Touristic Attractions in Mombasa, Kenya.

13 Touristic Attractions in Mombasa, life after the Beach.

Mombasa is known as the (White & Blue City) White (Beach White Sands) and Blue (Sky) city. Located in South East of Coastal Kenya.  Boasting of Numerous Touristic Attractions in Mombasa City.

It is widely known as one of the few cities in Africa you will have cool and fine beaches.

Kenya is widely known for the Big five, Natural Landscapes including Mountains and the Coastal Region where we have the beaches. Best Beaches in Africa for that matter.

Mombasa is the oldest and the 2nd Largest city in Kenya. It has an International Airport (Moi International Airport) Meaning it operates both local and international Flights.

If your destination is Mombasa and you`re flying from your Home Country. Then you should just fly straight to Mombasa. You don’t have to have a stopover at Nairobi to connect your flight unless you want to.

Mombasa is an Island that sprawls to the surrounding mainland. It is separated from the mainlands by two creeks. Kilindini Harbour and Tudor creek.

It is connected to the mainland in the north by Nyali Bridge and to the south by Likoni Ferry and to the west by the Makeup Causeway.

With that said, let`s now dive into the 13 Touristic Attractions in Mombasa, Kenya.

1.) Fort Jesus.

Places to visit in Mombasa - Fort Jesus
Places to visit in Mombasa – Fort Jesus

The name itself is an attraction. Fort means a military construction used for defence in time of war. The fort Architecture was designed in a way that it resembles a human being lying on their back facing the sea.

It was built for three years that is from 1593 – 1596 by the Portuguese who were helped by the Locals.

At some point the British after securing Kenya the fort was used as a prison but in 1958 it was officially made a historical monument and UNESCO named it a world-historical heritage site in 2011.

What to see in Fort Jesus?

The weapons which the Portuguese used to prevent the Island. You will see how they would spot any invading ship from a distance just like in Viking Movies.

How some of the slaves suffered as they waited to be transferred to Arabia and Gulf through the Mombasa Port. They would end up as concubines, guards, soldiers just to mention a few.

What time does Fort Jesus Open?

  • Mon-Sat 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sundays: Closed.

Fort Jesus Entry Charges in 2021.

Citizens Residents Non-Resident
Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult
Kes100 Kes200 Kes200 Kes400 $7 $14

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2.) Mombasa Old Town.

They say when in Rome, do at the Romans do. Referring to adapting the cultures, customs and norms of the particular destination.

Please do not go to old town dressed in Mini Skirts, shorts or Vests. I know you`re in Mombasa and it may be tempting to dress that way because of the high temperatures but for this particular town.

They are always in Bui Bui, am not saying you darn one but just try to cover your body as much as you can. Otherwise, you will draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

What to see in Mombasa Old Town?

Being one of the major Touristic Attractions in Mombasa. The old town will give you a preview of how back in the day people lived. The architectural classic designs tap the cultures of the Portuguese, Asians and British.

Meander through these old buildings with ornately carved doors and balconies. The pass-through may be narrow but still, that is an adventure on its own. Don`t forget your camera to capture moments in Oldtown of the Island. Which is nestled south East of Mombasa.

3.) Mombasa Pembe za Ndovu.

This is the signature to know you`re in Mombasa.  Being one of the main Touristic Attractions in Mombasa, it is the last attraction you should never miss.

Nestled along Moi Avenue near Uhuru Gardens, Pembe za Ndovu means Elephant Ivory. They were first commissioned in 1952 to commemorate the coming of Princess Elizabeth2.

Even though she never showed up since his dad, King George passed on when she was in Nyeri just before she could complete her Kenya Itinerary.

However, they were not permanent but just temporal, the current ones were commissioned 4 years later in 1956 and remain to date. You would think they were erected the day before.

They also represent the fight against poaching. Elephant poaching was rampant then only lately it has reduced after strict measures by the government.

This was the gateway to the exportation of the elephant tusks.

4.) Haller Park Mombasa.

One of the Main touristic attractin Mombasa - Haller Park
One of the main touristic attractions Mombasa – Haller Park

Haller Park was transformed from a wasteland to a nature conserving the environment in 19 71 with the aid of one Dr Rene Haller hence the renaming. It was initially known as Bamburi Nature Trail.

It was an online sensation when a 130 plus years old Tortoise adapted a hippo.

Mzee and Owen Story.

It was in 2004 when Juvenile Owen (Hippo) was separated from his family following the 2004 Tsunami.

He was brought to Haller Park and since Owen had no family nor friends. He decided to seek refuge from Mzee (Aldabra Tortoise) who was only 130 years old.

Well, Mzee who is around 150 Years now was reluctant but eventually, he realised he had nothing to lose and gave it a shot.

They would hang out and Mzee was protective of Owen. They continued until Owen couldn`t be tamed any longer by Mzee and they were separated.

To date as of 2021, you will be able to see all grown Owen and Mzee at Haller Park. For more about Owen and Mzee, get a Book By Isabella Hatkoff Dubbed “Remarkable Friendship”.

What to see in Haller Park Mombasa?

Being another main Touristic Attractions in Mombasa. This park boasts of the only place you will catch wildlife in Mombasa town.

The animals include the most dangerous land Mammal in Africa, the Hippo. Why are hippos the Most Dangerous? This animal alone has killed so many people in Africa than any other animal.

You will also get to see those giant Giraffes and probably get a chance to feed them just like in the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi. The Buffalos, Waterbucks, Eland and Zebras.

Meet the oldest Aldabra Tortoise who is about 160 years old as of 2021. He must have seen it all by now. Tortoises have a lifespan of around 200 Years.

On top of the list, you will get to see giant crocodiles and a Fish Farm.

Mombasa Haller Park Entrance Fee.

Citizens Residents Non-Resident
Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult
Kes200 Kes500 Kes200 Kes500 $6 $14

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5.) Mamba Village Centre Mombasa.

Touristic attractions in Mombasa - Mamba Village
Touristic attractions in Mombasa – Mamba Village

It is tucked along Links road Mombasa. Boasting of being the largest farm Crocodile in East Africa and second in Africa after Pandega holdings in Zimbabwe which accounts for 85% of the global supply of skins to luxury brand fashions.

Mamba Village Centre is one of the main Touristic Attractions in Mombasa since it not only has a Crocodile farm but also a Botanical Garden, Horse and Carmel riding area and a snake park. Aquarium and fish farm.

You must have heard the fetish slang “Call me Daddy”. Well, in Mamba Village you will find the real daddy known as the Big Daddy who is around 100 years plus.

He is the oldest and most respected.

The best time to visit is during feeding just before or at 5:00 PM where the bloody thirsty crocs will be fighting for the morsels and are all on display for you. What an exhilarating experience!

Mamba Village Centre Mombasa Entrance fee.

Citizens Residents Non-Resident
Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult
Kes200 Kes350 Kes200 Kes350 $4 $8

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6.) Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve.

One of the main touristic attractions in Mombasa - Marine Park
One of the main touristic attractions in Mombasa – Marine Park

It stretches from Mtwapa to Tudor creeks. The park is 10 Kilometer squared and the reserve boasts 200 Kilometers squared.

The alluring beauty of white sands surrounded by enchanting palm trees. Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve are one of the most engrossing Touristic Attractions in Mombasa.

The Turquoise water is ideal for, Skiing, Snorkeling, windsurfing and diving. This is the centre of sea life. During hatching periods. The turtle and other slow-moving animals hatch in the shores and back to the water.

Along the beach, you will find locals with boats ready to take you for a tour at a small fee. As well as companies aligned along the shores with all the required water sports facilities for hire.

Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve Entry fee.

Citizens Residents Non-Resident
Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult
Kes100 Kes100 Kes100 Kes100 $10 $15

7.) Bamburi Beach.

This is one of the Beaches on the North Coast, the other two are Shanzu and Nyali beach but I like Bamburi more because.

The white sands are the gentlest hue of gold, almost earthen and muted. The humble start of the scene of the Bamburi Beach driftwood comes upon the buoyant waves as tiny rescue boats hover along the shores of the beach.

Then there is the seaweed, that flora of those salty waves, as deeply green as any high summer foliage.

My favourite as I go for a boat ride with a bottom glass boat along the ocean. Everything that is here upon the softly rolling dunes, is the tall grass and shiny coloured fish that whispers so sweetly into the gusting breeze.

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8.) Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre.

Artefacts at Bombululu Workshops and Cultural Centre
Artefacts at Bombululu Workshops and Cultural Centre

Now that you have done all the Touristic attractions in Mombasa, Kenya. Why can`t you get a souvenir to tie this incredible experience? While still at it, you will be touching and changing the lives of the disabled.

Bombululu workshop and cultural Centre works with 80 disabled men and women artisans to help them overcome their physical limitations and empower them economically and socially to become fully integrated members of their communities.

They have really nice Carvings, beads, necklaces, brooches, rings and bracelets.

9.) Mombasa Go-Kart.

Places to Go in Mombasa - Gp Karting
Places to Go in Mombasa – Gp Karting

Nestled along Mombasa-Malindi Road, 1.5 km after hotel Whitesands, just next to the Petrocity petrol station. There is a big signboard with two flags on the main road.

Mombasa Go-Kart needs you to be at least 54 inches tall and 10 years of age. Those younger or shorter can have their speed reduced to fit in since Go-kart can be hazardous as much as it is an entertainment sport.

Apart from Go Kart, they also have other interesting games likes, Paint Balling and Archery where one has 3 lives.

If you`re shot you`re considered dead but there is a life ring whereby you can always pick your ring.

However, once you exhaust your 3 rings you will be completely out of the game. It is an interesting game you should try.

Mombasa Go-Kart Fees.

Go Kart Citizens Residents Non-Resident
Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult
Kes100 Kes1300 Kes1300 Kes600 $6 $15


Mombasa Go-Kart Open Time.

  • Mondays: Closed (Except Holidays).
  • Tue to Friday 3:30 pm – 10:00 pm.
  • Saturday: 2:30 pm – 10:00 pm.
  • Sunday:  1:30 pm – 10:00 pm.

10.) Wild Waters Mombasa Kenya.

Wild Waters Mombasa One of the Touristic Attractions in Mombasa
Wild Waters Mombasa One of the Touristic Attractions in Mombasa

This is an Entertainment powerhouse for both adults and kids. You can spend all day here full of fan and not notice as time goes by.

Tucked along Links road, Mombasa, next to Mamba Village across from Nyali Golf Club. Experience the beautiful coastal sunshine at Wild Waters.

The only family entertainment Centre of its kind in Kenya! The park features a full day of fun for the entire family – whether you take a thrilling plunge down the waterslides, or just relax and float around the lazy river… there is something for everyone.

Charges at Wild waters Mombasa Kenya.

  • Swimmers – Ksh 1400/-
  • Non-Swimmers – Ksh 300/-

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11.) Nguuni Nature Sanctuary.

Located 4 Kilometers from Lafarge Bamburi Cement in the Nguu Tatu Hills Off Kiembeni Road.

Dr Rene Haller was at it again, he used the experience at Haller Park to turn Nguuni Nature Sanctuary into a habitable environment.

It used to be a wasteland, an Infertile and unproduceable piece of wasteland until Dr Haller came through.

Today it boasts of having the Tall Giants Giraffes, Ostriches, the endangered Oryx and Eland. It is also a nice picnic area and if you`re a cyclist there are nice bike pathways.

Please note the animals are in a natural habitat and not caged. The best time to visit is the evening where you can catch that sundowner and also get the chance to feed the giraffes.

  • Opening Time: 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM.
  • Sundowner Time: 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Opens Daily Mon – Saturday.
  • Sunday Opens: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Nguuni Nature Sanctuary Entrance fee.

Citizens Residents Non-Resident
Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult
Kes100 Kes350 Kes100 Kes350 $3 $8


12.) Butterfly Pavilion Mombasa.

Nature lovers Hi? This is one of the Touristic Attractions in Mombasa you shouldn’t miss.

A serene and calm environment that takes you on a trip to empty your mind and the struggles of daily life as you explore nature and different species of Butterflies.

On top of that, it is great for fitness. You can hire a bike at a small fee and ride on the bike tracks.

Or Have a hike or a run of about 3.8 Kilometers with stopovers known as Vitapercours.

Butterfly Pavilion Mombasa Entrance fee.

Citizens Residents Non-Resident
Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult
Kes150 Kes250 Kes150 Kes250 $3 $6


13.) Ngomongo Village.

Entrance to the Ngomongo Village
Entrance to the Ngomongo Village

Around 8 Kilometers from the city Centre. Ngomongo Villages stands as one of the major cultural touristic attractions in Mombasa.

The village in the forest comprises tribes in Kenya and the way they used to live before the western influence.

You will find what they used for planting back in the day, which they still use since they 0fficially settled in 1998.

All the pathways leading to a certain tribe display their culture. For example, a lead way leading to Akamba will be graced by Beehives, the Maasai pathway will be displayed by skull to show the love for cattle rearing.

Tribes known for hunting crocodiles like the Elmolo do rear Crocs to represent their community. Just a 2 Hour tour will make you feel like you have completed the whole of Kenya and known all the cultural practices. It is worth a shot if you`re into the culture.

Which one of these Touristic Attractions in Mombasa have you visited before? Let me know in the comment section.

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