Ngulia Safari Lodge: The 9 things you didn’t know

Ngulia Safari Lodge had been on my bucket list for a long time. At last, the chance presented itself.

I vividly remember as I was on my way to, I could pinch myself to the reality that I was ticking off Ngulia Safari Lodge on my bucket list.

The place is incredibly evoking with highlighting Leopards that will visit you every 7:00 – 8:00 PM. It is such a fascinating and unparalleled experience.

Leopards are rare to spot, but in Ngulia Safari Lodge, you`re almost guaranteed this idiosyncratic phenomenal experience.

I have always wanted to do this and I couldn’t wait to visit this enchanting, rustic gem in Tsavo National Park.

On our way to the lodge, I spotted 5 different leopards camouflaging on the Baobab trees as we made the grand entrance to this illustrious and eminent lodge.

Without much ado, let’s delve in and see what Ngulia Safari Lodge has to offer.

1.) Ngulia Safari Lodge Location.

Water hole at Ngulia Safari Lodge
Water hole at Ngulia Safari Lodge

This rustic and alluring lodge is located some 289 km from Nairobi. It is in Makueni County.

A drive to the lodge from Nairobi can take up to 6 hours depending on the driver and type of vehicle.

It is almost in the middle of Mombasa and Nairobi but coming from the coastal side is nearer by 32 km.

The Lodge is in Tsavo West National Park, one of the most underrated parks in Kenya with a wealthy class of wildlife.

2.) How to get to Ngulia Safari Lodge.

To get to the Lodge is either by the following modes of transport-:

Road: As we have seen above, you will take up to 6 hours drive from Nairobi and 5 hours’ drive from Mombasa. It could be less though.

Air: The Lodge is accessible from Nairobi`s Wilson Airport which is a 1-hour flight. You will land at the nearest Airstrip Kilanguni which is about 25 Kms or the Finch Hatton Airstrip, though a bit distant at 55 Kms from the Lodge.

Madaraka Express: This is the SGR it takes 2hours and 43 Minutes from Nairobi to Mtito Andei station where you should alight and get a transfer en route to a game drive to the lodge.

This is the common mode of transport and it is actually what we used to access the lodge. It is swift at the same time quite affordable to everyone.

See how to book or Cancel your SGR tickets and get a Refund.

3.) Accommodation at Ngulia Safari Lodge.

Beautiful View of the water Hole from the comfort of your room
Beautiful View of the water Hole from the comfort of your room

Almost all rooms have scenic verdant planetary and appallingly Savannah views. You would want to stay in that verandah all day without moving an inch.

As if that is not enough the lodge has a water hole whereby especially the Elephants and Buffalos come to quench their thirst.

So, you will have surprise visits by the Jumbos as they make their way to the water hole.

All rooms are well designed but if possible, book the upper rooms for a more fascinating view!

If all the rooms are full of which most of the time they are, a ground floor will work just fine.

Personally, I was on the ground floor and had as many surreal views from the comfort of my bed.

Ngulia Safari Lodge has remarkable 52 rooms and ready to host you for an unparalleled, exhilarating experience.

4.) What is unique about Ngulia Safari Lodge?

The Leopard Appearance at Ngulia Safari Lodge. Image Edwin Joe
The Leopard Appearance at Ngulia Safari Lodge. Image Edwin Joe

So, why should you book Ngulia Safari Lodge? What is so quirky about it? There is no other lodge you are almost guaranteed of spotting the introverted, Elusive and secretive cat you will ever come across- the leopard.

You will rarely spot leopards and if you do, then count yourself lucky! Now at Ngulia, they have a leopard that visits the Lodge between 7 – 8 Pm or so.

It is not 100% guarantee but it rarely never misses to show up and this is where you get your Cameras ready for a spectacular experience.

This spectacle makes Ngulia Stand out from the rest. As if that is not enough, the water hole near their restaurant is another catch!

Jumbos (Elephants) come to quench their thirst and you will get close and personal with the Zebras, waterbucks, buffalos, giraffes and other animals within the park.

5.) The swimming Pool at Ngulia Safari Lodge.

The Enchanting Pool.
The Enchanting Pool.

I liked their Swimming pool as it overlooks the Rhino Sanctuary, from the pool you have incredible views of the Rhinos if you have an eagle eye.

You can use nearby stationed binoculars to zoom in on those majestical rhinoceros. From the pool, you will be able to see the Ngulia Hills which is spectacular and coins the name of the lodge.

6.) Rhino Sanctuary.

This is a 90 Kms squared sanctuary whereby you will find the rhinos. They are about 80 Black rhinos but 15 of them have been released to Tsavo west National Park.

The sanctuary is an incredible place to do your game drive but these archaic creatures are not guaranteed to spot them.

Just like leopards, they are elusive and nocturnal. So, when you go for the game drive in the sanctuary don’t put your expectations so high.

7.) The perfect Itinerary to Ngulia Safari Lodge.

What is the ideal number of days to visit Ngulia Safari Lodge? 3 days 2nights will be perfect because of the distance.

Day 1:

Morning Train Depart Nairobi, for Tsavo west National Park (Ngulia Safari Lodge). Depending on which mode of transport you choose.

In our case, we had the Madaraka Express Option (SGR).

We departed Nairobi at 8:00 AM and proceeded to Mtito Andei arriving at 10:50 AM. The lodge safari vehicle was waiting for us upon arrival.

Since we had all the time, we did not proceed directly to the Lodge but headed to Mzima Springs via the Shetani Lava Flow and the 5 sisters hills all in Tsavo West National Park.

We had a hike at Cheimu Hills also known as Chaimu Hills, basically, a 20 to 30 minutes walk along with a steep loose soil which makes it almost hard for anyone to walk leave alone hike but we strived on and managed to conquer the odds.

Time was not on our side and we drove to the lodge for lunch, thanks to our able guide, Mr Mbulu, such an articulate and knowledgeable guide with over 30 years of experience.

Lunch and Dinner at Ngulia Safari Lodge.

Day 2:

We were to visit the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, but we did not manage since we were heading to Voi Safari Lodge for another phenomenal experience.

This day we had the lodge for ourselves and enjoyed the hotel facility, as well as the Jumbos, who kept visiting us.

They came in Interval and at no given time the water hole was without beautiful views of the wildlife. Staying in the lodge was actually more appealing than doing the game drives.

After our delectable lunch we checked out at around 3:30 PM and that was the end of our incredible Safari at Ngulia Safari Lodge.

Please Note: The perfect period of stay is 3 Days so that you will be able to maximize and visit all these scenic places.

8.) Visually Impaired masseuse.

The Masseuse doing what she does best. Image Chris & Cate Events
The Masseuse doing what she does best. Image Chris & Cate Events

The lodge has a professional Masseuse who knows her work well and even though visually Impaired. She goes against the odds to perform an excellent job.

The differently enabled community is well represented in Ngulia Safari Lodge and this made me like the lodge even more for such a noble consideration.

9.) Ngulia Safari Lodge Offer!

The Lodge is ready to host you and currently, they have a local affordable offer of Kes17,000 Per Person for 3 Days 2nights. Book the package here.

The offer Includes.

  • Full board accommodation
  • Return Transport (SGR).
  • Transfers from Mtito Andei to and from the Lodge.
  • Game Drive with a visit to Mzima Springs, Shetani Lava Flow, Cheimu Hills, Rhino Sanctuary and many more.
  • All entry park fees.

NB// Package is only applicable to a minimum of 6pax. Travel Date Every 4th weekend of every month.


From the management to the subordinate everyone is welcoming and warm. You rightly feel at home effortlessly.

Their delectable cuisine both local and international is simply amazing.

Ngulia Safari Lodge is worth your time and every dime you spend. This is a genuine review of the lodge.

At no given time will I ever mislead my readers, so take it from me the place is magical and the experience you will get out of this lodge is unrivalled.

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