Best Beach Photo Poses

15 Beach photo poses ideas to try in your next Vacation.

Beach photo poses.

Finally, Vacation is here with you and you need the best beach photo poses for the gram.

Alright, I know that exhilaration days before that long waited beach Vacation and all.

It just never gets old, no matter how many times you have been to the Beach.

It is allowed you have worked so hard to earn it and this is the time to relax whether with your family, friends or alone.

You have your Beach Essentials Right, ticket check and Finally, you have booked your hotel through your travel agent or Booking. Com.

With that said you will need to spice your beach stay by having the best beach photo poses.

Anyone can pose yes but what about bringing something new on the internet?

Yes, stand out from the rest and get a bit quirky, flattery and creative with your beach photo poses.

I have always said, we are lucky our time we have photos and for that matter coloured ones. Not long ago we had none.

This should tell you to have as many photos as possible, your great-grandchild will be able to see you even when long gone. (May you live long though).

Photography is an art that when well-illustrated it can speak a thousand words. This is why I did a dedicated blog post on how to take photos when travelling.

Without much ado, let’s dive in and disseminate the best beach photo poses.

1.) Bring a Seat to the Beach.

Bring a seat to the Beach
Bring a seat to the Beach

This is why I like beachfront Hotels, Villas and Cottages.

You can easily pull a seat to the beach. The pic stands out because it is rare to spot a seat on the beach.

Shoot the Photo and make sure you capture the scenic blue background.

It will be more riveting and appealing when the tides are high.

This is one of my best photo beach poses. The image was taken at Pinewood Beach Resort.

2.) Photo Shading as you face the Beach.

One of the best Beach Photo Poses
One of the best Beach Photo Poses

How about shading yourself black like a painting then make sure the beach is clear as daylight?

I find this beach pose incredibly enthralling especially when the light favours you and you`re able to take a dark human posture.

Whether black or white you will not be able to tell apart.

It’s kind of reminds us we are all one despite the colour.

The only distinct feature you will be able to tell is whether it is a woman or a Man because of the body frame.

3.) Beach foot Print.

My footprint on the Beach
My footprint on the Beach

How regularly do you get to see your footprint? I also thought the same it`s not regular so this is the moment to utilize.

I find it enticing to see my footprint on those white sandy beaches.

It also gives me the entitlement of the famous quote when it comes to pollution.

Only leave your footprints don’t trash. Then another famous quote I like is, “many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”. Be their best friend on every beach you visit.

4.) Yoga on the beach.

Beach Photo Poses - Yoga
Beach Photo Poses – Yoga

This is not really yoga but what about a pose insinuating that?

You can be on a Tee with creative or flattery writings on the back.

To spice up everything if you`re on a special beach or on an island whereby there is a curious amalgam of the beach and forest.

This is a rare experience and once you get the chance utilize it and take that quirky photo by the beach. This was at The Sands at Chale Island.

5.) Writing on the Sand Beach.

Beach Photo Poses - Toe Writing
Beach Photo Poses – Toe Writing

Beach Sand is the only sand you can comfortably touch and not feel grubby.

We all like the mushy squashy touch of the Beach Sand.

Writing using your toes or hands. It brings the bubbly hyper kid in you and documenting this will always give you goosebumps by taking you way back to childhood.

This is one of the beach poses you shouldn’t miss.

To make it more engrossing you can just capture your hands or toes whichever you used to write or draw.

You can write on the beach sand anything creative like -:

  • Text me on my shell phone
  • Vitamin Sea
  • Life is a Beach
  • Beach Please
  • Beach more worry less
  • Life good with a beach

6.) Lagoon Beach Photo Poses.

One of the best Beach Photo Poses.
One of the best Beach Photo Poses.

I know not every beach will get a lagoon but once you do.

This is where the Beach should know your name.

You unapologetically pose for all beach poses.

I mean Utilize such moments by documenting them for a lifetime through photography.

Make sure to capture the lagoon with high and zero tides.

Don’t just pose for a photo, make sure you capture a big chunk of the Lagoon.

Be the human element but let the lagoon remain the main Subject.

7.) Cocktail Beach photo poses.

Beach Photo Poses - Image Pam
Beach Photo Poses – Image Pam

How about a beach photo poses as you dine and wine by the beach?

This is a rare sight and once you have such a set up you should dive in.

Many beach resorts can organize a beach cocktail or even a sundowner by the beach as you sip that wine or soft drink.

I regard such photos as memorable and indelible.

Make a statement by being a little bit creative.

A set-up like this will not be more than $30 but it will give you a lifetime experience.

Try this on your next beach vacation.

8.) Make use of rare sightings.

Rare Sighting at The Sands at Chale Island.
Rare Sighting at The Sands at Chale Island.

I was at the sands at Chale Island and there is this “small island” within the island. Where when there is a low tide you can walk and have a memorable photo session.

This is a picture you will not come across on the internet regularly.

What should stop you from taking such chances?

Utilize all the scenic sites within the beach and pose for a memorable photo.

9.)Beach photo poses- Leap.

Incredible Shot a leap between a pool and the Sea - Image Mr Muiruri
Incredible Shot a leap between a pool and the Sea – Image Mr Muiruri

If you can capture the sea together with the hotel Pool.

This will automatically be an amazing shoot.

However, get a little bit creative and add a human element between the turquoise Pool and the cobalt-blue Ocean.

If you can, jump and the one taking the photo to be timely or simply take a continuous shot.

Then you will achieve a great shot that stands out.

Sometimes it can take more than one jump and patience will be a virtue here for such a great shot to happen.

However, if you’re not able to jump, just make a nice but affirmative pose.

10.) Beach Photo Poses – Don Traditional.

Beach Photo Poses - Masai Accessories and Sphere
Beach Photo Poses – Masai Accessories and Sphere

Nothing makes you stand out like being different or beating off the odds.

Simple creativity like donning a Masai Sphere and a shield will make you stand out.

No one expects you to have such traditional wear on the beach.

It is rare to come across such on the beach. What would have ended up just like any other beach photo becomes a phenomenal shoot as you can see above.

11.) Madafu Illusion.

Beach Photo Poses - Creating Illusion- Image Pinterest
Beach Photo Poses – Creating Illusion -Image Pinterest

Take Madafu (Coconut Milk) and place it near your Camera. Your subject should be distant enough to create an incredible illusion.
Your subject will appear as if is sitting on the Madafu causing a “Mystery Shot”.

Distance is key to achieve such a shot. It may take time before this actual shot so the one taking the shot and subject should be both patients.

12.) Bucket Scare

Illusion Mug - Image Pinterest
Illusion Mug – Image Pinterest

Again distance is Key to get such a shot.
Creating illusions is one of the best beach photo poses.
It doesn’t have to be a bucket, even a cup can do the job.
For better results, the one taking the photo should direct the subject to the position and reactions.

13.) Giant Kiss.

Beach Photo Poses - Giant Kiss - Image Pinterest
Beach Photo Poses – Giant Kiss – Image Pinterest

The “Giant one” should be near the camera.
The other should be distant from the camera.
Play around with distance and position until you get the best beach photo poses.

14.) Group Pattern

Beach Group Pattern - Pinterest
Beach Group Pattern – Pinterest

There are various patterns you can come up with in beach photo poses.
This is just one of the many you can try.
You need to be at least 5 for a more incredible repetitive pattern.

15.) Room Seaview Beach Photo poses

Sea View from your room
Sea View from your room

If you happen to book a sea view room.
You should never miss such an enchanting shot.
It is not only a great view but also makes anyone want to visit the beach that very moment.
The view from the bed, room windows, the white Beach Sand and the turquoise ocean reflecting the clear sky blue endless horizon is a simply unparalleled image to keep.

Final Thoughts.

Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second. Take that extra second to take an incredible beach photo whenever you get the chance.

Whenever words become unclear, we focus on photographs for pictures never changes even when the people in them do.

You can have a professional but simple DSLR Camera or simply use your phone. Most smartphones have digitalized cameras that actually take good pictures.

Until next time, take care.

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