Cubs Playing at the Masai Mara (How much does a Kenyan Safari cost?))
Cubs Playing at the Masai Mara (How much does a Kenyan Safari cost?)

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How much does a Kenyan Safari Cost?

Kenya is one of the best travel destinations choice in Africa, but how much does it cost to go on a Kenyan Safari? Everyone has a budget whenever they are planning on a Safari, Holiday or a vacation. Time to unwind, relax and just let loose. All this combined can be found in Destination Kenya.

A herd of elephants, at Masai Mara (How much does a Kenyan Safari Cost?)
A herd of elephants, at Masai Mara (How much does a Kenyan Safari Cost? )

East Africa boasts of the finest beaches, the Big five, highest Mountains in Africa, unique cuisine most affordable destination and more so the love you will get from locals. How much does a Kenyan Safari cost is one of the most asked questions and am answering that in a moment?

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 My little Story About Safari cost.

You can straight jump to how much Kenya Safari Cost.

I remember my first job as a tour consultant, fresh from college with zero experience in tours, it was on a Friday and the culture of that company staff used to leave early on Fridays. So, as usual, the seniors left early for it was not only a weekend but a long weekend as the following Monday was a holiday so they would resume work on Tuesday.

I was left alone, so after lunchtime, our office phone was blaring, being barely a week old since starting the job. I looked at the phone and noticed it was an international call. Anyone could have hesitated and contemplated whether to receive or just ignore. My conscious would not let me ignore so I picked.

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“Hello, I introduced myself, it was a lady on the other end. I asked her, “how can I help you today?”, She said her name, where she was calling from and proceeded to ask, “how much does a Kenyan Safari cost?” I froze and asked myself what i was going to do next, where to begin?

Rescued by Colleague.

Being quiet for a minute, she continuously asked if I was in the line, “sir are you there?” I stammered a few words, can’t even remember what I burbled. In a flash of events I heard a soft tap on my back, A sigh of relief, it was one of the senior tour consultants who had forgotten her Pouch, I hastily told the client with a sigh of relieve, kindly hold on for our tour expert.

She slyly smiled and took over the phone. I was mortified at the same time relieved. After she was done with the client, we set a time in the coming week on how to answer. How much does Kenyan Safari cost? This is what she taught me plus what I have perfected in the past years.

Factors that determine how much a safari cost in Kenya.

The number of travellers.

The first factor is how many people travelling. The more the number the lower the price.

5.) Cost of Safari for Solo Traveler.

Solo Traveller, experiening, sun rise (How much does a Kenyan Safari Cost?)
Solo Traveller, experiencing, sunrise (How much does a Kenyan Safari Cost?)

Travelling alone will be the scariest, thrilling, most liberating and life-changing experience of your life. But once you succeed and get used to it, there is no way back. The hardest part of solo travel is the beginning. As you travel solo, being responsible for yourself, you will inevitably discover just how capable you are! Well, maybe you never really travel alone. The world is full of friends waiting to get to know you.

 Cost of safari for Solo Traveler ($110 per day)

It starts from $110 per day minimum of 3 Days in Masai Mara National Reserve. If you do Safari joining. Safari joining is where you meet other solo travellers, you join them and make a small group of Maximum six and a minimum of two. This is a budget Camp, with a hot private shower.

Private Solo Traveler can be a bit high than joining other travellers. The Same budget Camp, but now on your own. The Budget will hike to $270 Per Day. This is almost 60% higher.

The price for both options will include

  • Game drives
  • Park fees
  • Transport in a tour van

4.) Cost of Safari for a Couple Travelers

Couple enjoying a sunset
Couple enjoying a sunset

It doesn’t matter where you are going but who you have beside you, book that tour now. Give your better half, new experiences, it is these memories count, as Roosevelt puts it, do it without fear. Don’t procrastinate, book that tour. Did you know a Safari can mend an already broken marriage? Try it today, take your better half for a safari at least 3 Days, then you can thank me later, nature has a way of bringing in peace.

Couple Travelers ($180 per Day)

Travelling two pax is way cheaper than doing it solo. You will get better offers since it is per person sharing in one room, that means two people will be sharing a room and price will be split in half as opposed to Single.

Price Start at $180 per Day in a private Safari, only the two of you in a tour van but a budget camp.

The price for both options will include

  • Game drives
  • Park fees
  • Transport in a tour van

3.) Cost of Safari for Group Travelers.

Group Tour ( How much does a Kenyan Safari Cost)
Group Tour ( How much does a Kenyan Safari Cost)

Few things have such an impact on our happiness and the enjoyment of a place as the person who accompanies us in our journey, be that of life or adventures. After all, friends are the family we were allowed to choose.

The sharing of your travel bug and adventure passion the ability to laugh (or cry) with you? Or the fact that they will always support you, even when no-one else does?

In my years of travel, to be honest there is not a better way to celebrate a safari with friends, who keep you laughing all day and making fun of the Safari while returning to the City.

Group cost.

The price of a group is the most affordable, you will always have bargaining power in all your bookings. A group of about 8pax the same budget camp will start at $100 Per Day.

The price for both options will include

  • Game drives
  • Park fees
  • Transport in a tour van

2.) Cost of Accommodation.

The level of accommodation you chose will directly affect the price of your Kenyan safari cost.

We have three popular categories

Luxury (Lodges or Tented Camp) Starting from $150 Per Person Sharing.

Luxury Lodge at Masai Mara National Reserve
Luxury Lodge at Masai Mara National Reserve
  • They allow an easy, simple and intelligent planning and booking process Fast, easy, discreet Check-in & Checkout.
  • Amazing service: Guests will get the feeling that they are known, valued and acknowledged. The staff will call you by name, are friendly (smiling!) and respectful. Housekeeping and gardeners are quiet and do not interfere with your stay, maintenance personnel appear at guests’ room within a minute of room service etc.
  • Outstanding hotel dining: great breakfast (quality and quantity-wise), 24 hours room service
  • Guest activities and amenities: High-end spa treatments, Swimming pool, laundry service, unpacking and packing service
  • Haute couture styling with fabulous artsy features and a state-of-the-art technology
  • Luxury Room Features: As much as I always say, you do not have to stay in a luxury room during your Safari, if you fit in the budget, then this is the way to go however this should never bar you from doing your Safari. So, in a luxury lodge/Hotel/Camp Room you will find those expensive bedsheets, Bathroom bath ropes, Slippers enough storage, Tub for two, Artistically designed décor, quality towels, toiletries, shampoo, shaving creams, A.C and of course light Mirrors and a Safe.
  • Disclaimer, not all luxury lodges/tented Camps have all these features but more than half.

Mid-range Starting from $210

Mid Range Lodge at Masai Mara National Reserve
Mid Range Lodge at Masai Mara National Reserve
  • King Size beds with comfortable Mattresses, mosquito nets, clothes rack, carpet and writing desk, it’s a home away from home.
  • All tents have a flush toilet, shower, and washbasin.
  • WIFI, mostly in the restaurant and not in the rooms.
  • Guest activities and amenities: High-end spa treatments, Swimming pool, laundry service, unpacking and packing service
  • Fruits & vegetables are served fresh.

Budget Starting from$ 63

Budget Camp at Masai Mara National Reserve.
Budget Camp at Masai Mara National Reserve.
  • Solar-powered 24hrs
  • In-house charging system
  • Private shower & Toilet inside
  • Single, Double, Double with an extra bed, Triple & Family of the maximum of 4
  • Capacity – 8 pax with Double arrangement, 12 pax with Triple arrangement.

1.) Cost of Kenyan Safari According to Season.

The cost of your Safari will be affected by the time of the year you travel, in Kenya, there are three main Seasons, Namely;

Peak Season (High prices)

This is the dry Season Starting from June 30TH to 30th October. Christmas Holiday Starting on 23rd Dec to New Year’s 2nd January. It is the period (June 30TH to 30th October) wildebeest migration happen; it is not only the most expensive but also the most crowded season.

Mid-Season (Affordable)

This is the period between, 2nd January to 30th March and 1st November to 22nd December.

Unfortunately, no wildebeest migration during this time of the year but if you do not mind the migration, according to me this is the best period to do your Safari in Kenya.

Low Season (Low Prices, great offers)

This is the period between 1st April to June 30th, you will get all manner of offers, less crowded in the park, though a rainy season with difficulty in wildlife viewing.


This is not the official quotation but the information will guide you well and be able to know the market price and what is needed of you to do a safari in Kenya. You are now able to decide and have a rough idea of how much a Safari will cost next time you need to book your Safari. The best time to Go according to your budget and what to do to get better deals. If you have further questions or comments, let me know on the comment section.

This information is courtesy of Incredible Kenya Adventures Ltd. 

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