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The only Nude Beach in Africa: 12 Things you should Know.

Nude Beach in South Africa

Nude Beach: Unbeknown to many, South Africa has several nude beaches. Sure, some of them are more official than others.

However, they all accept swimmers who get naked to enjoy the beach in nothing more than what nature has given them.

If you are a passionate naturalist, or maybe you are thinking of trying it, the nude beaches to try are:

Mpenjati the official Natural Beach.


A 250-meter stretch of beach located within the Mpenjati Nature Reserve in Trafalgar. It is on the south coast, which was assigned to the nudist beach by the local municipality in late 2014, officially opening onwards to date.

Mpenjati Nude beach in Africa is a small stretch of Trafalgar beach about 140 km south of Durban, on the hibiscus coast.

This is the first nude beach in KwaZulu-Natal and the only official nude beach in the country (like Sandy Bay they are unofficial nude beaches).

The opening of the Mpanjeti beach was not without complications. Months of questions, appeals and public repercussions were the result of the municipality’s decision.

Which caused a close crisis while a group of interested citizens argued against the green light. Now Sandy Bay below wants official status.

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Sandy Bay Nude beach in Africa.

sandy bay Nude Beach
sandy bay Nude Beach Image: Flickr

The Sandy Bay is a nudist beach in Africa, a beautiful unspoiled beach. It is not as crowded.

Most people who visit the Nude beach are beach lovers who love nature in a lovable way with nudists and non-nudists.

Unfortunately, some people fail to control themselves and blur the image of the family beach by having their things outdoors.

However, this only happens in quiet seasons when there are not many people on the beach.

If you visit in the holiday season like in December or most weekends in the summer, you will find decent families and people enjoying the beach.

Sandy Bay a Nude beach in Africa, it is incredibly worth your visit. If you are brave enough, feel free and take off your clothes. Then hit the waters.

Make sure you bring everything you need with you as there are no shops or retailers on the beach. Especially the water, because the tour can be very hot.

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Umhlanga Lagoon, Durban.

Umhlanga Lagoon, Durban
Umhlanga Lagoon, Durban

Lovely upmarket beach suburb close to Durban. Nude bathing available near the lagoon towards Umdloti, about a kilometre north from the end of the boardwalk along a beautiful beach flanked by a natural forest nature reserve.

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The code of conduct comes straight from the International Naturist Federation.

1.) No photography allowed unless it is of yourself or your own group of friends and everybody agrees explicitly.

2.) Staring or looking at others is considered rude. Everyone is there to enjoy the beach and do their own thing.

3.) No sexual behaviour of any kind is allowed on a nude beach in Africa.

4.) Always take a towel and do not use other people’s chairs without it. You are on a nude beach in Africa remember?

5.) Males who experience unexpected erections must cover themselves up.

6.) Rude comments are forbidden, as are obscene or offensive language, racism, sexism, homophobia or sexual or erotic material.

7.) If you decide to go on a nude beach in Africa, please make sure you are of age.

8.) Take enough sunscreen. There are some places you just don’t want to burn!

9.) Only go if you feel comfortable, and are comfortable with others around you being nude.

10.) Always keep your clothes and other belongings in your sight, as you do in all beaches and public places.

11.) Remember that public exposure in a nude beach in Africa is illegal, so be sure to only strip down on designated nudist beaches.

12.) No suggestive behaviour in a nude beach in Africa (one news article put it this way: “swaying of hips is allowed, but pole dancing wouldn’t be if you get our point.”; you must always take a towel with you to the beach (probably to cover any unpredictable ‘reactions’, which are also not allowed).

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