How to have self control sexually when travelling without your Partner.

11 Tips on how to have self control sexually when travelling

So, finally, you get the chance to travel solo and you`re probably married or in a serious relationship. How do you have self-control sexually when travelling without her or him?

Well, let’s find out.

Myself being a serial traveller, I will not lie to you, the temptations are real and everywhere you turn is a possible catastrophe.

It is only up to you to have self-control and I have all the tips you need to stay out of trouble so relax.

You see when we travel, happy hormones are already high from Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins.

With these, any slight flirting can land you in a ditch like a car without breaks!

So, you have to be careful when travelling because you`re vulnerable the moment you step out of that house.

Especially if you`re a newbie travelling, you`re a danger to yourself and many other innocent travellers.

Without much ado, let us delve in and see how to have self-control sexually when travelling.

1.) Consider the Consequences.

Is it worth the stress? What if your partner did what you`re about to do? Call yourself a mini-meeting with the other you who is being persuaded. Seat down, have your talk, occlude the thoughts and resolute to focus.

If this is not working, call your bae at that moment, talk sweet nothings for a while and the wave will let you go with a promise to come again.

Immediately after talking to your partner, tell the subconscious self that, it is wrong and it isn’t happening.

2.) Change the Environment.

The environment is a major factor that can contribute to the multiplication of sexual impulses tenfold.

Have you ever noticed you can never do somethings when a real Godly song is playing?

Even if it takes to change the kind of music playing and giving you ideas, then stop and change the environment.

There will always be a starter that will bring you the thoughts, occlude whatever it is immediately.

This is one of the main ways on how to have self-control sexually when travelling without your Partner.

3.) Avoid some Apps.

Ladies and gentlemen, porn is everywhere thanks to the availability of the internet and smartphones.

However, the Internet and smartphones are good until they propel you to duplicity. Especially with this main App, with which you should tread carefully, Telegram.

You will get invites in almost every social media be like join this telegram group for whatever reason they give.

Once inside the group, it is all sexual content and you’re on your own and no one is going to judge.

So, most likely many people seem to hang in there and “enjoy” the content.

Imagine you`re in a hotel room and you are the human you`re you open the App and 70% is full of this crappy content.

What will stop you from getting ideas? To avoid all this, if possible, delete some of the Applications or better “correctly” use them.

4.) Avoid or use Social Media with heed.

So, you post Diani Beach here I come! Of course, accompanied by a pretty photo of you.

Then It happens your long time Ex or a “friend” sees your update and they just resided where you`re going for your vacation.

Few moments, here is a call from someone you haven’t spoken to in ages calling you. So, you receive the call probably excited wondering why would they call you.

After greetings, beng! I relocated to your vacation destination. Should I wait for you at the Airport/SGR/Bus Station?

You see, time is a healer and with distance heart grows fonder, I think the rest of the story is self-explanatory!

Simple avoid broadcasting your travel only let the people who matter to you know where you intend to vacay and if is slaying you can post those desired photos after.

5.) Practice sexual intimacy with your partner.

Straying may be a result of a dead relationship. (I feel like a love coach today) where there is no intimacy otherwise you wouldn’t even think of such deeds when travelling without your partner.

There are ways you can rekindle your relationship and the main one is travelling more together.

Be your partner friend, Hang out more. Reach out at Incredible Adventures for Couple getaways.

Forgive easily, you may not forget but communicate so they know your likes and dislikes in depth. Be kind and gentle to each other.

It is very hard to cheat when you`re in love!

6.) Seek God, Pray.

One way to have self-control sexually when travelling is to turn to the Lord for his mercies and power surpasses beyond any human understanding.

Only he can deliver you from some circumstances no one could, he created you in His own image because he loves you.

Some battles just leave them to God and all you have to do is trust in him.

7.) Redirect the flame.

Whenever you find yourself fighting with your body, remember you can never win unless you devote yourself to it.

Replace those sensual thoughts with a passion, in my case I like writing. I can destruct myself from almost anything when I get behind that keyboard.

If you love running, take a lap in the hotel pathways or run to the beach if you were on a beach vacation.

This doesn’t only apply to sexual feelings but also all other painful life struggles whether physical or emotional.

Always redirect the flame to something you like, hopefully not taking alcohol.

8.) Self-Discipline.

Be a gentleman, be a woman of integrity, respect yourself and know your worth.

Keep that attitude whenever you face these temptations whenever travelling and all times because you will not always be with your partner.

Give it to yourself and focus because of who you are and not what your body needs. Be in control and don’t trip with ease.

9.) Choose friends wisely.

They say if your 4 friends are millionaires you`re the 5th, if 4 of your friends are thieves, huh you are the 5th hardcore gangster!

You know your friends well, is that girl out genuine? Is that boy’s club genuine? Am not insinuating anything but there are friends your partner can go with and just rest assured while others give you wild imaginations of your partner throughout their trip!

So, one of the ways on How to have self-control sexually when travelling. Have friends who can assist and can help you from driving yourself in a ditch.

Avoid those friends who will drive you into the ditch instead!

10.) Avoid Red Wine!

Well, red wine might not be that alcoholic drink but you know which one gets you going. However, Redwine is worldly known over to be the most sensual alcoholic drink.

It will bring this euphoric mood and desire from nowhere and before you know it. You will find yourself in that ditch we have been talking about.

If your partner is not around and you have travelled far away with probably your friends. It is advisable and necessary to avoid such drinks unless you can control yourself.

11.) Find out another way to let out!

What do I mean by “find out another way to let out”? Well, ever been so frustrated with something that went wrong and you feel so stressed and decide to travel to let out?

So, you take a short vacation and since you’re trying to block everything in your mind to find peace or replace that bitterness. Your mind will probably wander sexually.

Worse if you take alcohol, you become too vulnerable and may end up flirting with random people in your hotel then ends in regrets the morning after!

So, how do you have self-control sexually in such a situation? Face your problems head-on, don`t try to borrow short-lived happiness that ends up with regrets and probably unwanted souvenirs. 


How to have self-control sexually when travelling is a topic many avoid but I decided to do it anyway. You are the driver of your life.

You can choose to drive in a ditch or avoid it. Be conscious have your values in place and remember once trust is broken it can never be retrieved, unfortunately.

Even if your partner chooses to forgive you, the fact remains it will never be the same again! So, is it even worth it? Nah it is not!

Always remember to get your travel insurance whenever travelling take no chances at all, take control and stay Safe.

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