How to travel alone without being lonely

11 Tips how to travel alone without feeling lonely.

How to travel alone Preview.

How to travel alone without feeling lonely? Is it Even Possible? Isn`t it stressful seeing lovers holding hands and all you can hold is a cold bottle of beer! Is that fair?

Well, it can be depressing I have been there and I just know how that shit sucks. However, you can be alone but not lonely by following the tips am about to list below. But before that, there is something you should know.

Travelling alone is addictive, that freedom is pure bliss and once you get used to being alone. It is almost a challenge to accommodate a partner.

On the other hand, if you`re used to not travelling alone, it is always a challenge to travel alone without being lonely.

Now without much ado, let us delve in and see how to travel alone without feeling lonely.

1.) Take advantage of Group Day Tours.

Almost every weekend there are group day tours organized by various city Tour Operators. The best thing about these tours is they are silly affordable take advantage of that.

In these Day Tours, I have seen solo travellers actually finding and meeting their love life and end up marrying. You never know who you will meet in your next adventure.

Okay, probably you`re not interested in anyone but just travel buddies. They are in plenty and by the end of the group day tour. You will have tons of friends.

This is one of the most effective ways on how to travel alone without feeling lonely.

You can Request which Day Tour is available this weekend.

2.) Intermingle.

So, you’re in your hotel room and boredom starts to kick in slowly like a slow death. Mostly this comes on the 2nd or 3rd Day after checking in. The solo thrill may start to dissipate and find yourself feeling lonely.

What to do? Walk to that hotel pool and pop up a friendly question loud, who is playing next? To your surprise, the most likely answer from them will be, “You’re next!”

Here is a secrete I want to share with you about approaching strangers with ease. Never make it official like most people do where they go like. Hi, am so and so from Country A and you are?

That is cliché and boring, in most cases, nobody will be interested in you after such an official cliché introductory.

This is how you should do it whether travelling or just in a social gathering and you want to approach someone or even a group.

Always Pose a question the way you would to an existing close friend to the intended person.

It could be something like, hi it is too hot today you`re clearly feeling the heat eeh? By asking them such a random friendly question they will automatically surrender their trust and their mind register you as a longtime friend.

Have you ever met someone and felt like you have known them all their life? Yes, this is psychology don’t lie to yourself there is something special.

They just know how to do it well, you`re probably the 50th person they are approaching that day.

3.) Start A Conversation.

After you have asked them the question, they will respond in a friendly way. Then from their talk to them like a long time friend. This always works like magic. Men can take notes.

It may sound easy, but sometimes you find it hard to even utter a single word once in a real-time situation. Don’t worry just practise and before you know it.

You will be a good conversation starter! This is one of the ways on how to travel alone without feeling lonely. You can easily talk to anyone whenever you feel like since you can do it with a lot of ease.

4.) Get lost on purpose.

What do I mean by getting lost on purpose and how does it help to Travel Alone Without feeling Lonely? Well, get out of the normal touristic track and go deeper and actually get “lost”.

Interact with the locals, go and blend with them, you will both love it. Exchange cultural practices and information.

Let them show you the hidden gems in their area where a few or no other tourist knows about. This will keep your mind occupied and will have no time to think you`re alone.

After all the local touring they may even offer to escort you and show you the way back to your hotel.

However, as much as this is an effective tip on How to Travel Alone Without feeling Lonely. It can be dangerous and you need to tread carefully.

Let no one take advantage of you and obviously leave your valuables in your hotel room save and just carry enough money. It would be even better to get lost on purpose with a friend you made from the hotel.

5.) Increase your Endorphins.

Yes, increased endorphins are one of the strategic tips on How to travel alone without feeling lonely. So, find a way to increase your endorphins.

What are endorphins? These are neurotransmitters secreted in response to stress and pain, which we all feel from time to time.

They are responsible for a feel-good mood. There are several ways to increase the endorphins as follows.

Get a Massage whenever you are feeling blue, your “happy chemicals” will be secreted and a feel-good moment will be experienced.

Do Exercise, according to Good Therapy “By moving your body and increasing your heart rate with cardiovascular exercise, you can stimulate the production of endorphins in the bloodstream.

As soon as the heart starts pumping and sweat glands start perspiring, the rush of feel-good chemicals kicks in to reduce the brain’s perception of pain.

However, you may have to push through that initial stage of discomfort to fully experience the endorphin-induced exercise high.”

Drink Wine, according to research published by the Journal of Neuroscience. Taking alcohol or specifically, wine after a long day secretes endorphins chemicals.

Meditate, relaxing your mind in a meditation way produces endorphins and also helps increase dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin. This cocktail of chemicals flooding the bloodstream leaves the meditator feeling calm, happy, and content.

6.) Treat yourself well.

The so-called “Me Moment” are rare and this happens to be one of them. Treat yourself silly. Choose one of the days and treat yourself like a king or queen.

Get the best Massage in town, if you`re in a beach hotel. Book all the possible water sports you have been craving. Splurge like there is no tomorrow.

You will live to remember this moment, after all, we are not promised of tomorrow.

7.) Stalk your hotel.

This is one of my best ways on how to travel alone without feeling lonely this is why?

When the aura of being alone starts to creep in slowly. I stop it at the doorsteps by getting a potter or grounds personnel or just any subordinate staff to tell me real-time stories about the hotel.

These guys know a lot and will give you the information you will not be able to find online. They will feed you with all the desired local touristic places you can sneak in to.

They will also let you know the nearby clubs or entertainment joints and which are the best.

Besides that, these are the people who will give you the hotel`s secrets and it is up to you to pick the necessary information.

8.) Remember you are not alone.

When you think about being alone loneliness will kick in automatically. Don`t sweat or even dwell on it. Deplete your mind as much as it will try to show you otherwise. Read a book, check valuable travel books here.

Engage yourself and don`t let idleness be your jurisdiction, as they say, an idle mind is the mother of all evil.

So, to avoid this find things to do like playing the pool or soaking in your swimming pool where you`re likely to meet other solo tourists.

9.) Take a break from Social Media.

So, how long can you stay without holding that phone? Is it possible to hold your phone but stay away from social media?

This is one of the sure tests to gauge self-control if you can travel alone without feeling lonely. If you can`t keep off social media it can be challenging.

Well, if you’re alone and you really don`t want to start missing friends and family. You should keep away from social media for a while.

After all social media is where you get happy faces behind disturbed and stressed souls. I have never known why they fake it on social media.

They may make you feel like you`re not progressing in life of which you are actually doing better than them.

You will be scrolling down your social media and bang! You see your ex on holiday. Now, what will start creeping through your mind?

Do you see? Avoid social media whenever necessary especially when you`re travelling alone.

Keeping off Social media remains one of my to-go Tips on how to travel alone without feeling lonely.

10.) Stay low-key.

This is not one of the ways on how to travel alone without feeling lonely but it is no brainer, when you`re travelling solo you out to be careful and watchful.

Don’t go brandishing gold chains to bloodthirst criminals in the streets who will prowl and pound on you as a lion does on their prey.

Just the other day in Nairobi, Kenya we had such an incident that didn`t end well. A licensed gun holder was attacked by thugs in broad daylight.

He was donning a gold chain. They could tell from a distance it was a real gold chain. In a blink of an eye, they downed on him.

He was quick and he managed to get hold of his gun, upon seeing the gun they aborted the mission swiftly and vanished in thin air.

He tried to shoot but missed. However, the bullet landed on an innocent security guard.

You see, if he was low key none of this would have happened. And this happens a lot around the world, not just in Nairobi.

Just lay low, rock those gold chains and rings in special events and not in the streets. No point to dress like a celebrity who is going to perform on stage yet you`re just walking in the streets.

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