Packing list for beach vacation with Boyfriend

What to pack for your beach vacation with your Boyfriend?

Planning a beach vacation with your Bae? Congratulations! But before you get excited and all. Do you know exactly what to pack for your beach vacation with your Boyfriend?

I know there`s nothing more interesting than being in love, huh! That shit feels good not to mention when you head for a vacation with her/him for the first time.

I consider a vacation a perfect test to see if you at least like someone. Spoiler alert, most of us men can`t help it but tend to leave things everywhere.

On the other side, you don`t want to mess things up right? That is why I have come up with this list of, what to pack for your beach vacation with your Boyfriend.

Beach Vacation is everybody`s dream even those hardcore introverts and 24/7 office attendants who seem like they don`t have any other life other than the office.

Just mention to them beach vacation and they will jump and cling on your back so that you don`t leave them.

If you`re doing beach vacation consider this useful, remember to always pack versatile and light. Consider carry-ons whenever possible.

Now, without much ado, let’s dive in and see what to pack for your beach vacation whether with your Boyfriend, solo with friends, or family.

Sun Protection.

It is ideal to do a beach vacation during summer. This is the time to rock the beach like a star. As much as the sun comes in handy with the beach.

You need to protect yourself from the scorching sun. Otherwise, by the time you leave the beach, you will be looking totally different.

Remember you`re with your boyfriend and you don`t want him to see you in that state, here is what you should pack to avoid this.

Sun Screen Protection.

Beach Vacation essential - Neutrogena Sunscreen
Beach Vacation essential – Neutrogena Sunscreen

You will need good Sunscreen, please note there are many brands, some are effective others are not. I have personally tried Hydro boost Sunscreen and it has always worked.

It is like you have been under the shade all day long yet you were under the summer beach scorching sun.

It has a Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 which delivers superior broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and hydration with a water-light, refreshing feel.

(Applicable for Her and Him).

Check it on Jumia or Amazon

Sun Hat.

Sun Hat For Her
Sun Hat For Her

She will need a wide brim Sun Hat for beauty and further protection from the scorching sun.

Nothing looks sexier like her holding a glass of fruit juice darning a wide brim Sun Beach Hat.

It is Floppy Foldable Roll up sun Beach Hat. I find Lanzom Women’s 5.5 Inches Wide irresistible from a guy’s point of a view.

Rock them, blossom your confidence and morale while at the beach with your boyfriend or Solo.

Get it on Amazon.


What to pack for your beach vacation with your Boyfriend - Wooden Unisex Sunglasses
What to pack for your beach vacation with your Boyfriend – Wooden Unisex Sunglasses

Is it me or, does being on the beach without shades kind of feels odd? SunGlasses should be on the list of what to pack for your beach vacation with your Boyfriend.

The two of you will look stunning rocking those shades like never before.

You will need polarized sunglasses both for her and him. I find unisex sunglasses more appealing than those signified for Men or Women only.

I mean she can rock yours and you can rock hers. Isn’t sharing caring?

You`re one after all and if either doesn`t want to share then I guess if you`re okay with that then you just respect their choice. I found these wooden Polarized Bamboo Sun Glasses unique and stylish.

Get it on Amazon.

Rash Guard.


What are Rashguards, these basically swim shirts which are worn in or around water that prevent you from rashes, chaffing, and scrapes.

RashGuard is normally made of polyester, nylon, or spandex. They are also known to protect you from UV exposure.

If you are into watersports, Rashguards should be on your list of what to pack for a beach vacation with your boyfriend.

Get Rashguard on Amazon.

Beach Umbrella.

Umbrella Beach
Umbrella Beach

Probably you are wondering why the Umbrella? This is no ordinary Umbrella but a patio that comes with a sand Anchor a Tilt aluminium pole that is foldable and easy to carry on in terms of size.

Look different on the beach. It is not only stylish but gives you a welcoming warm reception at the beach. Be everybody`s envy.

It is light, manageable 2.5 Kgs.

Get it On Amazon.

What to Wear for Beach Vacation?

Now that you have protected yourself from the fierce scorching sun, it is time to ask yourself What clad to pack for your beach vacation with your Boyfriend. I will be giving you the most essential packing list for a beach vacation.

Beach Short for Men.

Vacation Pack - Quick to Dry Shorts
Vacation Pack – Quick to dry shorts

You will need quick dry shorts for a better experience on the beach. These MaaMgic Men’s Swim Trunks for men have inner mesh wear to keep you comfortable and free.

It has an elastic waistband with a drawstring that goes through the swim shorts making it convenient to wear.

It conveniently has side pockets and a back wallet pocket making it ideal for keeping little change and your phone together with hers.

Get the Men Beach Short on Amazon.

Women’s Swimsuit Cover-up.

Women Bikini Cover Up
Women Bikini Cover Up

I would like my woman to be a little bit covered and this swimsuit cover-up comes in handy to avoid weird staring from strangers.

However, people are different and you probably would like to bere it all. Like this Bikini without a cover-up.

You can still darn your bikini but also cover it up in style. Depending on your interest and preferences. You can get either but I would advise for both. Bikini and a swimsuit cover-up.

Get Bikini on Amazon Bikini and Bikini Cover-Up.

Dinner Dress.

Floral Dress
Floral Dress

Most probably you will have a romantic dinner and this calls for a coastal-friendly dress.

Simple but classy and to occasion fitting. You don`t want to wear city dinner dresses remember you`re on the beach. A dinner dress is essential on what to pack for a beach vacation with your Boyfriend.

Try this floral printed maxi dress.

Linen wear for Men (Dinner).

Linen Shirt
Linen Shirt

As for you the man, you will need to rock linen stylish and comfortable wear for that dinner. You don`t carry a suit to the coast otherwise you will trend and all manner of memes will emerge. You don’t want to embarrass your lady or friends.

Get the right beach clad and wear the confidence, your lady will love you for that. No school will teach you this.

Get a savvy Linen on Amazon.

Beach Sandals.

Flip Floss
Flip Floss

Whenever I know I am going to the coast I always rock my Open shoes all through. I never pack any closed shoes because I know I will hardly wear or need them.

Beach Sandals come in handy during beach vacation even though I personally like walking barefoot on the beach.

The white sand massage is incomparable. The feeling when the sands meander through your toes is unparalleled.

Get this Flip-flop beach sandal for him featuring suede straps with stitching detail and contrast stripe on the midsole and automatically correct on the arch support.

Get Beach Sandals For Him and Beach Sandals for Her.

Duffel Bag.

Beach Bag
Beach Bag

Now that you have got your clothes covered, you will need a duffel bag for your packing.

Why do I confidently recommend a duffel bag? Because it is easy to carry and adjustable not rigid like those suitcases.

Well, you can do your suite case if you will be on the beach for long but still, I highly recommend a duffel bag for your beach packing.

Get a duffel Bag on Amazon.

Beach cooler Bag.

Essentials to Pack for Beach Vacation with your Boyfriend
Essentials to Pack for Beach Vacation with your Boyfriend

Nothing comes in handy like having a foldable size Beach Cooler Bag.

The Scorching sun needs something cool. Remember one of the tips on the beach is to stay hydrated.

You will need a cold drink regularly and this is where the cooler bag comes through.

It has a super thick lining and can hold up to 24 cans comfortably.

The best thing about this cooler bag it holds hot and cold temperatures in equal measure for up to 12 hours depending on the environment. Making it a multi-purpose bag.

Not only on the beach but also for other travel-related events like camping and hiking.

Get a cooler bag on Amazon.

Waterproof Phone Case.

Waterproof Phone Case.
Waterproof Phone Case.

Everybody likes their phones, we seem not to help but just like our phones. Everywhere we go we want our phones near us at all costs.

Now, what if I told you there is a waterproof phone case for your treasured phone that can make your phone waterproof?

You will be able to operate with the touch screen normally and you can dive in with your phone at hand.

I know it can seem daunting at first but I can assure you. No water will leak in. Apart from water it also prevents the phone from the notorious Beach sand.

Get a Waterproof Phone Case on Amazon

Lifestraw Filtered Bottle.

What to Pack for Beach Vacation with your Boyfriend
What to Pack for Beach Vacation with your Boyfriend

Whenever you are in a sunny environment and you happen to be active.

You need to stay hydrated. On the beach, you will be dehydrated and you will need this life straw bottle.

Why is this bottle important even beyond the beach life?

You can confidently take any water to drink because the life straw is made in a way that filters all the dirt, bacteria, or any imaginable germs making it safe for drinking.

It even saves you the hassle of buying water whenever since you can always refill in any spigot and you will be good to go.

Get Lifestraw Filtered Bottle on Amazon.

GoPro Hero9

GoPro Hero9- Ideal for Beach Vacation
GoPro Hero9- Ideal for Beach Vacation

This is probably the most versatile and unshakable HERO camera ever.

It has a streamlined design that makes it pocketable and swapping mounts takes just seconds, thanks to built-in folding fingers.

It comes in a touch screen LCD 5k ultra HD Video 20 mp Photos, 1080 p with a live stream webcam that is quite stable. Rugged and waterproof, you can shoot a clean video in the gnarliest conditions ever.

Ideal when sea surfing, snorkelling, and skiing.

Get GoPro Hero9 on Amazon.


The most important thing to pack for a beach vacation is your confidence. With that other things will fall in place.

Whether in Shape, size the goal is one, to enjoy yourself. That is all that matters. Let nobody convince you otherwise.

Beach vacation is everybody’s dream if you can manage. Grab that Flight, Train, or Bus, and head to the beach.

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Thank you for the read, did I leave any essential? Let me know in the comment section.

Happy Holidays


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