Reasons why you Should Try Solo Trip

17 Reasons why you should try Solo Trip

There are so many reasons why you should try Solo Trip at least in your lifetime. We have all seen that meme whereby friends plan for a trip but end up being skeletons, 1000 years later still planning.

How many times have you planned with friends a trip but failed miserably? You start planning with all the psyche, all cherry merry.

But as the date draws by, they start giving excuses, you are now left the 3 of you from 10 friends. To make it worse and before you know it, you`re left the two of you.

As you soldier on and look forward to your trip, your remaining friends gets an immediate family meeting the day you`re supposed to travel.

Really now! Should you quit or postpone your trip just because you`re left alone? An astounding NO! Take a solo trip, there is no given time all your friends will ever all be free to take on that trip unless they are committed but it is rare.

Take the chances to do a Solo trip and you will never look or wait for no man. I have gone on several Solo Trips, and they have always turned out to be among the best.

Without much ado, let’s now delve in and see the reasons why you should take a solo trip at least once in your life.

1.) Meet engrossing new People.

You see, when you`re in a group of friends it is likely your eyes won’t wander to look for a new friend but gets stuck to your friends.

No matter how annoying they may be and then it is only courteous to be as one team but when you’re doing a solo trip.

You will always look forward to meeting new people who become new friends and you can always drop them without any guilt if they turn out to be something else.

2.) Self-Awareness.

Solo Trip will make you understand yourself better by having your ME moment. Back in the city, you are connected to the internet, work, friends and family.

You rarely get your time alone and this is one of the main reasons why you should go for a Solo Trip especially when you need to make your house in order.

Call yourself a meeting far away from home, if it was a burning issue or something you will always get a well-founded solution.

3.) Confidence Boost.

This will boost your confidence level especially if you`re a shy person. Solo Trip should be yours to go. It will shift you from the Comfort Zone.

One of the reasons you should try Solo Trip is to make you talk to people and improve your communication skills. You will be tried and tested when travelling solo.

Everything is on you; you have to speak from your potter to receptionist and request stuff to be done to your room.

Probably if you were not alone, you would let your partner do all the talking missing the point by being in the comfort zone.

4.) You take full control.

When you travel as a group, each and everyone has different opinions and interest. Meeting all this is impossible, meaning you will have to compromise on some things to have a smooth company.

However, when you`re alone, you can do the heck all you want without compromising your comfort or interest.

Be selfish and enjoy your solo trip to the maximum.

5.) Become decisive.

Someone who is not decisive? I find such people boring, to say the least. This is one of the ultimate reasons why you should take a Solo Trip. You will automatically improve in your decision making.

You`re on your own and you will be compelled to make your own decisions and this will make you on fleek when it comes to decision making.

A good decision-maker is a leader a quality that no one can take away from you.

6.) Learn to be content.

Back at home, we are set to believe we need a lot of stuff to be able to survive everyday life. When you choose to backpack.

First off, you will pack light meaning you have few clothes to survive while on your solo bag packing trip. Back at home, you have loads of clothes you actually don’t need.

Funnily you keep buying more, on the other hand, your fridge is fully packed with stuff. Don’t get me wrong, it is not bad to pack your fridge to the maximum but how contented are you when it is not full?

7.) Unmask the Media Publicity.

The way media can negatively paint a country or destination just for views and sales is unapparelled.

Friends and Family will also warn you don’t go place A because it is not safe but they have never been there themselves and only basing their facts on media.

Okay I get it many destinations are not safe and you should be extremely careful, however, just because of a one-off incident that happened years ago shouldn’t bar you.

When you visit these places on a solo trip, you will actually be mesmerized by how safe these places are. Don’t believe or consume everything the media tells you.

8.) You will be Obsessed with taking Solo Trip.

This is more of a warning than reasons why you should try Solo Trip. You see, when you start getting used to Solo travel you will never look back.

It will actually be a struggle to accommodate a partner in future. The freedom that comes with solo trips is simply unparalleled to nothing.

I was used to Solo trips but it reached the point I had to accommodate friends but trust me it took a toll on me it was not easy at all.

Right now, I enjoy both with friends and solo trips either can do but it took time. This may not be the case with you but I can promise you it will not be easy.

9.) No one will judge you.

One of the main reasons why you should try Solo Trip is that you will be free to do all you want without anyone judging you.

You can eat all that? You can really snow at night and more defamatory comments that may hurt you.

Even though they are masked as a joke. If you decide to go for a walk at night to a nearby club to drain off your night no one will be there nagging you to let us go back.

Basically, you are the boss of your life at that very moment, take control and do the heck that pleases you, life is short anyway.

10.) You will realize people are Friendly.

As I have mentioned above, the media paints the world as a dark place and everyone tends to believe that bullshit.

When you take a solo trip to a new place or country. You will be on your own and you will interact with different people almost every day unless you`re an introvert.

Even if you`re, you will still need to get out and get to talk with people and it is at this juncture that you will realize how people are wonderful and friendly.

Sometimes strangers can be more helpful and friendlier than your childhood friends. After all, they have no hidden beef or jealousy unlike your friends back at home.

11.) Conversation Starter.

This should give you one of the best reasons why you should take a Solo Trip. I have seen a lot of books written on how to start a conversation with her/him.

Over the time I have travelled I have learned and sharpened my skills in starting a conversation with total strangers.

Many people struggle with this but just try a solo trip and you will learn the art automatically. Starting a conversation is the easiest, thing I know.

When you take a solo trip, there are two things involved. You will either be approached by strangers and if you have poor communication skills it may not end up well.

The other thing is, you will approach strangers and there is a way you may do it and not end well, just learn the art.

The best way to learn is not reading books or googling online, get in the field by getting a solo trip and learn from your mistakes.

12.) Take the bull by the horns.

When you`re with your friends when shit happens, you can always fall back and seek help from your friends.

However, when you`re all alone, you have no choice other than to do what you have to do to solve or clean any mess by yourself.

This mounds you to grow up and learn how to face problems on your own and stop being a cry baby. Get out of your comfort zone and face the world challenges.

They sat earth is a hard place, persevere and be tough because only the tough last and not situations. Reasons why you should take a Solo Trip especially if you`re a shy person.

13.) Discover yourself.

What do I mean by discovering yourself and what does it have to do with reasons why you should try Solo Trip? Well, when you`re alone.

Most likely you will find yourself doing things you wouldn’t be doing if you had your friends with you. For example, you might just realize you are a good negotiator.

Someone who can be an arbitrator between parties, you see when you`re with your friends.

Probably you might just let them handle some of the things but when you`re alone you have no choice.

Reading could be your thing, and you have never thought of yourself as a reader but you might just find yourself locked in a library enjoying every book. You could have rarely done this with friends.

Stretch yourself to limits you would have never with a friend around! You might just discover you have superpowers

14.) No Compromises.

When you travel with friends at some point you will have to sacrifice your happiness or interest just to accommodate them.

With a solo trip, you have all the time by yourself and you will not have to compromise anything since it is you calling the shots.

You want to be in a destination for a longer or shorter time? It is entirely up to you to decide what you want.

15.) Be yourself.

If you want to know the real character of someone study them when they are alone. When you`re alone or on a solo trip, you will tend to be yourself and carefree.

You will not have to pamper anyone or please some other human being. This is the time for just being you and enjoying life on your own.

I Like being myself and this is one of the reasons why you should try Solo Trip, it is so satisfying.

16.) Avoid disappointments.

When you`re travelling alone you will have a satisfactory moment without interruption or someone making you angry.

But when you travel with your friends. We are all humans and chances are high you will at some point disagree and depending on how you handle the situation. It may ruin your entire trip.

On your solo trip, you can only grin all day long.

17.) People will be willing to give you a hand.

Out of the reasons why you should try Solo Trip, this one makes you realise there is still humanity remaining in this world.

Well, as much as no one will tend to help you when you are in a group since everyone seems to guess you are already sorted.

Travelling solo has a way that people are nicer to you and you can actually get away with some things just because you are alone.

Am trying to say you are favoured when you travel solo!


Taking a Solo Trip is not the only way to make a successful journey but one should do it more often and friends should never prevent you from travelling.

Solo Trips are not only interesting but generally good for your well-being. Always grab that moment and run with it.

These are not the only reasons why you should try Solo Trip but I hope at the end of it all you got the point?

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