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16 Surreal Kenyan Food, You Should Know About.

Kenya is a country in East Africa. It is widely known for its wildlife safaris, beautiful scenery, Long distance runners and now Kenyan food is another known attraction.

Just to remind you this is the only country with a National park in the middle of the Capital City Nairobi National Park.

These delicious Kenyan dishes come with the attraction package. The dishes in Kenya are varied and a mixture of ethnicity and tradition.

If you are planning to visit Kenya soon then don’t go back without trying out these Kenyan dishes.

If you are a Kenyan let’s meet at the Mutura Joint (Masaa yake)

16.) Mutura/African Sausage.

Mutura, A Kenya`s Delicancy
Mutura, A Kenya`s Delicacy

This is a Kenyan Food, A special kind of Kenyan delicacy. It is my personal best, it had to be on my unique food list.

It only tastes better after dark as opposed to daylight. I have never known why…

Mutura is a sausage made from fresh blood and meat. Certain spices and ingredients such as ginger, chives, garlic, and red or green peppers are added.

The cooked meat-blood mixture is filled into a large or small intestine of a cow or Goat that has already been cleaned and is then smartly grilled.

It is usually eaten as an appetizer and some people enjoy it with a cold beer.

15.) Mshikaki, Kenyan Food.


The name of this popular Tanzanian and Kenyan street food dish. Mshikaki refers to skewered pieces of marinated meat such as beef, goat, or mutton that is slowly cooked over hot coals.

The meat is marinated in a combination of various herbs and spices that are popular along Africa’s eastern coast.

It tastes better in the wee hours of the night or early morning when checking out of the club.(After Party kind of a dish)

14.) Mahindi Choma/Makai.

Mahindi Choma, Kenyan Food
Mahindi Choma, Kenyan Food

On my way to Masai Mara National Reserve, I never miss buying whole corn of roasted maize just after viewpoint (first curio shops from Nairobi) at only $0.03.

Mahindi Choma is Roasted maize which is found on nearly every street corner. It’s very delicious and, at the same time, affordable.

It is roasted over charcoal, and once ready, the hot roasted maize is rubbed with lemon and chilli salt. Once you test one the rest will be history.

It tastes better on your way to Masai Mara or while walking a long-distance home especially after a long day at work.

13.) Ugali, Kenyan Food.

Mark Zuckerberg, Enjoying his Ugali with Fish at a local Joint.. When he visited Kenya.
Mark Zuckerberg, Enjoying his Ugali with Fish at a local Joint. When he visited Kenya.

When Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, Visited Kenya. He took his lunch at a local humble joint, Ugali and fish.

One of the most popular Kenyan Dishes. This polenta dish is a staple food in Kenya and is also consumed in several other African countries.

Corn flour is widely used, but sorghum or millet flour is preferred in the western region. It is prepared with boiling water to a semi-solid thickness.

Similar to the dough and then served with hot meat and/or vegetable stew. It is often also served with Nyama Choma (grilled meat) and kachumbari (hot sauce).

It tastes better when you take it with fish, fried meat or Nyama Choma (As explained below).

12.) Nyama Choma.

Popular Nyama Choma
Popular Nyama Choma

This is Kenya’s unofficial national dish, meaning barbecued meat in the Swahili language.

The meat is usually goat or beef, served roasted throughout the country, from roadside shacks to fine restaurants.

It is often paired with local beer and side dishes such as ugali. Every Friday Nyama Choma is popular with city dwellers and revellers.

They prepare their night out by visiting Nyama Choma Joints as the usual first stop.

It tastes better on a Friday evening with friends, just before that cold beer.

11.) Kachumbari.

Kachumbari, A Kenyan Food
Kachumbari, A Kenyan Food

They go hand in hand with Ugali and Nyama Choma. Kachumbari is a refreshing East African salad based on finely chopped onions, chilli peppers, and tomatoes.

It can be served as a salad, a condiment, a relish, or an appetizer. Apart from being part of Ugali and Nyama Choma, it can be served with pilau or biryani.

10.) Mukimo.

This is a popular Kenyan Dish. A one-pot dish consisting of potatoes, corn, beans, peas, and greens that are cooked in water with some salt, then mashed into a purée.

The name of the dish is derived from the word Kima, meaning to mash.
It is traditionally served at Kenyan celebrations.

Especially in traditional weddings but you will get it across the street, hot just the way it is supposed to be.

It can be eaten either as it is, or with an accompaniment of chicken or beef stews.

9.) Muthokoi, A Kenyan Food.

A Kenyan Food Muthokoi
A Kenyan Food Muthokoi

Muthokoi (maize without husks) is a dish among the Kamba community from the Eastern part of Kenya.

It entails removing the outer skin of the maize grains by using a pestle ‘muthi‘ and a wooden mortar ‘ndii’. It is then mixed with Beans, peas or French beans. Such a delicious meal. It is one of my personal favourite Kenyan Dish.

8.) Dry Fry Matumbo.

Matumbo Dry Fry, A kenyan Food
Matumbo Dry Fry, A Kenyan Food

It is a Swahili word which in this context translates to innards. The western world refers to matumbo as tripe and I was pleased that they too indulge in this delicacy.

This is the meat that comes from the stomach of a cow, making it a slice of organ meat. It is cheaper than muscle meat and very nutritious.

It can be boiled, fried or roasted making it as one of the top Kenyan Dishes.

7.) Mursik.


Well, this is not a food but more of a drink. It is a traditional milk delicacy made by the Kalenjin community.

Stored in gourds. It is made from both goat and cow milk. The milk is fermented in calabashes, and the gourd contains soot from different trees to add to the flavour. People love to drink it with ugali.

6.) Githeri, A Kenyan Food.

Githeri, A stew Fry accompanied by Avacado
Githeri, A stew Fry accompanied by Avacado (Kenyan Dishes)

This is a hearty bean broth that was popular among the central people but now a household name.

Across the country is quite popular with the locals. Cooked in large aluminium pots in jikos, a combination of beans, meat, beef broth, and potatoes in tomato sauce.

Served with a bowl of white bread or Swahili Chapati, this stew is the ideal lunch for anyone doing manual jobs. It is believed to make or give one more energy compared to other foods.

5.) Wali wa Kukaanga.

A kenyan Delicacy Wali wa kukaanga
A kenyan Delicacy Wali wa kukaanga

Wali wa kukaanga is a Swahili name meaning Fried Rice. It is a delicious Kenyan dish made by combining boiled rice with turmeric, onions, oil, and vegetables.

Such as carrots, peas, and corn. The combination of rice and vegetables is then fried, and the whole dish is served as an accompaniment to chicken dishes.

It is recommended to pair wali wa kukaanga with a salad of choice on the side.

4.) Kenyan Pilau.

Kenyan Pilau
Kenyan Pilau

This is Rice Made with beef, chicken, goat, mutton or no meat at all. Kenyan pilau is a speciality that is popular among the Swahili coast.

The dish consists of rice that is flavoured with a variety of spices and cooked in a broth made from meat or fish. Typical spices include ginger, garlic, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and fried onions.
This pilau variety is traditionally prepared and served for special occasions and celebrations. It can be enriched by the addition of potatoes, tomatoes, and raisins.

Originally, pilau was brought to Africa by the Arabs, and later on, it was brought to America by enslaved Africans. Henceforth it has always been one of the popular Kenyan Dishes.

3.) Chicken Biryani.

Kenyan Delicacy Chicken Biryani
Kenyan Delicacy Chicken Biryani

This Kenyan Food is a blend of subtle Persian and Indian spices and one of the most difficult rice dishes to master.

Native to the Middle East, this dish found its virtuous variations in East Africa through early Arab and Indian merchants on the south coast.

You’ll find hot spice mixes, dried fruit, and tender pearl chicken in basmati rice. Nairobi has an abundance of Indian and Swahili restaurants offering this dish.

2.) Chapati a Kenyan Food.

Chapati, A Kenyan Food
Chapati, A Kenyan Food

These soft and layered flatbreads are eaten in many East African homes. It is very light and is eaten with beef stew or beans.

Sometimes is taken as breakfast, it is very delicious when taken with African Tea in the morning for breakfast. I can say, no doubt Kenyan chapatis are the best.

Chapatis were only for the privileged back in the day and the middle class only got to see it during holidays. Things have changed though and the same chapatis are quite affordable for everyone.

1.) Madondo, Kenyan Food.

Madondo Accompanied by Ugali & Sukuma Wiki
Madondo Accompanied by Ugali & Sukuma Wiki (Special Kenyan Dishes)

These are fried or boiled red beans, and they are popular in Kenya. A special Kenyan Dish especially in Vibandas.(Street Food).

They are popular among youths who are hustling in the city. One of the most affordable local foods you will come across in Nairobi. A plate full of Madondo accompanied by Ugali or Chapati is as low as $1.

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