is where passion kicks and you don’t mind spending a night anywhere knowing your goal is to watch the Wildebeest migration.

Personally, I can sleep anywhere manageable so long as I know the morning after is rewarding. In such situations, some people may not post where they slept but the wildebeest crossing for the gram.

This is why travelling is not for everyone unless sometimes you are willing to spend real money of which I believe you should not break the bank to travel.

#SOLUTION, learn to be flexible enjoy the journey as well as the destination and forget about comfort or better still buy comfort if you can.

3.) Travelling is an Ice Breaker.

Overcoming your fears, I step back and that's it
Overcoming your fears, I step back and that’s it

Change is good but not everyone likes change. Travelling will effortlessly get you out of your comfort zone and if you`re not used to this, then travelling is just not for you.

You may be required to face your fears for example height, talking to strangers for assistance. Introducing and approaching strangers.

While travelling you need to be free, approachable and friendly. Not to please people but for your own good.

I don’t expect you`re on holiday and you carried your heavy heart with you. No this is the time to explore the beach and face your deep-sea fears. Remember to avoid these travel Scams.

#SOLUTION, step up and face your fears by travelling more, embrace them and make it your way of life.

4.) Interest is required when Travelling.

You will not only require interest but also passion to travel. For some of us, it is inbuilt and willing to give out comfort to travel.

Why on earth would you choose to fly out of your Country to go and hike Mount Kilimanjaro? If you don’t have the interest you will park your things and catch out the first plane first thing in the morning.

What will make you stay in a tent while on Safari for like 7 Days while you have a good comfortable bed back at home?

This is why travelling is not for you if you don’t have the interest and passion for travelling.

#SOLUTION, I know if there is no interest it is hard to like something. All is not lost, start with your home town and try to find the passion.

5.) Costs.

You are lucky you can afford to travel the world. How do you afford to travel so often? Well, as much as there are ways to travel the world for “free”.

Not everyone can manage even if they wanted to. Yes, they do have the energy, the passion and interest to travelling but the necessities like food and shelter is a hustle.

Hang in there, nothing lasts forever. You will not only be able to travel but also manage your dream destination.

Check here 15 Tips on how to save money for Travel

#SOLUTION, keep it to this travel blog to learn how to travel more for less.

6.) Discover your Limit.

Travelling is one of the easiest ways to discover yourself, to understand yourself better in a way you would not have if you didn’t travel.

Now, doing all this can sometimes be a challenge to some people who don’t like self-transformation to new things.

For instance, before I started travelling, I was not a good communicator. It was a challenge at first but as time went by, I became a master. Thanks to travelling.

#SOLUTION, discover yourself by travelling.

7.) Independence.

Independence - Travelling is not for everyone
Independence – Travelling is not for everyone

Travelling is not for you if you don’t like being independent. Some people are not comfortable being on their own.

When you check in a hotel and you`re doing solo travel a lot will need you to do it yourself. For instance, you need anything in your room you`re the one to call or go to the reception to explain what you need to be done or fixed.

You will need to book the hotel or flight on your own even if you involve a tour Agent you will still need to communicate with the agent and give instructions of what you really want.

This kind of independence is uncomfortable especially when you`re used to depending on others.

8.) Decisiveness.

If there is one thing a traveller should be good at is being able to make decisions promptly. This kind of virtue is not common and this is why travelling is not for everyone.

Are you able to decide something basic like the dates of your trip? What type of room are you looking at?

What kind of accommodation, is it a hotel or Homestay? Will you use a Booking. Com or a Tour Agent to book for you?

#SOLUTION, be prompt in making decisions, you not only need this when travelling but also in daily life.

9.) Monophobia

Holiday Homestay - Monophobia
Holiday Homestay – Monophobia

As much as some of us may love being alone, some people cannot stand being alone or on their own for a week or so.

It just freaks them out and sometimes getting someone to travel with can be challenging since you will keep postponing until eternity.

To avoid this, we purpose to travel alone and when you get used to it. Well, I can promise you it is addictive and will never stop.

#SOLUTION, try and overcome this by practising travelling solo travel.

Read more on how to travel alone but not Lonely.

10.) Getting Lost in the woods.

Isn’t it funny how what excites us is what keeps them away? Well, some folks cannot stand getting lost even on purpose.

It just frightens and freaks them at the thought of it. This is why travelling is not for everyone. They like “soft life”.

The truth is, part of travelling is getting lost in a new city or better still in a tourist destination, this is the moment you capture the best-unexplored sightings.

#SOLUTION, make lemonade out of the Lemons.

11.) The Media. 

How many times have you been told a place is burning but happen to go anyway? On arrival, you`re in utter shock.

The place is actually more peaceful than your home country. For instance, my country has been a victim for a long time.

Get it from me, no country is more peaceful in Africa than Kenya.

I watch the news at times on CNN but the way they exaggerate things, I can only compare them with a drama queen.

If you believe everything you see on the media then travelling is not for you. These people have to sell and negativity/breaking news do.

Hold on to them and you will never travel.

#SOLUTION, Simple, don’t believe everything Media reports.

Final Thoughts.

Travelling is not for everyone but at the end of the day travelling is the best therapy for almost everything.

If you don’t like travelling then I don’t know how you get to enjoy life. It is all about travelling nothing else for most of us.

I want to believe, everything has a solution and travelling should actually be for everyone. It will be my pleasure if we meet at your next destination after changing your perspective about travel.

Travelling is not for you

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