Two Rivers Mall Nairobi Kenya

7 Things you didn`t know about Two Rivers Mall Nairobi

Two Rivers Mall.

Two Rivers Mall Nairobi is the largest in East and Central Africa. Nestled along Limuru Road Ruaka, Kiambu County.

The Mall encompasses mixed developments both residential and commercial centers, an amusement park, Games Arcade, Movie theatre, Supermarkets, among others.

This mall is like a city where you don`t have to go anywhere else to get anything. There are 3 to 5-star hotels offering accommodation. One of the finest restaurants you will come across in Nairobi.

The mall is an entertainment powerhouse catering to both kids and adults. All the fashion design boutiques, supermarkets. Swimming pool. All you need is under one roof.

As a traveler or a local and an international tourist, what is of interest in two rivers mall? What can you get in this mall? Why should I visit the place? What is there to see and do?

Let us now dive in and see matters of tourism interest as an adventurer.

What are the Two Rivers activities and prices?

The two Rivers Mall Activity Charges.
The Two Rivers Mall Activity Charges.

Two rivers is full of activities that will keep you glued to this mall that you will not have to leave. The entertainment part is quite affordable and the fun is unparalleled.

Ferries Wheel at Two Rivers Mall Nairobi.

Two Rivers Mall Nairobi - Ferry wheel.
Two Rivers Mall Nairobi – Ferries wheels.

The Ferries wheel in Two Rivers is the highest in Africa. Staggering at 60 Meters high. The only one following close in Africa is the Cape Wheel in South Africa and La Grande Roué in Algeria all at 40 Meters high.

This should prompt you to try the Ferries wheel at Two rivers Mall Nairobi and conquer your height fears.

The two rivers mall ferry wheel is dubbed as Eye of Kenya since it will give you an enchanting panoramic view of the magical capital city of Kenya Nairobi.

This is if at all you will have the courage to open your eyes to wander. The incredible and adrenaline accelerator ferries wheel consists of 40 fully enclosed air-conditioned cabins.

Each of the 40 Cabins sitting up to six passengers who are taken 60 meters above the ground in the safety and comfort of the full circle ride.

What are the charges for ferries Wheels? Kes500 0r $5 kids below 4 years free.

Flume ride at Two Rivers Mall Nairobi.

 Flume ride
Flume ride

This is a 7-meter-high log ride with 2 drops into water channels, this ride is for children and adults of all ages. Passengers sit in the logs, which are propelled along the flume by the flow of water.

The longest flume in the world was reportedly to be 100 Kilometers long the Kings River Flume in Sanger, California.

It is ideal for all ages, that is children and adults.

What are the Charges? Kes500 or $5.

Airborne Shot at Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi.

This is an extreme ride with 8 arms, each arm seating 2 persons. The ride is for adults and children above a certain height.

I would call them merry-go-round swings for lack of better words. I did it once and that is the day I realized am aging since I did not enjoy any bit of it.

The moment it started to go round I felt like or a feeling of “highness” then after it stalled, I felt like I was nursing a hangover for the first 3 minutes.

However, it is a good one and I would highly recommend it for kids who meet a certain height.

What is the fee for Airborne Shot at Two Rivers Mall? Kes500 or $5

Drop Tower at Two Rivers Mall Nairobi.

Incredible Drop Tower
Incredible Drop Tower

A Drop Tower at two rivers mall is a 12-seater, which is a 17-meter high drop ride with multiple programming to give you a different experience every time you ride.

Riders experience free-fall initially, followed by rapid heavy deceleration.

It is mostly ideal for older children and adults; it is also very popular among the ladies am yet to know why?

Once at the top, you will have the time to view the aerial view of the mall and if is in the evening you are likely to see an enchanting sunset.

How much is the Drop Tower? Kes500 or $5.

Aqua Play at Two Rivers Mall Nairobi.

This is strictly for children under the age of 12 years. If your child likes to play with water. Of which I believe every child loves to. Then this is the place they will play till they drop.

They will get to interact with their age mates, socialize as they play with their favorite (Water).

Shopping at Two Rivers Mall.

Being the largest mall in East and Central Africa. Notable brands have let to showcase their products to consumers who are ready to shop. These notable brands are-:


This is a French retailer which has more than 11,000 branches across the world and they are one of the anchor tenants in two rivers mall Nairobi Kenya.

Consumers like their prices and most of their goods are ever on sale or promotion. Since its inception in the country, it has already spread out its wings across Nairobi in almost all major Malls. Another notable is Chandarana Food plus which is a local retailer.

LC Waikiki.

The first time I read this name I thought it was a local brand only to learn later it is a Turkish luxury fashion line.

Ladies love this place and the brand loves ladies back. Sometimes they have crazy offers and you will barely get space to shop especially end month when the paycheque checks in.

The other fashion lines notable are Hugo boss, Bossini, Woolworth, and Nike they are all tenants at Two rivers mall, Nairobi Kenya.

Two Rivers Mall Security.

This is probably one of the most secure malls in the world.  The centum Group splashed up to 1 billion Kenya shillings ($10Million) into the security system.

The system is the one you will find in the International Airports.

They can detect explosives, guns, plastics, liquids. Any form of weapon is detectable with almost 100% effectiveness.

No one will physically search you at two rivers mall unlike other malls but just know they already know what is in that back bag or handbag. If you`re up to no good, it won’t be long before you`re nabbed.

They are also able to identify a gun in a crowded place.

How to get to Two Rivers Mall from Nairobi CBD?

Public Means: You can board a matatu at Koja or Odeon Cinema Stage. Your Matatu will be no. 106 heading to Ruaka and alight at Two Rivers Mall stage. The fare is less than Kes100 or $1.

Taxi: You can request for uber, little, Bolt, or any other Taxi from CBD the price is mostly below kes1,000 or $10.

Private: Hit Globe Flyover as if you are driving to Thika super high, just after the Globe flyover turn left and hit Limuru road.

Follow Limuru road it will take you up to the Two Rivers Mall which will be on your right side.

The other alternative is to access the mall via the Northern Bypass (I find the latter more scenic especially at night since the ferries wheels changes into different phenomenal colors.

Who owns Two Rivers Mall?

Centum Group owns 58% which is led by Kenyan Billionaire Chris Kirubi (Ck) meaning we can say he`s the owner since his company holds the majority of the Two Rivers Development Limited.

The other shareholders are AVIC International at 39% and ICDC at 3% respectively.

Accommodation at Two Rivers malls.

City Lodge Hotel
City Lodge Hotel

City Lodge at Two Rivers Mall Nairobi is a 172 roomed modern and stylish hotel. Boasting of an outdoor enchanting swimming pool where you can have the beautiful view of the lush green carpet like landscape from the top.

They have a sundowner bar, restaurant, and several boarding rooms. They also organize city tour safaris, mostly Nairobi National Park, Giraffe Centre, and Animal Orphanage.

You get picked from your Hotel room and at the end of your tour, you will be brought back.

If you need more than just a city tour and want to explore further you can reach out to Incredible Kenya Adventures and you will be assisted.


Two Rivers Mall is one of the coolest places you can have that adventure if you`re within the city. This should be on your bucket list whenever you visit Nairobi.

They keep on Introducing new adrenaline junkies which I’ll keep on updating whenever to make sure you`re up to date.

Hit the road and explore Two Rivers Mall.

Thank you for stopping by, if you have any questions let us interact in the comment section.

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