Best Travel Books of all time.

13 Best travel books of all time check them Now.

Whether you`re an avid bibliophile or Sporadic reader I have the best travel books of all time that will inspire your wanderlust.

At times like this when travelling is limited many people are opting to keep indoors and what do you do when you`re free?

Personally, I read books not just books but travel-related books. When I am not into books then you will catch me watching movies that inspire my travel.

I am used to travelling that if there was such addiction then I would need rehab as soon as yesterday.

However, when I read or watch travel-related, I broaden my imagination and am taken to wonderland.

Well, at the end of the book or movie I will feel like I have travelled and half-solved my travel desires.

Now without much ado, let us dive in and see the best travel books of all time that will inspire your wanderlust.

1.) Destinations of a Lifetime.

One of the Best travel books of all time
One of the best travel books of all time

This is one of the best books of all time that will inspire your wanderlust. It has a plethora of incredible visuals across the world.

It was designed and published by the known world over, Natgeo so you can imagine, okay stop imagining and get the book.

It is a compilation of enchanting Images of more than 225 destinations around the world.

They have compiled images taken by their professional photographers and without a doubt, this book will inspire you beyond describable words.

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2.) Lonely Planet Kenya.

One of the best guide books to Kenya.
One of the best guidebooks to Kenya.

Do you want to get to the bottom of Kenya Travel? This is the book for you.

Kenya is known worldwide as one of the most preferred destinations in Africa.

Beach Safari, Wildlife Safari, Mountaineering, landscapes, and escarpments.

The book will get you to know what to skip and what not to dare to.

It talks about the 7th world wonder, Masai Mara’s wildebeest migration. It has colored maps and enchanting images.

You will be able to toiler made interesting itineraries, navigate like a real local and save chunks of money since you know and don`t beat around the bush.

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3.) Wanderlust.

Ideal for Wanderlusters
Ideal for Wanderlusters

It has 50 wonders of the world; they will take you through and if you plan to ever visit these places you will have a clear idea of what to expect.

From the great wall of China to climbing Mount Atlas, trekking through Patagonia. Gobi Desert to sailing through the Greek island.

Eat your way through, they talk about street food in different cities around the world.

Am a foodie so this was an interesting part of the book for me.

Do you like wine? They talk about wine tasting from Spain to Australia. They will literally take you through these countries in awestruck.

You will get to know the best diving spots and stargazing places. The book is not only inspiring but also entertaining.

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4.) USA Complete Guide to All 62 Parks.

Do you plan to visit National Parks in the United States. This book is insightful if you are planning a trip there.

One thing I like about this book is, it will give you the best spots to visit/hike/site see. As if that is not enough, the book will give you a list of places to stay in the park and how much it costs.

The book will guide you even before you go, the best time of the year and the climate expected when you tour the various parks.

It also gives you places to find restaurants and a list of activities you can do while in the park. I highly recommend this book.

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5.) Drives of a Lifetime.

Drives of a Life Time
Drives of a LifeTime

Also known as the 500 of the World’s Greatest Road Trips.

This travel book is one of the best travel books of all time since it is written and compiled by the legendary NatGeo.

The photographers and the writers hit the road more often than the average traveller.

You can imagine how they have travelled the world and with that, they decided to compile their first-hand experiences in this book.

You will get to know the less explored, the ideal road trips from day trips to many days on the road. You will get to know what to expect and experience it just like a local thanks to this book.

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6.) The Bucket List.

One of the best travel book you will enjoy reading
One of the best travel books you will enjoy reading

This was a perfect gift from my brother (2018) Christmas. He knew am an adventurer freak and this book would mean a lot to me.

You see, in life, you may want to do things but face some challenges for instance many people would have loved to travel in the year 2020 and now 2021 but due to unavoidable circumstances.

Travellers are not able to travel thanks to this horrific pandemic.

Others may be curtailed by lack of finances to travel while or even held up by their jobs but all in all, we have a bucket list that you know one day one time you will be able to travel.

This book has more than 1000 destinations for you. From glassblowing in the Czech Republic to swimming with dolphins in New Zealand.

The Bucket List is the perfect gift for the passionate traveler making it to be one of the best travel books of all time.

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7.) Fodor’s the Complete Guide to African Safaris.

One of the best travel books of all time
One of the best travel books of all time

This is the right book for African Safaris, even though this blog you`re reading focuses on the same.

I still laud this book since it can help you plan your desired Safari in a well-calculated manner.

It can be challenging deciphering which African country you should go to.

(I hope you know Africa is not a country but a continent. (Read more fun debunked Myths about Africa).

The book focuses on East and Southern Africa since these are the Safari Powerhouses in Africa.

They will also advise the best lodges and the suggested tour Operators.

However, just and try and keep it local when it comes to booking a tour Operator. They are cheaper.

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8.) Wildlife of East Africa.

One of the best travel books for African wildlife
One of the best travel books for African wildlife

I count this book as one of the best travel books of all time. I had this book way back before I knew traveling was my calling and one of the books that inspired me to grow fond of traveling.

Wildlife of East Africa is a book that will take you on an exquisite one-volume tour.

Through the living splendor of the main national parks and game reserves of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

If you`re visiting these African Countries then this is your to-go book.

Great images and descriptions of the Mammals, Reptiles and Birds so that you are not green when it comes to wildlife.

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9.) Botswana Safari Guide.

One of the best travel guide books for Botswana
One of the best travel guide books for Botswana

This is one of the best travel books if you are doing a safari for the first time to one of Africa`s leading wildlife animals Botswana.

It will guide you from the Okavango Delta, Chobe, Northern to one of the great gatherings of zebra on the Makgadikgadi Pans.

This Safari Guide book will lead you to all the safari tips needed in Botswana, from the places of accommodation be it budget or luxury hotels to camps.

The animals expected of you to view and the unbeaten paths you will not be able to find on google.

The maps and all the images are colored and are beautiful making the book easy and engaging to read.

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10.) Out of Africa

No doubt this is one of the best travel books of all time. Danish aristocrat Baroness Karen Blixen owned and operated a coffee plantation in Kenya.

After the plantation failed, she returned to Europe and began to write under the pen name Isak Dinesen.

Out of Africa reads like a collection of stories in which she adheres to no strict chronology, gives no explanation of the facts of her life, and apologizes for nothing.

First published in 1937, Out of Africa is not free of the colonial or racist attitudes of its time; yet, within that context.

Isak Dinesen is an enlightened observer and participant as she describes the experience of British East Africa before World War II.

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11.) West with the Night Paperback.

One of the best selling travel book in Kenya.
One of the best selling travel books in Kenya.

This is one of the best travel books which many Kenyans have opted to buy, probably because it relates to them.

It is a story of Beryl Markham who and his father moved to Kenya from the middle of England when she was a small girl.

Upon landing in Kenya, she had a Zebra for a pet, Horses for friends, Gazelles, Baboons, and Lions for Neighbors.

When she was of age, she started making money by scouting Elephants in a Tiny Plane.

She also became the first person to fly non-stop from Europe to America and East to west across the Atlantic.

She is a good definition of an adventurer. She ended up spending the rest of her life in the incredible and enchanting East Africa.

It is a nice Read!

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12.) Dubai Picture Book.

Dubai Picture Book
Dubai Picture Book

This book will take you to Dubai from the comfort of your seat.

There are more than 100 Beautiful Images of the City, Landscapes, Architecture, and More – A great Gift to Coffee Table Decor Paperback. Being the latest release, November 3, 2020.

The pictures are recent and you will be taken for a Dubai photography tour which will leave you in stupor reverence.

The good thing about this book it is ideal for all ages, from kids to seniors, and even more appealing and recommended for, patients with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or memory loss.

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13.) National Geographic Little Kids Book.

Ideal for Kids
Ideal for Kids

I like kids, I remember I liked traveling a lot when I was a small boy.

Now this book Designed by National Geographic is an ideal book for your curious globetrotter kids.

The book has an incredible introduction to the world! It is well organized by continent and for each begins with a great two-page photo.

Then there is a brief description of the continent and a simple kid-friendly map of its countries. Then there is a description of the land.

Weather, people, animals, and meaningful sights. Each continent end with a fun project or a point of interest.

This is one of the best travel books for Children. Daughter or son will love it!

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There are so many best travel books of all time but this is my top picks and what I have been able to read so far.

These books will not only make you glued but also take you places at the same time help and guide you to your dream Safari.

All the tricks and secrets will be at your fingertips if you continue reading travel books. As much as lately you can get everything online for free.

These books will always have an edge advantage over the internet since they trace some of the unbeaten and unexplored destinations around the world.

Be unique, keep yourself busy with these books. As Anna Quindlen once said, “Books are the plane, train, and road. They are the destination and journey. They are home”.

Thank you for stopping by if your favorite travel book is not on the list please name it in the comment section for globetrotters to read.

As an Amazon Associate, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you for every successful purchase. Thanks for the Support.

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