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Why Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa is unique

We will always hark back to the sensational moment we had at Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa. They gave us a perfect array of the desired 5 Star hospitality.

This alluring resort-based 10 Kms from the Ukunda Airstrip and 44 Kms from Mombasa Town is consummate of elegance on the southern coast.

We blended in with ease and felt like family, this was home away from home. The staff from top to bottom were affable and cordial.

When checking in we were welcomed with saccharine “Madafu” with a wooden hollow stick for slurping and siphoning this signature coastal drink.

After quaffing pint after pint of the welcoming “Coconut Milk” we were allocated rooms and I couldn`t wait to see what was in store for us.

This was just the beginning and I had already blended in with my whole being feeling already at home.

It is at this moment I knew Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa was my ideal vacation kind of hotel.

Without much ado, let’s now delve in and dissect this prepossessing eco-friendly resort and see what it has in store for us.

Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa Location.

Spotlessly clean Beach at Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa
Spotlessly clean Beach at Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa

This alluring boutique hotel is tucked in Diani, Ukunda South Coast of Mombasa, Kenya. The hotel Beach is an array of unspoiled shores of the ever stunningly warm Indian Ocean.

The nearest Airstrip is Ukunda, only 20 Minutes drive to this coastal gem of a hotel. Galu Beach where you will find Pinewood is one of the cleanest beaches we have on the southern coast.

How to Get to Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa.

You have two easy options; you can use the SGR or Flight all from Nairobi.

SGR: Catch the Madaraka Express and alight at the Miritini SGR Station Mombasa. You have the option of getting a taxi or if you have booked with a tour agent they will organize a transfer for you.

If you`re on a budget, there is an option to use public transport- shuttles will charge you Kes500 or $5 from Miritini to Ukunda Naivas Supermarket Stage.

From that stage to Pinewood is a distance of about 10 Kilometers whereby you can hire a TUK TUK.

They will charge you between Kes150 – Kes300 or even more depending on how you present yourself.

The shuttles can take you up to the pinewood beach resort at an extra fee of Kes500/-

Flight: The other Option, you have is to take a flight from Wilson Airport straight to Ukunda.

A 10 Kilometer to Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa will be easy to connect by taking a taxi or Uber to the Resort. Or rather still contact Pinewood to organise transfers.

Accommodation at Pinewood Beach Resort.

A Deluxe Room
A Deluxe Room

As I took my key and made my long strides to my room alongside a jovial assistant who carried my bags to my room.

I couldn`t help but admire the enchanting lush greenery lawn compound fringed by natural well-kept bushes and trees.

It gave me a touch of the wild at the same time the breeze from the sea which came with a sense of balance, the wisdom to move yet at a steady calm pace.

Here we are at the rooms, a two-storey villa like ravishing and entrancing white building. The potter opened the room.

It was not only eco friendly but also bewitching as a whole. This was going to be my home for the night.

I couldn`t ask for more, the room was ensuite with a spacious verandah which had a healing bed strategically situated outside the verandah to help you connect with nature.

There were no plastic bottles, this was highlighting and the toiletries were on point accentuated by tea and coffee making facilities.

The A.C in the room was impactful and made you feel like you are directly seated beside the sea breeze with all the heat.

Room Summary: They have 38 Rooms, 20 Suites and one family Suite

What is unique about Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa?

A Unique Experience by the Beach at Pinewood Beach Resort
A Unique Experience by the Beach at Pinewood Beach Resort

I rarely do hotel reviews but when I do, just know that particular hotel hit differently. Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa is simply unique with the little things.

They believe the little things count; it is more of a home than a hotel. The moment you set foot on that compound, you become part of the family, which means a lot.

With that personalized service, you feel important and appreciated. For instance, how many hotels will write your name on a board upon checking in just to make you feel appreciated and welcomed?

Pinewood does that, if you ever want to feel that connection Pinewood will be there for you.

It might not be the fanciest hotel, but sometimes peace of mind is more salient than anything else. And that is the goal of pinewood.

The Swimming pool at Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa.

Pool at Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa
The pool at Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa

I like swimming, the first thing I do whenever I check in any hotel, I always head up to the swimming pool.

So, a pool is kind of a big deal to me, the pinewood Beach Resort & Spa Pool was Satisfactory especially with those mini seats inside the pool whereby you can order your drink as you seat on the water.

I found that design startling at the same time you can see the beach from the pool.

It was well kept, clean and enjoyable.

Amani Spa and Gym.

This is where beauty and therapy merge in one sentence to create a classy tasteful environment. You will get your-:

  • Lala Salama Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Swedish Massages
  • Shoulder to head Massage
  • Facial and waxing job
  • Hair Dressing for ladies.
  • Fully Equipped Modern Gym

Restaurants at Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa.

Peponi Beach Restaurant at Pinewood
Peponi Beach Restaurant at Pinewood

Bahari Bistro – this is one of my favourite restaurants and it is used for though not limited to Breakfast and Dinner.

You will get to gaze at the coloured beautiful fish in the nearby fish pond and even get to feed them.

I was thrilled to see friendly weaver birds trying to make their nest since they feel Pinewood is home.

Tamu Snack Grill – Just like the Name Suggest, this is a sweet palace where you get your 4 PM Tea or coffee and Lunch.

Peponi Beach Restaurant – This is an informal set-up restaurant for things like BBQ and traditional entertainment held every Tuesday and Friday.

Jahazi Bistro Restaurant – This is mostly though not limited to serving lunch at Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa. It is located at the beach and has incredible views as you take your delectable meal.

The Galu Beach at Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa.

The winning Volleyball Team by the Beach
The winning Volleyball Team by the Beach

I fancied their white Sands Serene Beach not because it was any better than the rest but how they maintained and made sure it was almost spotlessly clean.

This I give to them, it is not easy to maintain the beach, I have been to several beaches and Galu Beach at Pinewood Beach Resort stood out from the rest.

I also didn`t spot the dreaded beach boys at least for the time I was there. Maybe they do come but for the period I was there, I did not spot any.

Only one Masai who was selling his artefacts of which we promoted his hustle. Galu beach is incredibly beautiful and upon request, you can have a sundowner by the beach with your spouse.

Treat your Better half to a tantalizing dinner by the beach.



Apart from passion, relaxation the other reason I travel is to eat. Yes, I love delectable dishes.

So, my review of Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa couldn’t be complete without sampling their Local and International Cuisine.

I like savoury dishes and they had all the options. Seafood was in plenty the only thing I missed was goat meat but I understand it is rare in the coastal areas.

Anyway, I did not need it much since that is the staple food in Nairobi and seafood was something, I never get to see regularly so I devoured in their delectable white meat.

Their fruits were fresh and I really enjoyed every bit of it without any formal apologies. They should never change the supplier.

The last day was different, nothing was cooked and you selected what you want to eat then take your order to the Chef to do live cooking as you watch.

It was such an exhilarating experience you are likely not to find anywhere else. Watching my food cooked was a whole new experience altogether.


I have written my honest opinion and exactly what I experienced at Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa.

My overall assumptions before the visit were underrated until I visited this resort. The hotel rates high than most of the famous resorts in Diani but before you visit as I did.

You will never understand this narrative. At pinewood Beach Resort and Spa, the little things that count are what actually matters.

When everyone is happy, from staff to clients everything else falls in place effortlessly.

Check Rates.

Book Now, Check Prices of Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa.

Until next time make the best choice.

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