The Sands at Chale Island Kenya

The sands at Chale island Kenya.

Where Would you like to go for a honeymoon in Kenya? The Sands at Chale Island Kenya will be the answer to this alluring question to many international and domestic tourists.

I looked forward and I couldn`t wait to check in this ravishing and entrancing hotel nestled on a private island on the southern coast.

This was the first time I was going to the sands at Chale Island Kenya and it was going to be lit keep reading for a real-time experience.

Chale Island is more of a headland than an Island tucked in Kwale County around 600 km from Nairobi. Well, I was not here for a honeymoon but a vacation.

However, if you are looking for a honeymoon suite in Kenya then this is the place to look up to since they have kind of a way specialized in that.

Tip: Book the honeymoon suite even if you`re not there for the honeymoon. It is simply phenomenal. We shall be seeing why in a few.

Now without much ado, let’s delve in and see what The Sands at Chale Island Kenya has for you.

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The Sands at Chale Island Kenya Location.

Karibu Sands at Chale Island Kenya
Karibu Sands at Chale Island Kenya

This enchanting headland is located on Southern Coast, 10 km from Diani. As we have seen above it is around 600 km from Nairobi, Kenya.

The headland is 12.5 Kms long and 0.9 Kms wide. The island is divided into two parts, one which holds the Sands at Chale Island Kenya and the other is where we have the Sacred forest of Kaya.

Once on the edge of the headland to get to the Sands at Chale Island Kenya, you will be transferred with a tractor if the tide is low and when it is high you will use a boat.

When we were checking in from Pinewood Beach Resort the tide was high, around 1:00 PM and we used a Boat but the day of checking out we used a tractor.

It was an unapparelled experience to use both means of transfers to the Resort.

How to get to The Sands at Chale Island Kenya?

The simplest way to get to Chale Island is by using private means from Moi International Airport or Miritini SGR Station.

This will cost anything between $20 to $70 depending on the size and type of the transfer vehicles. A distance of 2 hours drive.

However, if you`re on a budget, you can always board a shuttle from Miritini SGR Station. You will be dropped at Ukunda Naivas Supermarket Stage.

You will pay $5 for the transfer, then from Ukunda, you can get a taxi or a Tuk Tuk whereby you will be charged anything less than $5.

Again, this depends on how you look and the skills you have for bargaining. So, basically, if you are on a budget the transfer should cost you between $8 -$15.

The Sands at Chale Island Offers the Following Activities.

Sands at Sands - Chale Island Activities
Sands at Sands – Chale Island Activities

Unlike other Islands, the sands at Chale Island offers an array of magical activities which will keep your stay even more enjoyable.


Chale Island is a diver’s paradise especially from November to February whereby the seasonal Shark sightings are rapid.

They have designated dive sites both in the north and south of the Island.

Water Sports.

There is an assemblage of water activities which include; water glass boat with a clear bottom view which make it possible to have a taste of the marine life.

Beach Snorkeling, game fishing and local catamaran – (Catamaran is a yacht or other boat with hulls in Parallel.

Kayaking Around the Island.

I know this already sounds fun, explore the 12.5 Kms long headland and enjoy the enchanting beauty of the island in a group or with your partner.

Explore the island intricate waterways and fissures.

Maisha Poa Spa.

Are you yearning and craving for that tantalizing Massage? Maisha Poa Spa (In Swahili meaning good life) will be the place to look forward to.

It is tucked in the heart of the Island whereby all the energies of the ancient mangrove and the benevolent breeze give an ambience environment to relax.


There are numerous places you can go for an excursion from the Island. You can take a boat excursion to Diani which is about 12 Kms across the headland.

There is also the option of the mangrove swamp excursions to Gazi where you can experience the traditional Kenyan Life.

You can swim with the dolphins at Wasini.


How can you escape this riveting experience in paradise? Well, have that desired tranquillity and serenity as the sun sets down with your loved one.

It is one exhilarating experience you shouldn’t miss while at The Sands at Chale Island. The experience of the sun descending on the horizon is simply magical and marvellous.

Accommodation at the Sands at Chale Island.

The Accommodation is grouped into 6 options with different prices and tastes according to your liking and budget.

Before I delve into the rooms. Please note that they don’t have electricity, they use Generator whereby to reduce carbon footprint it is switched off from 10:00 PM – 5:00 pm. However, a smaller generator is operational all through.

If you want to charge your phone you can do that in the reception area and any other main lounges in the Hotel.

Standard Room.

If you`re on a budget these are the rooms you should be looking for. They are good since the swimming pools are actually near these standard rooms.

They are 28 ensuite rooms set with Swahili beds outside the Verandah facing the Ocean for that breezy moment outside your room.

The Bandas at The Sands at Chale.

They offer a quirky coastal experience. It is basically a 1 unit whereby you are on your own and you have all the verandah and sea view by yourself.

What else can one ever request? This is where I was booked and I enjoyed every minute of my stay from check-in to check out.

Unlike in the standard rooms the Bandas have palm thatch roofs which will keep the coastal temperature naturally regulated.

Sunbeds are right outside the private veranda.

Pent House.

Do you want the ultimate view of this alluring island? This is where your booking should be directed. You have a view of both the Island and the Ocean.

You`re basically in another world. This is where you begin to live since you will have an unparalleled experience.

Over Water Suits.

Talk of serene tranquillity, this is the place you out to book if you like it over the waters. It is one of the kinds in Kenya.

The experience you get when you stay in these overwater Banda is simply magical. If you don’t want to leave your little paradise which is a bit distant from the main restaurant you can order for room service and simply live in your own world over the waters.

Suite on the Rocks.

Okay, this is the epitome of The Sands at Chale Island Kenya. This is the dream room; it is the famous honeymoon suite.

Everyone dreams of staying here even for one night in this islet connected by a stone bridge. It is an Island on its own.

If you have the capability this is the room you should spend at least once in your life.

I didn’t sleep there but I managed to have a glimpse of it and I was awestruck not because I have never seen such kind of room but the surrounding environment and what it exposes you to.

Extravagant opulence at its peak.

Chale Island Booking and Prices.

The best thing about the Sands at Chale Island is that it can accommodate even backpackers who are on a budget.

The Standard rooms are nice and quite affordable. If you can manage the other luxury rooms as explained above then the better.

Please check the current Prices Here. Key in the dates and you will get the costs of the room and what is required of you to book.

Swimming pool at the Sands at Chale Island Kenya.

High Jump to the Pool- the Sands at Chale Island Kenya Image Mr Muiruri
High Jump to the Pool- the Sands at Chale Island Kenya Image Mr Muiruri

Whenever I check in any hotel the first Stop is always the swimming pool. I like soaking in and relaxing my jetlag.

So, I headed to the swimming pool after checking in and refreshing. It was rather a stream like which had both shallow and deep ends.

Even though not really deep since I could stand and am 5.8ft.

The best part of the pool is that it surrounds the bar meaning you can have your drink while soaking in the pool and since it is not deep it is ideal for all.

Whether you know how to swim or not you are game.

They have two pools of which I saw the second one the following day. It is turquoise and has a proper deep end.

This is designed for swimmers. One thing I like about pools in the coastal region is that they are always warm naturally because of the climate condition there. 

The Beach at the Sands at Chale Island Kenya.

The Beach
The Beach

Well, I don’t remember enjoying myself this much on the beach. Yes, it is small and not as vast as those in Diani beach.

However, the beach is spotlessly clean and accommodates everyone comfortably. You will not meet with the dreaded beach boys since it is private.

The waves at around 6:00 PM were simply incredible. We would let loose and let the water carry us to the shores of the beach and we would repeat this until dark.

On the shores, there are sunbath umbrellas with wooden beds with sized mattresses for maximum comfort.

Day Trip to Chale Island.

Probably the easiest way to get to Chale Island. You will get in a Speed boat at Diani Beach and have a Tour all through to Chale Island.

You will have the chance to access the facility and even the opportunity to have a taste of their cuisine. This Chale Island Package will include.

  • Snorkelling
  • Mangrove Tour
  • Chale Island Access, you will be able to swim and use their beach space.
  • Lunch at the Sands at Chale Island.

How Much for a Daytrip to Chale Island from Diani? Kes15,000 or $150 Per Person with a minimum of 6 Pax.

Book a day trip to Chale Island tour with Incredible Kenya Adventures.

FAQs about Sands at Chale Island Kenya.

The Over Water Suite
The Over Water Suite

How far is Chale Island from Diani Beach?

Well, this depends on where you are coming from but the average distance is about 19 km from Diani to Chale.

How do I get to Chale Island from Diani?

There are different ways you can get to Chale Island. You can hire a taxi to drive you there or if you`re on a budget.

You can hire a Tuk Tuk which is affordable and widely available. It is only a 19 Kms drive.

Which Country is Chale Island Located?

Chale Island is on Kenya`s southern coast.

How much does it cost to Stay at Sands at Chale Island Kenya?

This will depend on the type of room and the length of your stay. Key in your preferred dates and check prices here.

How far is The Sands at Chale Island from the centre of Chale Island?

The Sands at Chale Island is 1,500 feet from the centre of the Island

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