How to travel to Mombasa Diani beach on Budget

How to travel to Mombasa, Diani beach on Budget.

How I travelled to Mombasa, Diani Beach on $49 for 3 Nights

So, how do you travel to Mombasa, Diani on a Budget? I will share my experience on how I went on a vacation with only $50 in Diani for 4 Days.

Everything was not going according to plan; my mind was almost exploding. I was tensed, frazzled and unnerved.

The only remedy I needed was a vacation, not even Love, Lol. I needed a vacation Asap. I checked my balance account and nothing was there to smile about.

This was in 2020 when the pandemic was ruling the world. I couldn’t start to fathom complementary from hotels since they were having the roughest time at that period.

My blog was relatively new and was trying to get readers. I Am a son of the hospitality industry and despite claiming to be the most hit by the pandemic.

We have really never gotten any awards for that. Well, no one was willing to sponsor my vacation. (Disclaimer: most of my travels are sponsored, don’t get worked up for anything).

However, this doesn’t mean I don’t travel on my account, I do and have done that severally before including this travel to Mombasa Diani beach on Budget.

Without Much ado, this is how I did it, for only $50 for 4 Days (my experience).

Vacation Summary.

  • Accommodation (Diani Hostel) Budget for Two Nights Kes1600 or $16
  • SGR Train Return Economy Tickets Kes2000 or $20
  • Mombasa SGR Transfers in public Transport (Mini Bus) Return Kes1,000 or $10
  • Food Kes400 or $5

Total for the Mombasa Diani Vacation =

1600 +2000+1000+400 = 5,000

Grand Total Kes4,999 or $49.99

Night Train SGR from Nairobi to Mombasa.

This is the first trick to master if you need to travel to Mombasa, Diani on Budget. Make sure you get the economy class, the night train.

I shall be revealing why you need a night and not a day train ticket in a few but first things first. Make sure you have a heavy meal before you depart your house and do carry plenty of drinking water.

With the ongoing construction on Mombasa road, you need to be early otherwise the train will leave you and that is the last thing you want to given your bank balance looks like time.

The train leaves at 10:00 PM and arrives in Mombasa Miritini Station at 03:35 PM.

Why the Night Train?

Here`s the catch, you spend the first night on the train and avoid paying for accommodation.

Remember the person who left with the 3:00 PM train arrives at 8:08 PM and have to pay for accommodation.

This is the difference between you and them. It is interesting how the two of you will wake up in Mombasa, Diani but one will not have paid for a dime for the accommodation.

The only downside for the night train, you will arrive really tired but you have the time to redeem your energy before you can catch a minibus to Diani at 4:00 AM or 5:00 AM.

Transfer from Miritini to Diani.

So, you will have to spend Kes1,000 or $10 for the SGR. Remember you have had a heavy meal before departure and didn’t need dinner.

Read how to travel from Nairobi to Mombasa.

Personally, I don’t take early meals or even breakfast before sunlight. So, I hop in a Minibus direct to Diani and pay Kes500 or $5 for the transfer.

The mini Buses will drop you at Ukunda Naivas Supermarket Stage. Here`s another secret on how to travel to Mombasa Diani on a Budget.

Befriend your Tuk Tuk Guy, however, be careful, calmly but confidently approach one of them. They are so many and describe the kind of a gust house you would like to have.

They usually have all the list, I guess they are given some commissions for the referral. Since I had not travelled on such a budget before.

I had no clue which guests houses or hostels were a walking distance to the beach but their price is Kes1,000 or $10. My tuk-tuk guy saved the day.

Accommodation in Mombasa Diani Beach.

Diani Hostel
Diani Hostel

I wanted the cheapest possible at the same time a decent place I could take a rest or rather be my home for the next two nights.

I was taken to Diani Hostel; I didn’t believe my eyes the hostel looked more decent and up to snuff than most hotels.

As if that is not enough, voila they have a swimming pool. By now I had forgotten everything and I was gearing up for a Vacation and the peace I wanted was all before my eyes.

I composed myself and proceeded to book my two nights. I was told Diani Beach was just a walking distance of about 1 Kilometer.

As I picked my keys and being directed to my room. I couldn’t help but think of how many people would like to travel but don’t have this kind of information.

All they think is travelling is for the rich, time for this myth to became of the past.

How much did I Pay for two Nights? Though unbelievable Kes1600 or $16. Check Current Prices.

Budget Accommodation below Kes2500 in Mombasa Diani Beach.

Diani Back Packers Unbelievably affordable
Diani Back Packers Unbelievably affordable

Diani Backpackers.

It has a swimming pool, Wi-Fi and walking distance to Diani Beach. Check Prices and Pictures.

Bahati Diani House Glamping.

A swimming pool is present, near to the beach and decent more than most hotels. Check Prices and Pictures.

Soul Breeze Backpackers Diani.

They not only have a pool but a pool with enchanting Views. The only budget Hostel I Know with a Beach View (Sea Front). Check Prices and Pictures.

Dianistar Villa.

Just 250 M from Galu Beach and 800 M from Diani Beach. DianiStar Villa stands out as one of the most affordable yet decent Villa in Diani.

They also have amazing pool Check Prices and Images.

Afro Escape.

Another Seafront is just 300 from Galu Beach and 600 M from Diani Beach. Afro Escape will host you at the fairest price of all time. Check Prices and Pictures.

Diani Beach or Galu Beach.

So, after refreshing, being a solo traveller, I met other solo travellers and hit the road to the beach in the afternoon.

Of course, after having that desired nap and taking breakfast. I took my bag with the Beach Essentials and off to the beach just like any other tourist on vacation.

You couldn’t tell am sleeping in a hostel and neither could you tell the next person next to you is from a five-star hotel. The goal here was happiness and that is what matters.

We were all equal at this moment and grinning for the Gram. See beach Photo Poses & styles to rock on your gram.

I had my moment to clear my mind, beach is such a therapy whenever you feel guarded.

The moment I stepped on that beach white sands nothing I could recall of that was making me fuss.

Soaking and playing on the beach was so beguiling that how time flew I couldn’t explain but gleeful I did the Vacation.

Street food at Mombasa Diani.

I joined other backpackers for super in a nearby Ukunda Market and we had an eerie of options. We settled for one.

Kes100 or $1 was more than enough for you. Well, am a foodie and I couldn`t ask for more when the food was brought.

It was one of the tastiest foods have had in a long time for such amount. The company was also great and at some point, I felt like I was in the most expensive Hotel.

Full-Day in Diani Beach.

With the right dates sometimes you will have the beach all for yourself
With the right dates sometimes you will have the beach all for yourself

This is the day you have the chance to explore Diani Beach for a full day. You can decide to go on other excursions or even to Galu Beach.

This day I decided to go check some of the Budget Hostels around as I have listed them above which are under Kes2500 or $25.

What is making you not take a vacation after this valuable information?

Mombasa to Nairobi.

The following day, this is the day you check out, you can keep your bags in the reception since check out time is 10:00 AM and your train is at 10:00 PM.

However, on the return day, you can have a 3:00 PM Train to Nairobi. In my case, this is the option I did choose after all I had, evening game drives and saw a lot of elephants on our way to Nairobi.

I arrived in Nairobi at 8:08 PM and the train to Nairobi CBD was waiting for transfers.

End of my travel to Mombasa Diani on Budget.

Calculation Summary of my Total Budget.

  • Accommodation (Diani Hostel) Budget for Two Nights Kes1600 or $16
  • SGR Train Return Economy Tickets Kes2000 or $20
  • Mombasa SGR Transfers in public Transport (Mini Bus) Return Kes1,000 or $10
  • Food Kes400 or $5

Total for the Mombasa Diani Vacation =

1600 +2000+1000+400 = 5,000

Grand Total Kes4,999 or $49.99

Right now nothing should stop you from having a beach Vacation. Until next time enjoy your Vacay.

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