FAQs About Masai Mara National Reserve.

17 FAQS About Masai Mara you should know before Safari.

Well, these FAQs about Masai Mara National Reserve will make you decipher almost everything you would wish to know in less than 4 Minutes.

Masai Mara National Reserve is a world wonder having millions of wildebeest, Zebras and several types of Gazelles migrate annually in search of a greener pasture.

This destination is every tourist dream and I just happen to call it home. I visit Masai Mara not less than 4 times annually since time immemorial so I have seen it all and at the same time happen to know it all.

You are in the right place, take your seat, pop up your drink and let me transfer all I have to you absolutely free!

But before that, one thing about Masai Mara National Reserve is; one of the Parks in Africa that will always fulfil your Safari desires almost every time you visit the reserve.

It just never disappoints; I go there quarterly every year and it has never been the same. Every time it is incongrous in a unique incredible way! Am yet to witness such a park in Africa!

Without much ado, these are the FAQs about Masai Mara National Reserve. I will be specific and to the point.

1.) Which is the best month to visit Masai Mara National Reserve?

Which is the Best Month to go on Safari?
Which is the Best Month to go on Safari?

I would have answered, all the time but to be specific the best time to visit is during the world wonder, the spectacle wildebeest migration.

Which happens between 1st July to 15th October even though this time can vary due to rainfall but this is the best time to witness the wildebeest migration in the Mara.

However, if you just want to have the normal game drive, Masai Mara is one of the all year round visit park. Thanks to its abundance of wildlife.

2.) How Much does it cost for a Safari to Masai Mara?

This depends on seasons, however, according to Incredible Kenya Adventures. The amount for a 3 Days Safari starts from Kes15,000 for Citizens and $290 for Nonresidents. Joining a group in a Budget Camp.

For a Safari in a Mid-Range Accommodation, Kes21,000 for Citizens and $380 per person.

Read more about the rates here. Please note these rates are bound to change without prior notice and only a guide to give you a rough ideal albeit the difference will never be that much. Talk to a Tour Agent to get a real-time quote.

Citizen Package:

3days Masai Mara Joining Group in a budget Camp.

Kes15,000 Per Person. Book It Here

 Non-Resident Package:

3days Masai Mara Joining Group in a budget Camp.

$290 Per Person. Book It Here

These rates include:

  • Park Fees
  • Full Board Accommodation
  • Round Transport and Game Drives.
  • English speaking Driver Guide

3.) What is Mara famous for.

You can get to do a game drive in any park but in Masai Mara, you not only do a game drive but also witness the spectacle wildebeest migration.

This is a world over known enchanting experience and this makes Masai Mara one of the most famous parks in Africa.

Apart from the Migration, Masai Mara is one of the parks you will never strain to spot the Big 5. You will with a lot of ease, probably up close and personal.

4.) Masai Mara or Serengeti which is better?

Well, this is not a black and white question. However, having been to both, I am able to give a definite answer according to my experience.

Serengeti is Vast and large at 30,000 Kms Squared while Masai Mara is way smaller at 1510 Kms Squared. This answers your question, the wildlife at Masai Mara is more concentrated and easier to spot more wildlife.

Serengeti has its own version of wildebeest migration at Grumeti River, probably you`re hearing this for the first time. This also answers your question.

5.) Is Masai Mara Worth?

The short answer is yes. Masai Mara National Reserve has an abundance and incredible array of wildlife all year round.

Even when the wildebeest migrate Masai Mara Still stands out as wildlife infested destination. This reserve is every tourist dream come true destination. So, if you get the chance, don`t even think twice it is worth every second and penny!

6.) How much does it cost to fly from Nairobi to Masai Mara?

FAQS About Masai Mara - Flight Charges.
FAQS About Masai Mara – Flight Charges.

According to Air Kenya one of the Airlines that flies to Masai Mara National Reserve.

  • One-way Ticket Starts from $204
  • Return Ticket Starts from $370

What happens when I fly to Mara, which vehicle will I use to do Game drives?

The hotel you have booked should provide you with a tour vehicle for hire. You will join other tourists to do the game drive. Or use a tour Operator, Incredible Kenya Adventures can organize for a Jeep to do your game drives.

You can compare the hotel and Tour Operator prices and then you will be able to choose and select wisely. You don’t have to break your bank when you have options.

7.) How Long does it take from Nairobi to Mara?

It used to be more than 6 hours but lastly when I was there. The construction of a Tarmac road was ongoing. They had already covered part of the road.

This made us reduce the normal time of 6 hours to 5hours. While an aircraft takes around 45 Mins to 1 Hour.

The perfect means if you have back or any health complication and if you can afford it.

8.) Distance from Nairobi to Mara by Road.

You will cover 270 Kilometers or 167 Miles from Nairobi, Kenya.

The distance from Narok town to Masai Mara and vice versa is 127 Kilometers.

9.) Is it Safe to Visit Masai Mara?

The short answer is yes. Masai Mara is one of the Safest parks in AFRICA. Nobody can harm you while in the park however do take caution of the wildlife.

Like departing your tour vehicle without the consent of your guide. I have seen this happen often during the phenomenal wildebeest migration. Unless you`re on a suicide mission.

10.) How many days do you need for Safari?

Ideally, you will need a minimum of 3 Days and 2 Nights. This is one FAQS About Masai Mara mostly by the first-timers.

Doing less than that is almost a waste of time since you will have a very short time in the park and spend loads of time travelling.

As of the maximum, some stay up to a year plus. You can never get enough of Mara. Even though these are scientists or the NatGeo kind of travellers.

11.) What is the Park fee Entrance for Masai Mara in 2021?

Citizens Adults Inside Park Kes1000 Outside Park Kes1000
Child Inside Park Kes300 Outside Park Kes300
Non-Resident Adult Inside Park $70 Outside Park $80
Child Inside Park $40 Outside Park $45


Child policy is 3 to 12 Years old.

As for Residents Adult Kes1200 and Child Kes500.

12.) What animals will I see?

Basically, you are likely to spot the Big Five animals which are:

The Big Five
  • Lions
  • Elephants
  • Buffaloes
  • Leopards
  • Rhinos
Other Mammals
  • Giraffe
  • Silverback Jackal
  • Hyena
  • Warthogs
  • Wildebeest
  • Hippos
  • Gazelles
  • Just to mention a few
  • Vultures
  • Egrets
  • Secretary birds
  • Hornbills
  • Crowned cranes
  • Just to mention a few


13.) What should I wear when going to Masai Mara?

I did a post solely dedicated to what to wear if you`re going for a Safari-like the Great Masai Mara. Check what you need to pack.

14.) How Much is Balloon Safari in Masai Mara?

Balloon Safari at Mara - Image Balloon Safaris
Balloon Safari at Mara – Image Balloon Safaris

This is a short Itinerary of the Balloon Safari, one of the best experiences you will experience in a very long time.

  • 0500 hours – a Wakeup call
  • 0530 hours – Pick up and transfer to the launch site
  • 0600 hours – Passengers arrive at the balloon launch site.
  • 0615 hours – Balloon lift-off for a flight of about one hour

On landing, passengers are provided with a delicious champagne-style bush breakfast. Flight Certificates are issued by the flight captain. Passengers return to their lodges or camps by about 1000 hours with a short game drive en route.

The Price below is according to Incredible Kenya Adventures contact them to book.

Citizens Adult Kes39,200
Child Kes26,400
Non-Residents Adult $430
Child $280


15.) Which are the Hotels in Masai Mara?

There are a number of Lodges and Camps in Masai Mara National Reserve, some are inside the Park while others are outside.

The Ones outside are Budget and Midrange which are cheaper than the ones inside the Park which are mostly Luxury.

Here is a list of the Camps and Lodges in Masai Mara Check Prices.

16.) Should I use a Tour Van or Land Cruiser (Jeep)?

Well, this is one of the FAQS About Masai Mara. The Jeep (Land Cruiser) is the most ideal but it comes with a difference of about or rather you will be required to top up around $80 Per day to upgrade from a Tour Van.

During the dry season, it is okay to do a Mara Safari with a tour Van but in the rainy season. If you can afford a Jeep the better.

However, if you are on a tight budget you can hire or request your tour operator for a 4WD Tour Van. They will try to give a better performance than the 2WD.

17.) Can you self Drive to this National Reserve?

It is NOT RECOMMENDED as a self-drive destination.

18.) Masai Mara Map?

Masai Mara Map
Masai Mara Map

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