Tips for planning a road trip

15 Tips for planning a road trip like a Legend.

Tips for planning a road trip Preview.

These tips for planning a road trip will come in handy in saving your hard-earned cash and making the road adventure worthwhile, more interactive and gripping.

Why am I writing about tips for planning a road trip at a time like this? When the pandemic has disrupted or for lack of better words almost disbanding the travel industry? Because the safest and the easiest way to travel far from home is through Road trips. No much gathering just you and your friends or family on the wheels.

The best part of it all is not reaching your destination but all the wild stuff, the touristic scenes along the way that count.

One of the most real forms of adventure in Kenya right now is Road Trips. Not only with the Subaru Boys but also friends and Family Road Trips.

Now without much ado, let us delve in and see these tips for planning a kickass road trip.

1.) Plan a kickass Road Trip with Google Maps.

Am sure you don`t want to stop to start asking for directions to your destination. As much as you would want to get lost on purpose.

Google maps will guide and even suggest the shortest way possible. Warn you if there will be traffic and the best thing is you can always share your itinerary if you`re a group or with families.

You will get to know the distance you are likely to cover and this allows you to calculate the gas that you will need making it easy to do your costing and avoid surprises.

Have you ever booked a hotel thinking it is just a few miles away only for you to end up costing you much more gas because of the distance? Sometimes you could be having a budget whereby spending an extra coin can mess your whole budget. I know I have been there.

To create a new Google Map, visit this link where you’ll be brought to a general map page. Please make sure you`re logged in… You’ll then click the hamburger menu in the top left-hand corner and select “Your Places” from the dropdown.

2.) Spend at least one night.

I know you can be tempted to do a day trip but it is highly advisable to do at least one night. You will get to experience your destination to the maximum.

You can use Booking. Com to book your preferred accommodation. They have hundreds of thousands of options to select according to your budget and interest.

The most ideal number of days for a Road trip is 3 Days if you can. You will have two fresh days of travelling. Then one day to explore your destination to the maximum.

3.) Entertainment.

Road Trip Tip - Entertainment
Road Trip Tip – Entertainment

Adventure and entertainment start the moment you put on that engine ignition. Vroom Vroom so, what do you need for entertainment? Music, yes you need good music. You know music is life itself.

I cannot even imagine myself doing a road trip without music. I know you get your flash, fill it with music but I no longer do that. I use Spotify you can download it on Android or IOS.

Why do I use it? The quality of the sound is unparalleled especially if you are in the upgraded option. Unlike YouTube, I can minimize and continue using my phone while the music is playing. Then I don`t have to worry about pressing that skip ad button since it is ad-free. I can Plan The music playlist of my choice uninterrupted.

Once on your hotel, Camping, or even your beach vacation, you should try Herman Kardon Onyx Studio, 6 wireless Speakers.

Or the waterproof JBL Charge 4 Wireless Bluetooth you can get on Jumia or Amazon. It will come in handy if you value music like me.

4.) You should Know your Crew.

Who are you traveling with? What are their interests? What do they like and dislike? You want a harmonious environment on the road. It is a happy moment and you don`t want any frowned faces in your crew just because they didn`t like the type of music you are playing in the car.

We once went on a road trip and one of our crew members didn`t like our stopovers to various destinations along the way. We tried so hard not to cause a cranky environment. Luckily, they understood this could not be your case and nothing worse than awkward silence going on a road trip. You don`t want to experience this shit.

5.) Don`t Drink and Drive.

The Message is Clear
The Message is Clear

I know most road trips go hand in hand with alcohol but you should never be tempted to drink and drive. We still need you around. Because drink driving is one of the many 1000 ways to die.

If you must have your favorite drink it is better to have a designated driver who is not taking alcohol until you reach your destination.

The other option which I see a lot reluctant to do is hiring a driver to drive you but, many prefer privacy but in whatever you decide with your crew. Don`t drink and drive.

6.) Check your Car the Day Before.

Have your mechanic inspect your car a day or few days before your Road Trip. It doesn`t matter if you had recently serviced your car but just have around check-up of your car. Especially.

  • Brakes Pads.
  • Fluid (Oil and coolant)
  • Lights.
  • Wipers.
  • Wheels and Tires.
  • Any Leaks.
  • Drive Belts
  • Spare Wheel.
  • Steering.

7.) Stock Your Emergency Items.

Anything can happen and it is always to be prepared to tackle every problem that arises. One of the main emergency items people forget when doing a road trip is a spare tire.

This can come in handy if you happen to have a puncture in the middle of nowhere infested with wild animals. Now imagine you open your boot and find the spare tire is flat? What would you do? What a mess?

You should also have your Jumpers (but I find Noco Boost Plus GB40 more effective) even if your battery is new.

I once had a new battery and went on a road trip. We listened to music when the car was off and in a span of like 10 minutes, the battery was dead. It happened it was a default battery. Luckily, we had Jumpers and they came in handy.

Don’t forget your first Aid Kit in case of any physical injuries.

8.) Have some Cash Money.

I know credit card and Mobile money is the thing but you will need some cash for emergency needs or you may want to buy something in a remote area where they don`t accept credit cards or Mobile money.

You may also need some for tipping to local guides in the stopovers you stop by or even buying souvenirs.

9.) Pack Nutritious Snacks.

Avoid sugary and Junk as much as possible. Junk can only bring about crankiness and fatigue. You don`t want that on your Road Trip.

Think of nuts, fruits, cherry tomatoes, Milk, bananas, protein bars, hard-boiled eggs, nuts, celery and carrot sticks, and other veggies. Read 17 Tips on how to keep it Healthy while Travelling.

10.) Stay Hydrated.

You will need plenty of water, plenty of it since being dehydrated can only bring about headaches. I find GRAYL GeoPress Water Purifier Bottle with Filter Cartridge. Every frequent traveler should have it.

You don`t have to boil water, you can just refill water in any available Spigot and the filter cartridge will filter all the bacteria, germs, and dirt available to make it safe drinking water.

11.) Full Tank.

Jaza Tank
Jaza Tank

Did you know filling your car fuel tank is more economical than filling in bits? Pass by the night before and fill in your tank. Avoid the day of traveling since you may find a queue and you don`t want to waste time on gas station fueling.

12.) Do Research.

Whenever I am going on a road trip, I always do my research well. This is one of my go Tips for planning a road trip.

Since I will be able to note the time involved, the amount of money that is likely to spend and stick to it.

When it comes to tourist attractions, I always image google the place and get an idea of the best image shots in that region and better the shots after visiting.

13.) Don`t forget your Charger and Power bank.

It may look obvious but it is not, so many times I have forgotten these essentials and ended up disturbing other people borrowing chargers.

Trust me it is not a cool idea, always park it first. Not just the charger but also the so tagged obvious items like Charger, Toiletries, face mask, Sanitizers, and other essentials.

14.) Secure where you Stay.

If you live alone or you are all going on the Road Trip. Try and secure your home. So, how do you do that? If you are a frequent traveller, invest in Automatic security lights.

Invest in the security door and if possible, CCTV Cameras so, that you can monitor your home from far. If you find all this expensive. You can use Nanny Cam Get it from Jumia or Amazon. Which is affordable to all and it will serve the same purpose, monitoring and you can download their App to be able to monitor while away.

Don`t pre-publish your intentions, don`t update in social media you are going away from home. Nobody has to know apart from close friends and family.

You can post your amazing clicks afterward and floss all you want but don`t be tempted to pre-post your escapades you never know who is watching.

15.) Have Stop Overs.

Along Moi South Lake Road, Naivasha.
Along Moi South Lake Road, Naivasha.

Don`t just step on it until you reach your destination without stopping at any touristic designated stopovers.

The real deal and one of the Tips for planning a road trip is to have adventurous stopovers.

Don`t be in hurry to reach your destination. Pass by a Nyama Choma base and have your lunch or brunch. Stop by Curio Shops and have souvenirs to remind you of your amazing road trip.


If you can afford a dashboard Camera with infrared night vision for your Car, it is highly advisable. Check|Get it on Amazon.

Why you should have one.

There are many reasons but I will only give two.

You can record all your Road trips, It is interesting to watch your escapades and you never know.

You can capture something worthwhile and incredible along the way. Am sure you have seen those Dashcam Viral Videos.

The other reason is, It is a shred of moving evidence in case of anything. Most of the Insurances lately are a big Scam but with clear evidence from your dashcam, They can never run away from it.

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