Voi Safari Lodge Restaurant View

Voi Safari Lodge, find out why it is home for Elephants.

I thought I had seen it all at Saltlick Safari lodge until I visited Voi Safari lodge. These two lodges have an underground tunnel.

The tunnel leads to a water hole where you get close and personal to the wildlife which includes the Jumbos (Elephants), buffaloes, zebras, waterbucks, and sometimes Lions.

Am not comparing the two lodges since each has its uniqueness but the tunnel at Voi Safari Lodge stands out.

The lodge is easily accessible from both portions of the eastern and western sides of the vast Tsavo ecosystem.

After our Safari from the Eminent Ngulia Safari Lodge, Voi Safari Lodge was our next stop. I couldn`t wait to witness the enchanting aerial pictures I see online.

Without much ado, let’s dive in and dissect this alluring lodge nestled at one of the vast arenas of perched scrub and heat-shimmering Tsavo East National Park.

Voi Safari Lodge Location

Voi Safari Lodge
Voi Safari Lodge

So, how do we get to this Gem in Tsavo National Park?

The lodge is 345 Kilometers from Nairobi, Kenya. A 6 or so hours drive. It is tucked inside the Tsavo East National Park in a hilly rock overlooking the Voi Town.

The lodge is known as the finishing Safari lodge since this is where you quiver off your Safari Persona and start preparing for a beach vacation.

It is only 160 Kms to Mombasa, a two hours drive.

How to get to Voi Safari Lodge.

You can access this illustrious lodge in three different modes of transport.

Road: You will take up to 6 hours drive from Nairobi and only 2hours from Mombasa it could be less or more though it will always depend.

Air: The lodge is accessible from the Wilson Airport Nairobi, where your chartered craft will land at Voi Airstrip which is 14 Kms from Voi Safari Lodge.

Madaraka Express: This is the SGR and I find this being the most useful mode of transport to the lodge both economically and conveniently.

It is only 11 Kms from the Voi SGR Station to the lodge.

Accommodation at Voi Safari Lodge.

Awe-inspiring view of the Pool and Elephants from the waterhole
The awe-inspiring view of the Pool and Elephants from the waterhole

It is riveting how almost every room has a quirky awe-inspiring view of the parched scrub savanna highlighted by the azure enchanting pool which overlooks the eminent water holes.

They have a queen-size bed, a working station for those on transit but still, need to work. The rooms give you the unparalleled tranquillity that you deserve.

The rooms are 53 in number making it one of Tsavo`s Lodges to go to.  Rooms are clean with this large glass window for spectacular Magical views from the comfort of your bed.

What is Unique about Voi Safari Lodge.

The underground Tunnel! This is where jaws drop in admiration of the natural beauty of the gentlest animals coming close and personal.

I happened to sneak in the tunnel alone and records were made. I have never been this close to Elephants all alone, just us.

These giants are charming, I wonder where poachers draw the energy to kill these divine creatures.

I think this is the most enthralling underground tunnel ever for viewing animals.

I could spend the whole day watching them quench their thirst, they were so orderly than most of us. They would take water in turns without any fight and so are the buffaloes.

The Voi Safari Lodge Amenities.

The hotel is an attraction on its own, the facilities surrounding and within the lodge are salient quintessential. Let’s delve in and see what will keep you immersed in this gem.

  • Swimming Pool
The Enchanting Pool
The Enchanting Pool

This turquoise enchanting pool that overlooks the water holes for the wildlife embellishes the lodge as a whole.

Once in the pool, you will have clear amazing views of the wilderness fringed by Jumbos (Elephants), Buffalos, waterbucks, Impalas, and the Plain Zebras.

This is where you splash after a long day of game drives or travel from Nairobi. Do you want to grin and gram? Well, this is where you take those alluring and bewitching photos for the gram.

Free WIFI.

If you can’t keep calm and want to gram, you have free reliable Wi-Fi, call your family back home reconnect with friends and family with ease.

No password, no coding just a click and you are good to go.


Voi Safari Lodge is a family-friendly hotel and you will have your kids entertained by the in-house animation team which include-:

  • Traditional Dancers
  • Acrobats
  • Bingo games

Guest Service.

They have a 24 hours electricity with a backup generator and 24 hours on-call nurse and security. This makes you feel secure and at home.

They also have a forex exchange, Safety deposit boxes, laundry, and 10 AM & 4 pm Tea/Coffee which will warm you for your next delectable meal.

The restaurant at Voi Safari Lodge.

Incredible Views from the Restaurant at Voi Safari Lodge
Incredible views from the Restaurant at Voi Safari Lodge

This was one of the best places I have ever woken to for breakfast, not only the delectable delicacies but also the parched Savannah embellished by the elephant footpaths.

As you take your lunch, you will have a prodigious aerial view of the red elephants filling the pathways in parallel beautiful lines making their way to the water hole.

Tip: You will need to be in the restaurant early enough to secure a nice spot at the edge of the restaurant.

It is tucked on the top edge and there`s a depression valley like which makes you feel like you are dining on top of a hill with a rewarding Savannah view fringed with Red Elephants.

Mudanda Rock.

Mudanda Rock
Mudanda Rock

It is just an hour’s drive from Voi Safari Lodge or rather you can access the rock as you enter the lodge. Depending on your itinerary any can fit.

It is one of the oldest rocks which act as a water catchment area for the animals of Tsavo. You will pack your car nearby the rock.

Then have a small hike to the top with rewarding beautiful views of the largest plateau in the world- the Yatta Plateau.

The rock is more than 570 million years old, thanks to the Precambrian basement rocks, they helped determine the age of the rock.

This monolith was used by the Kamba tribe to dry their strip of meat, they would place their meat on the smooth service for it to dry for better taste and preservation purposes.

Mudanda rock stretches a distance of 1.6 Kms and stands out as one of the best and natural water holes in Tsavo East National Park.

Sundowner at Mudanda Rock.

Incredible Set Up by Voi Safari Lodge at Mudanda Rock. Image Cate & Chris Events
Incredible Set Up by Voi Safari Lodge at Mudanda Rock. Image Cate & Chris Events

What more could one ask for? A sundowner at Mudanda Rock! The thought of it leave alone the experience is simply exhilarating.

Voi Safari Lodge can organize a set up at this monolithic at a small fee then you are guaranteed to have a blast.

You can decide to take on breakfast or a sundowner but I find the latter more enthralling and bewitching.

While dining and sipping some glass of wine, elephants and other notable animals may decide to give you a surprise visit and this is the embodiment of this gripping experience.

Perfect Itinerary to Voi Safari Lodge.

According to the itinerary we used, it is more riveting and engrossing to start your Safari at Ngulia Safari Lodge. Voi Safari Lodge then heads to the beach to wash away the Safari dust.

Day 1: Nairobi – Ngulia Safari Lodge in Tsavo West National Park.

Depart Nairobi to Tsavo West at Ngulia Safari Lodge: – There are so many utmost activities in Tsavo west that you will do the first day.

This includes a visit to Mzima Springs via Shetani Lava embellished by hiking the Chaimu Crater.

Day 2: Early Morning drive as you finish the activities you didn’t finish or simply choose to stay in the hotel, enjoy a massage or watch jumbos as they come to quench their thirst.

In the evening you will visit the Rhino Sanctuary, dinner, and night at Ngulia Safari Lodge.

Day 3: Early Morning Call to Voi Safari Lodge in Tsavo East. Depending on What time you check out, you will be able to be Tsavo East in Time.

You will pass by Mudanda Rock as you do game drive arriving in Voi Safari Lodge in Time for Lunch. Check-in then go for Lunch.

Have the Afternoon at your own pleasure, enjoy the lodge amenities.

Day 4: Wake up call, for the game drive but I would advise keeping this moment for the greatest underground tunnel for viewing animals at Voi Safari Lodge.

Check out at 10: 00 AM, then head to shake off the red dust of the Tsavo at the Beach.


Voi Safari Lodge is a world-class lodge. Being one of the first Lodges in Tsavo East and Kenyan Parks at Large.

It stands as one of the solid hotels you are guaranteed of Satisfactory.

If you only need to experience Voi Safari Lodge alone without connecting with Ngulia. You can still do that but with a minimum of 3 Days Safari. Request a Quotation.

This lodge is one of the most photographed lodges in Kenya and so you should make a point to visit this enchanting gem and know why photographers love it here.

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